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Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
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Symbol: Three gold coins aligned in a triangle

Colors: Dark Brown, Gold

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Merchants, Trade, Negotiation

Clerical Domains: Travel, Protection, Knowledge

Hurine is the patron goddess of merchants and business people. Often, those who deal in business matters will have a small statue of her somewhere in their shop or on their person when traveling. Though the majority of her worshippers are laymen who deal in some sort of mercantile trade, Hurine does have clerics and temples, though they are few.

Hurine's temples can be lavish, though they are often small and unassuming. Normally, they act as small centers where business folk can come to ask for success and financial rescue. The clerics of Hurine are often seen as great financial advisors and shrewd dealers in all sorts of business, and many consult them for advice on these matters.

Clerics of Hurine are easily recognized by their light colored robes with dark brown or golden trim. They are not quite as numerous as other clerics from the various churches, but it is generally easy to find at least one or two in any city. Larger cities tend to have greater numbers of them. In the southern part of Avlis, they are not as common as they are in the Seven Cities, and parts of the Kurathene Empire, though they can still be found.

Word has spread recently that Hurine and Valok have married and produced a daughter, Ethraeli. As part of Ethraeli's ascension to the role of Lord Valok, Hurine was elevated to an Intermediate goddess.

Kuras, Visimontium, Medec and Soreign are home to temples, and Deglos, Elysia, Ferrell, Servator and Le'Or T'Nanshi have shrines to Hurine.