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Alignment: Neutral Good

Worshippers' Alignment: Neutral Good

Area of Control: Morning, Spring, & Halflings

Clerical Domains: Good, Sun, Protection, Healing

Center of Worship: Kitanya Hill

Berryn was wrought of the union between Gorethar and a unique dwarven druidess named Kitanya Meygle. The druidess was not an average dwarf, yet her courage and prowess seen during the Great War impressed Gorethar greatly.

Berryn was born with a great love of nature, as taught by her mother, yet her father conveyed on her a strong importance in stability and comfort. These feelings governed her actions, and led to her adoption of the mantles of Morning and Spring... for both were the peak symbols of nature, yet their regularity held much stability in the face of much death and change.

When it came time for Berryn to create her own race, she chose to make halflings. Her father had related to her the nature of halflings whom he encountered on other worlds and Berryn liked their description. She wanted a race who was stalwart and stable, yet able to live in nature with a sense of comfort and style.... not stodginess. Halfings suited her well. Being of the mind that the universe is a balanced place of good and evil, but feeling that her good actions were an integral part of the balance, Berryn allowed her creatures to choose their path on their own for good or ill. Many of the halflings hold Berryn in high regard, although most of these reside in the halfling nation of Ferrell.

Berryn naturally has a major temple in Ferrell, and Le'Or T'Nanshi is home to one of her shrines.