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Home Plane: Mechanus

Symbol: A black rook imposed over a blue shield with a silver chevron

Colors: Blue, Silver, Black, White

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshipper's Alignment: Any lawful

Area of Control: Strategy

Clerical Domains: Trickery, War, Knowledge

Center of Worship: Trenium

"Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is *nothing* to do."

Senath is one of the more famous children of the god Toran, born during the Age of Peace after the Great War. As a coming-of-age gift, his father gave him domain over all that has to do with strategy. This was a very large undertaking for the young deity, and he took it very seriously, as his father knew he would.

Senath sees strategy as being divided into different aspects. There is political strategy. There is martial strategy. There is natural strategy. And there is everyday social strategy encompassed by games of skill and normal colloquial interaction.

Because of all of these areas, Senath claims a lot of followers from differing walks of life. He is thought to work through both inspiration and perseverance. A farmer gaining an idea about how to do better in his crop planting schedule, a politician working his way efficiently up the ranks, and a general who spots a flaw in his enemy's plan will all attribute thanks to Senath.

The church of Senath promotes the use of strategy in any way it can. It brings its teachings to the world through games and competitions, and the priests of Senath can often be found hosting events in various communities that promote the use of strategy. They aren't usually concerned with the betterment of a community through strategy so much as they are concerned with the adoption of strategy for its own sake, whatever the outcome or reason.

The church of Senath is not as geared towards war as that of Toran, however it does understand the need for it, and will often help with strategic matters when it can in these cases. Some of Senath's clerics are geared towards this career and take up instruction in matters of war. Others work only in political circles as advisors to nobles, though the priests rarely covet the power for themselves. Power is not the issue. Strategy is, after all. Senath uses the blue and silver colorings of his father, yet they are accompanied by black and white.

Temples of Senath are mainly located within the Kurathene Empire. The most Senath-oriented fiefdom is Trenium. Soreign, capital of Julaspium, has a temple too. There is a temple in Kuras, which was closed down a few centuries ago.

Outside of the Kurathene, a temple can be found in Nutzdagezehesple, Deglos.