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Religious Orders
The Nine

Gorethar - O'Ma - Dru'el

Toran - Mikon - Forian

Valok - Aarilax - Maleki


Angadar - Dagath


Dra'Nar - Dre'Ana


Cha'reth - Ra-Ghul - The'ton

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Religious Orders

Alignment - Guilds

Council of Dagath

Alignment: Any Alignment. Dagath welcomes all.

Religion: Must be Dagathian for full Council of Dagath membership. Those considering Dagath as a god may be accepted as initiates.

Races / Classes: Open to all races/classes. Anyone can be a Council of Dagath member.

Base of operations: Currently meeting in the Temple of Dagath in Mikona.

How to contact us: Contact Jessie Morrice at the Temple in Mikona ((PM Manuel the White))

What we do: Follow Dagath's teachings and spread his word across Avlis.

What to expect: Expeditions to do Dagath's will - creating shrines, cleansing areas. Discussions about doctrine. Research on Dagathian ideals.What ever we want!