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All ooc information below

About the Cytherian Fief and it's Team

The Cytherian Fief, the northern most fief on the Kurathene Server, was completely developed by players and consist of PCs, with great love and attention from The Team. With us developing the Fief, we have the flexibility of literally molding the world our characters play in. The problem we have run into is that the Cytherian team is relatively new to the Kurathene Server - we joined in Sept 05, some had been built and ready to go way before we even started.

Do be on the team, you do not have to be a developer to join the fief, there are open spots for people to join, rp and have fun.

We on the Cytherian Fief Team believe fully that building a fief, especially as quick as we did, is a total Team effort. No one person is above any of the others. Everyone has had input on, written parts and developed something within the fief - EVERYONE. RL creeps up, no problem, another member of the team is there to pick up where you left off. If you like being the only guy, center of attention, you need not apply. If you enjoy working and having fun with others, Cytheria is the place to be!

What we are recruiting for?

PC Guild: The Cytherian Marines

We are looking for a Few Great Warriors!

War is here in Cytheria!

The Tyedu and Malekite occupations of neighboring Halstead has prompted from Lord Lucius and the Inner Council of Cytheria a declaration of war and a pledge to irradicate the invaders.

Do you want to be an integral part of playing in Kurathene? Always wanted DM attention, but could never figure out how to get it? Want to make history in Avlis? Do you the type that wants to be a part of the Best of the Best? Do you like RP and having plenty of opportunities to bash peoples heads in a war setting?

Then the Cytherian Marines Guild is for you!!

What are the Marines?

Think of the Marines as US Marine Corp meets the French Foriegn Legion. Click here for more information and history on The Marines

Who can and can't join?

The Marines are mostly an open organization as far as race, religion and backgrounds, excepting many into it's ranks. Though seen as a rough bunch individually, the Marines have always been seen as an elite force that gets the job done.

Below is a break down of some of the exceptions and details.

Races: All except Goblin and Ogres, as those are two of the races that have come down and raided neighboring Halstead (pm with your idea if you like an exception). In Kurathene, by far the dominate race is Human. Non-human races will usually get at least a negative reaction amoungst common people. The Marines have a history of taking non-humans in their ranks, so most races are welcome.

Religions: All, some are kill on sight in Kurathene, but as long as you don't go around touting it, they are allowed in The Marines (think: don't ask, don't tell). Cytheria itself has had many different "official religions" through it's reigns and many religions that the masses have worshipped unofficially. Seeing how religion has been a boil point for the people in the past, the current goverment is following a policy of "Freedom of Religion", or non-state sponsored religion ... at least for now.

Levels: All levels can apply and should not feel out of place (Lord Lucius is a level one character). There will be plenty of RP and CvC to interest all levels of experience and there is a henchman system in place to help level the playing field.

Alignments: All are welcome. Though most of the Kurathene is a heavily Lawful leaning area, Cytheria with it's background is not as lawful as the others. Good and Evil has little bearing within the military unit as long as you do what you are responsible for.

Gender: Due alot to the cold, rough climate and history of every person's contributions being needed in military and society, women are excepted as equals within the military ranks and great for Female PCs to join.

Criminal Backgrounds: All accepted. The Marines are known as a rough and tumble orgainization, with many unsavory types in it's ranks, but a military unit that always gets the job done. Many criminals or other sort have seen The Marines as a place where you can start your life over. As long as you follow your orders and defend Cytheria, you will be accepted in the Marines.

Rank and Advancement

If you join the Cytherian Marines Guild before the Kurathene server goes live (as of writing, it is in open beta) you can write up your biography and include what rank and responsibility you would prefer and our team will place you based on that information.

After we go live, you will start out as a Centurion, the lowest officer level, or Sargent-at-arms if you want a non-officer commission.

In the Cytherian Marines Guild, you can advance in rank by merit. Each rank will allow you do do more things within the guild and the Kurathane War Code (build seige engines, hire henchmen and much more).

To advance, you can either: 1. Petition for advancement: send a pm to the Cytherian Team, with your achievements and why you think you should advance in rank. 2. Have a higher rank officer recommend you for advancement to the Cytherian Team. After receiving one (or both) of these, the Cytherian Team will vote the request.

Officers Ranks

Field Marshall of Cytheria: Mitrik Stigers

Proconsul of the Marines: Kalgar Darthvord

Proconsul of the National Guard:

Proconsul of the Legion:





Enlisted Ranks



What do you get when you join the Marines?

- Joining an Avlis PC Guild, with all the benefits therein.

- Barracks and Private room.

- Marine Uniforms

- Access to Fief only areas IG

- Active War to be involved in.

- Ability to advance in rank

- Great RP, from both friend and foe.

- Ability to mold a region of Avlis!

What Units are Availble?

There are several historically established Marine Units that you can be a part of:

- First Marine Division (The Daath Sharks)

- Fifth Marine Division (The Ice Wolves)

- Marine's Force Recon (Sea and Kill)

We are also open to ideas, either established long term units, "specialty" short term units, or smaller units within these established units. PM yours ideas to "Cytherian Frontier"

Recruitment Poster seen throughout Cytheria and The Empire
Marine Cleric

Builders and Scripters

Always wanted to try your hand at the toolset? Have a great idea for a snow based area(s) and haven't been able to implement them in Avlis due to the lack of .. snow? Have you been to Cytheria and decided that you can add special effects better than what exist?

Are you a scripter - well, if so, you are immediately recruited!

If you have answered yes to any of the above - Come on down!

The Cytheria Fief offers a unique, pressure free opportunity for you to create ideas that you may have. The Kurathene uses many different hak sets, so there are alot of tools available for you to use. The Cytherian Team has always stressed team work, that there is no one person that will do it all, and that all thoughts and ideas are at least seriously considered, and most are acted upon. If this sounds like the perfect building and/or scripting environment for you, then sign on up!

Quest Builders

We have been so busy building Cytheria in the short time we have had, that not many quests have been place yet. If you have experience in this or are willing to learn, contact us!

Conversation Writers

I feel it is very important to have great conversations within the areas, to help bring the land to life. If you have been to Cytheria or read the material and have ideas for a conversation, let us know! No toolset knowledge required to write a conversation.

Anything Else

Have an idea, but doesn't seem to fit the above catagories, let us know anyways. We can probably use any and all talents you have.

How Do I Join the Nation/Fief of Cytheria?

To join the Cytherian Fief, please send a PM to "Cytherian Frontier" with what you would like to do with our fief, what your character is like (if any) and what your playing experience has been.

The People who made Cytheria

Project Lead bigdaddy037
Cytheria Editor
Lead Builder Cassandros
Support Builder SuzyQue
Story Developers PurvTheCop
Team Members Jonezie
The Kurathene DMs
Kurathene Background Orleron