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Why Support Avlis?

Avlis is a free roleplaying world that runs on Neverwinter Nights. Every year, thousands of players enjoy the servers for countless hours. To ensure longevity of this wonderful community and the game environment that many, many players enjoy, a non-profit organization (Foig, Inc) was formed, forged out of several dedicated community members. Their goal was to essentially "save" Avlis for the long-term.

Though Avlis is a free RP world for the community, there is a behind-the-scenes cost to keeping the world itself running. The forums consume bandwidth and require hosting, the servers consume electricity and require internet charges, the cost of the license... All of these things require funding. For this, we look to the community and donations. Without the generosity of this amazing community, we cannot keep Avlis alive.

Please consider a donation to FOIG, Inc. We're dedicated to full transparency, and will never spend your money on anything except Avlis. Each month, all our bills and all our income will be available for anyone to see so that you, the community, can see where your donations are going. There are several ways that you can donate to keep this awesome community alive!

How to Support Avlis

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A straight out donation through PayPal is easy. From the front page of Avlis' website, you can click on "Donation Info" and look under PayPal, or just click here:

Click here to keep the lights on via Paypal

Click here to automatically send $10/month via PayPal

Click here to automatically send $20/month via PayPal