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Day in Cytheria
  • Common IC knowledge about Day in Southern Avlis:

If you ask about Day around Southern Avlis, you will probably hear a question in turn, "Day of Cha'reth?" Indeed, the fragile elderly elven woman belongs to the family of Healers of Cha'reth and in-between 2140-2160 has often been seen around Northern T'Nanshi and Ferrell. Some may even appoint you to her Summerleaf home at the T'Nanshi canopies, now used for the needs of the Healers. Day is said to have walked covered from top to toe in the colours of Cha'reth, sparkling white and green, thick shimmering white veil hiding her face and gloves covering her hands. Day has been known to keep company with members of the Ivory Order of the Sun, and the Green Order of the Forest, being member of the Ivory Order of the Sun for a time, and afterwards initiate to the White Order of the Light. Her warm voice still is remembered, and her melodious laughter echoes in many hearts. After her long absence since 2160 rumor goes that she has sailed off to a far away land.

  • Common IC knowledge about Day in Northern Avlis:

The citizens of Kuras see the tiny figure ever veiled and fully covered in snow white robes trimmed with green for the first time in the autumn of 2163. She presents herself as Day, Healer of Cha'reth. In the months before winter falls, Day becomes a frequent sight around the farmlands, gathering herbs and helping the needy, be it with healing or a kind word. In the first evening of the new year to come Day leaves north to Cytheria, led by Kalgar Darthvord. Since then, Day rarely leaves the frozen frontier, which at the time is flooded with refugees from Halstead, overrun with barbarians from Tyedu. She often is referred to as "Mother Day".