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Kalgar Darthvord
Kalgar Darthvord

Blades, Blood and Fury - Kalgar Darthvord

Character Build: Fighter/Barbarian/Weapon Master

Homelands: Cytheria

Background: See Cytheria Nobility: Kalgar Darthvord

Affiliations: Privateer Enterprises, AKN, Fury of Ra-Ghul, Cytherian Frontier

History:: Kalgar comes from a small village on the fringes of the Kurathene Empire in Cytheria that boarders Tyedu and has grown up always being taut to have honour in battle and to judge a person by how they treat others. At the age of 18 his parents where killed in a skirmish with Tyedu barbarians attacking his village which resulted in him having to flee the burning ashes of his once proud home and go out into the word that is overrun by murderous villains. As a result of this Kalgar is not as 'honourable' as he once was because he has figured out he cant have honour for potential foes when they don’t have honour for him. He is now quick to anger towards any rivals or people he does not like, never hesitating to draw his blade. Kalgar came to be in Mikona at around the age of 20, around the same time refugees where being escorted to Visimontium by able adventures from all over Avlis. Being in Mikona and M'Chek lead Kalgar to meet Whisper, a follower of Ra-Ghul to which Kalgar quickly befreinded and then continued to learn more of the demi god Ra-Ghul and the fury within.