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Note: This information refers to the Third Imperium Age. As of the 2200s, the Kingdom of Cytheria has been maligned by a demonic incursion. Not much is known about its interior affairs.  See also: Fourth Imperium Age

Cytheria: Cytheria, Jewel of the North
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Hunched over, barely feeling your feet and wishin' you didn't feel the pain in your other extremities, you walk along the barely recognizable trail. Fighting against the wind, freezing cold and blowing snow, you putting one foot in front of the other, an extreme effort at this point. Peering ahead through the snow, you barely recognize the outline of huge fortifications looming ahead.

You come to the gates, your eyes drawn to the fire inside the entrance, under the cover of the unique overground tunnel system. The Captain of the Guard announces, "Welcome to Cythras, Jewel of the North and Capital City of the Nation of Cythreria." You've finally made it!

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The Nation of Cytheria
File:Cytheria COA small.JPG
Moto: "Death of Cytheria's Enemies are worth Living in Hell"
Anthem: None
Capital: Cythras
Largest City: Cythras
Notable Towns: Silverwater, Durstan, WhiteDeer
Major Fortifications: Fort Nikolas, Fort Bross, Fort Sigers
Population: approximately 2,388,000, Commonly called Frontiersmen
Official Language: Common
Religion: No State Sponsored Religion - Unique Open Policy
Goverment: Dictatorship
Current Leader: Lord Lucius D'Cythra
Ruling Body: Inner Council of Cytheria
Independance: From The Empire: 1336, under the then name of Lomar
  Current Regime: 2170
Area Size: Unknown
Terrain: Over seventy-five percent tundra, with the southern reaches more hospitable
Currancy: Gold Piece
Top Trade Items: Pinewood and Ice Crystals