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Greater (native): Gorethar | O'Ma | Dru'El | Toran | Mikon | Forian | Valok | Aarilax | Maleki
Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
Intermediate: Andria | Dagath | Hurine | Ingoren | Mishlekh
Lesser: Angadar | Berryn | Dra'Nar | Dre'Ana | Fegall | Senath | Skern | Ti'si'faan | Verossa | Vorin | Wilsash | Yeraiah
Demi: Aryeh Gidol | Balgar | Cha'reth | Evrak | Harpinger | Kelvos | Keros | Lesa | Naren | Paragus | Pelar | Ra-Ghul | Seven | Stephanus | The'ton | Xenon | Zhitaril

Symbol: An actor's mask

Colors: Black and White

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: Any (This includes Clerics)

Area of Control: Performers, the Arts

Clerical Domains: Knowledge, Travel

In AOD 2264 an Evrakian cult known as the Disciples of the White Rod was destroyed. The Disciples had orchestrated several events in an attempted to elevate Evrak to lesser godhood. They manipulated Brekon and M'Chek into fighting a brief but costly war. They attempted to embroil the High Mage Council in the conflict between Brekon and orc magi. And they engineered the Wemiculling of AOD 2263, in which the wemics of Negaria were decimated. This weakened Ayreh Gidol enough that she was seemingly destroyed by the cult's namesake, the White Rod, an offworld relic from their former goddess. In truth she had been drawn into the rod, which also had the power to absorb suffering and strife.

When the White Rod was destroyed all of the energy that it had absorbed was released. Ayreh Gidol emerged from the rod in mortal form, her divine power stripped. That divine power along with all of suffering and strife that the Disciples had collected coaslesced into a new deity: Naren, the demigod of performers and the arts.

After his birth was revealed to Negaria many people flocked to worship him. For actors, painters, writers, poets and other artists and performers Naren was someone they could finally pray to for inspiration. Some Vorinites who are scholars of literature converted to Naren, as did some bards seeking an alternative to The Harpinger.

Soon after his birth Naren's avatar openly traveled the lands to announce his arrival and attract worshippers. This avatar took different humanoid forms depending on where he appeared but one thing was constant - he (or she, for Naren sometimes takes female form) wore a white actor's mask. Some who witnessed Naren's birth claim he has three faces: one happy, one angry, and one sad.

As of this writing Naren has no formal temples or shrines but his worshipers have taken to assembling in auditoriums where plays are performed, galleries where works of art are displayed and coffeehouses where poetry is recited. Some priests of Naren have taken to taverns known to attract performers, as a way to be closer to the common people (Genevieve and Chase, Haley and Harold among others).