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History of Healers of Cha'reth

Holy Symbol of Cha'reth

The Healers of Cha'reth have become a fairly well-known order, and have had a lot of impact on the world of Avlis. Brought together as a group through the efforts of Eldraea, Divinia Cecil, and Resthal Sethi, and later, Rika Vandor, the Healers of Cha'reth became a rallying point for worshippers of the newly acended God. Through open meetings for the public at large, charity work such as maintaining various hospitals and supplying healing, healing supplies and foodstuffs, and also being neutral negotiators in conflicts, the Healers quickly became a well-respected force for good in southern Negaria. The Healers of Cha'reth played a vital role in ending the Second Fairy War, negotiating the Drotid Armistice, participating in negotiating the peace treaty for the T'Nanshi-M'Chek War [1], helping with the formation of the Blandenberg Protectorate, curing a deadly plague that swept southern Avlis, restoring the area formerly known as the Cl'erath monastery, and healing the Avariel race.

Current and Past Members

Eldraea, High Priestess of Cha'reth, deceased

Rika Vandor, Blessed of Cha'reth, High Priestess of Cha'reth

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Meeting of the Healers of Cha'reth

Lady Divinia Cecil, retired
Resthal Sethi, retired
Ere'n'dhl El'eash'al, deceased
Father Sirion Be'Litana
Keladry Del'Terion
Da'emona, Deceased
'Mother' Day, retired
Shannen Di'rithia - Amanta, deceased
Namlig Sirhc, deceased
Ehvanan Reth'megen, missing
Anastrianna Holimion, missing
Ta'Ancorina, missing
Melanie, missing
Charity Locksvery, missing
Rune Amanta, missing
River Rend, left the order

First negotiations toward peace in the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War
Final Meeting of the Peace Accords in Blandenberg

OOC Guild Information

The Healers of Cha'reth is a religious order. To join, you MUST be a worshipper of Cha'reth. Any good alignment is acceptable, lawful good, neutral good, or chaotic good.

Base of operations:

Currently mostly Elysia, T'Nanshi, and Visimontium, but hopefully expanding to encompass the whole of Avlis.

How to contact us:

Leave a message at any of the Temples or shrines for one of the Healers listed above or post a message on a tavern noticeboard. There is a Temple in Zvidureth, T'Nanshi, and in Visimontium. Shrines are found in T'Nanshi, Le'Or and Elysia. Hospitals are available in Elysia, Fourtree in T'Nanshi, in Visimontium and a hospital is due to be rebuilt in the Protectorate of Blandenberg.

What we do:

The Healers of Cha'reth are the visible and outspoken arm of those that worship Cha'reth; there is no formal church structure, though many clerics of Cha'reth wander T'Nanshi. The Healers spread the ideals of Cha'reth through trying to bring any conflicts to a peaceful end, and healing anyone that is in need of it. Healers of Cha'reth often accompany other good religious orders on quests or training to act as a "medical corps", and have been called to be on-the-spot healers for tournaments and events. Many Healers wander southern Avlis, helping wherever they are needed. Healers have often been called upon to render service in any number of dire situations.

What to expect:

A group that is more a family, where everyone is equal, made up entirely of those that follow or worship Cha'reth. Most are healers, but it is not really a requirement. All walks of life are welcomed, for they can all contribute to peace. Members sometimes concentrate more on one of Cha'reth's domains, such as becoming a well-respected negotiator, or a pacifist, or a healer, perhaps an alchemical researcher into medicines, or a combat medic, or choose to follow both healing and peace in their lives. Cha'reth advocates following one's heart, and supports individual decisions that promote peace and healing. The Healers often get together to discuss current events, philosophy, charity; trying to see where they can help.

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The Philosophy of the Healers of Cha'reth

Major principles of the Faith

  • No living, sentient being is irredemable, or should be hated.
  • Apply the smallest amount of force to do what needs to be done.
  • Offer the least amount of violence possible.
  • Do not kill or harm those who do not offer death or injury.
  • Do not kill when wounding is enough, do not wound when holding is enough, do not hold when speaking is enough, do not speak when listening is enough. In this way we follow the way of peace.
  • When violence cannot be avoided, keep compassion, mercy and pity in mind.
  • Always offer caring, compassion and faith.
  • Aid those in need, and offer comfort and solace, not just of body, but of mind and spirit, as well.
  • Stop the spread of evil, and the destruction it engenders by being a model of peace in your own way. Let peace flow outward from you; inspire peace and well-being in others.
  • Healing that which is broken or ill, restores not only health, but peace.
  • Great events and great works can flow from the actions of a single individual.
  • Ask oneself: "How can my words and actions foster peace and healing?"
  • Remember that there is no "one true way." Cha'reth encourages choice, where those choices lead to the healing and peace of others.
  • Do not impose upon others that which you would not choose for yourself.
  • Evil Undead; demons and devils and their kin, are anathema to our Lord Cha'reth. They should be destroyed whenever they are encountered.