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Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
Intermediate: Andrinor | Dagath | Hurine | Ingoren | Mishlekh
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Colors: White, Grey & Black. Predominantly white for Life, Grey for Rebirth, Black for Death.

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Life, Death, Rebirth

Clerical Domains:

Order of Life: Good, Healing, Protection, Sun
Order of Death: Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength
Order of Rebirth: Select one from each of Life and Death

Religious Orders: Council of Dagath, The Keepers of the Cycle

Dagath was born of a union of Mikon and one of his mortal followers. Because of the unusual nature of his parentage, he was born a god but had to watch his mother grow old and die eventually. However, he realized that when this happened, her soul went somewhere else and that she was in fact not obliterated, she was just changed and living somewhere else. All mortals shared this fate, and he soon became aware that all mortals are actually immortal and capable of rebirth.

Thus he took on the mantle of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Political matters of nations and cities do not concern him as much as actual life and death itself. He oversees changes in life such as the birth of a baby, marriage, retirement, death, and even the afterlife. Sometimes his job is pleasant, and sometimes not.

Because of the wide nature of his ethos, Dagath has all kinds of worshippers ranging from saintly to vile. He is one of the only gods whose worshippers can be of any alignment. His priesthood is divided into three orders that deal with his charge: The Order of Life, The Order of Death, and The Order of Rebirth.

The Order of Life

By and large, the Life clerics are good aligned. They see the cycle of life as their purview, they oversee marriages and supporting people in their day to day life. They would look upon undead as an abomination, beings that have fallen out of their cycle. These priests are those that see to the helpless, the poor and the hungry

The Order of Rebirth

The clerics of this order are generally neutrally aligned. They see the cycle of the afterlife to be in their dominion. To them It is a blasphemy to summon the spirits of those resting in Dagath's care back into the world and thus interrupt their well-earned peace before their rebirth into a fitting new body, they might despise Undead and seek to return them to their slumber, until the time of rebirth.

The Order of Death

These clerics are evil aligned and may even sometimes summon soulless undead to their aid. They are the grim reapers of Dagath's fold, they seek death out, and they handle the funerals, last rites and oversee all that deals with death. A death priest will generally see undead as normal people who are stuck in the "death" phase of the circle.

Death priests are often the hand of retribution of the church. For instance, if the Order of Life feels that a living being has been wrongfully killed, they will often enlist the Order of Death to take revenge for the killing. The Order of Rebirth is usually there to clean up the mess.

Druids of Dagath

The cycle of life is never-ending, death is merely a stage, you go into the afterlife until such a time as you are reborn into a fitting new body, the cycle of life restarts and you begin your journey anew.

Dagath sees the forest as the greatest example of the cycle of life in existence, and for that reason if no other, he takes an interest in it. Druids of Dagath tend to feel that balance is their highest calling that life must be allowed to go though its cycle the way it was intended to.

They protect the forest to prevent someone from altering the cycle or causing premature death. They care for the forest so that life has a chance to flourish. They allow destruction to come, because death is a necessary part of life, and from time to time the forest must be cleansed by the touch of fire or flood. Druids of Dagath only get involved if they feel an event might somehow alter the natural cycle of the forest.

Dagath's "Death" and Rebirth

In AOD 2258 Dagath's influence was banished from Negaria and his divine power was stolen by an entity named In-Nabbah Ser, also known as The Gentleman. During this time the Cycle was disrupted - no one could give birth, and those who died soon rose as undead. Though many feared that Dagath had died, it was later learned that he was simply going through the Cycle, to experience it for himself. When In-Nabbah Ser was confronted in a final battle in AOD 2259, it was revealed that the weapon he had used to banish Dagath was actually an avatar of Ra-Ghul, who had wanted to foment a war between undead factions loyal to In-Nabbah Ser and Zhitaril, goddess of undeath. After In-Nabbah Ser was defeated, the Tyeduan spirit goddess Ti'si'faan, through an immaculate consummation with a druid of Dagath named Kynes, rebirthed to Dagath to restore his connection to Negaria and reinstall him as keeper of the Cycle. As a result, the Cycle was restored, creating a baby boom as all past due pregnant women could finally give birth. Ti'si'faan was elevated to lesser goddess of the sun, and Kynes became known as the "Stepfather of Dagath."

Dagath has temples in Visimontium, Medec, Mikona, Westshore, and a shrine in Le'Or T'Nanshi.