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Military Organizations of Cytheria

Current Military Size: 82,000
- National Guard: 57,400
- Legion: 16,400
- Marines: 6,560
- Coastal Defence Force: 1,640

Due to the Cytherian Frontier’s unique geography, the military is divided into three branches: the National Guard, the Lomarian Legion, and the Marines, each with a unique mission. There is also a paramilitary orgainization called the Order of the Wolf.

The National Guard

Main Military Role: First line of defense from invasions from the north.
Recruiting Method: All Cytherian Males 18 to 30 must serve at least 6 months out of every 2 years.
Training Level: Mostly conscripts, so training level is average to below average, though there are some veteran units due to the recent fighting.
Main Base of Operations: Fort Bross, located in the eastern side of Cytheria.
Famous Units: 15th National Guard Batallion (The Frozen Spears)

The National Guard is a fighting force recruited from the hardy residences of the Cytherian Frontier. Each man from the age of 18 to 30 must serve at least 6 months out of every 2 years. Though a strain against the economy, this constant source of trained fighters has kept the Frontier safe for many a generations, and people readily take their rotation in the guard to protect their lands. With defense the main focus of the National Guard, they are trained to fight exclusively in the snowy confines of Cytheria and, to an extent, the rocky terrain of neighboring Halstead. Equipped with items to protect longer against the severe climates, the National Guard is not suited for fighting in the warmer climates of the southern fiefdoms.

National Guard Units

National Guard Fighter

The Marines

Main Military Role: Fast attack and externded stay fighting.
Recruiting Method: The best of the best, no matter what age, race, nationality or class.
Training Level: Elite. Exterme training and real life engagements.
Main Base of Operations: Fort Nikolas, located on the western coast of Cytheria.
Famous Units: 1st Marine Division (The Black Watch); 5th Marine Division (Ice Wolves); Marine Recon Unit (Night Stalkers); Artillary Battalion (Fury of the Storm); Northern Expiditionary Force

Marine Cleric

Marines Units

The Cytherian Legion

Main Military Role: Counter-strike and warmer weather offences
Recruiting Method: Recruited mostly from stand-outs from the conscripted National Guard to be full-time soldiers. All voluntery force.
Training Level: The training level is high, but not elite status.
Main Base of Operations: Fort Sigers, located in the warmer southern region of Cytheria.
Famous Units: 35th Legionaires (The Tiger Legion)

The Legion is trained to be the bulk of any invading force into foreign territory or an effective counter-attack group, though not trained to work independantly as the Marines are.

Drawing for the pool of experienced warriors from their training in the National Guard, The Legion can range drastically in numbers depending on the current political situation, from a small garrison to the large strike force. A Legionaire is a normal foot soldier, trained and equipped mostly for warmer weather, long term deployments and campaigns.

With the current political and military situation, the norm is not in place right now. Field Marshall Sigers ordered the Legionaires to reload for fighting in the colder north areas of The Frontier and to be ready to move out at any time.

The current Proconsil is Falone D'Paul, a verteran of several defensive campaigns when he was with the Guard. He is considered a very good planner and politically astute. D'Paul will frequently be in the Palace in Cythras when Field Marshall Sigers is in the field.

Legionaire Fighter

Legion Units

The Order of the Wolf

Main Military Role: Paramilitary Group against all of Cytheria's enemies
Recruiting Method: By invitation only.
Training Level: Elite, especially in non-traditional warefare (spy, assasinations, crowd control, infiltration, etc.)
Main Base of Operations: Cliff above Fort Nikolas and the Palace in Cythras.
Famous Units: The Death Squad (popular name only, OotW has never officially released names of units or operativs.

A paramilitary group, the Order of the Wolf’s origin is clouded in mystery. One legend tells of a group of expatriated warriors from Tyedu, yearning for a more orderly way of life and civilization, coming south and banding together in a small migrating tribe, eventually gaining a reputation as a ferocious fighting group. Another tale has the Order forming from a select group of the Cytherian Marines, forming a secret and fanatical organization within the Marines, being dispatched on the most sensitive of missions for the empire. Maybe it is a mixture of all, or none.

What is for certain is that the role of the Order of the Wolf changed dramatically when the Order’s leadership was approached by a young and ambitious man, Lucius D’Cythra. Lucius started engaging the dedicated soldiers, talking to them about the history of the Cytherian Frontier, the former strength and power the region used to have, the honor and fortitude of its people known throughout the lands. Many a nights, many of the order could be seen drinking and toasting to the stories.

Lucius preached to the Order of the Wolf, telling them that the split was the demise of The Frontier, that the lands and its people have never been the same since, that it was time to retake the Cytherian Frontier and bring it back to its former glory. It was hard to argue with Lucius’ fiery tirades, the almost magical orations preached from the pubs and finally the bluff home of the Order, where he could fully reach all of the Order. In a relatively short time, Lucius was not only winning their minds, but their souls.

The leaders of the Order of the Wolf had a dilemma. Many had been lamenting and longing for the past power of Cytheria themselves; had a person of like mind finally come to them, to lead them and their people back to power? On the other hand, could they trust this young upstart Lucius, after all, he was not a follower of the Lord of Fury! Slowly, the leaders were swayed by the promised return of power and found that even this man had the same goals of the Order and that is was better to join and fight, then oppose this man and his growing followers. The final item that made the decision for the Order was the freeing of Kalgar and the troops that joined him in the rogue Northern Expeditionary Force that launched an unauthorized, but very successful, offensive against the raiding Tyedu. Shortly after this, an accord between the Lucius and Kalgars ex-Marines and the Order of the Wolf leadership was agreed upon, joining the two groups in a strong alliance.

The Order of the Wolf has its Headquarters above Fort Nikolas, on the western coast of Cytheria. The Order also has a barracks in the castle of now Lord Lucius, the better to keep an eye on their new leader.

Order of the Wolf Weapon Master

The Cytherian Coastal and Ship Defense (CSD) Force

Main Military Role: Anti-Pirate Warfare; Amphibeous Landings
Recruiting Method: From the sailor ranks all over.
Training Level: Very high on ship craftmanship, maintanance and boarding operations
Main Base of Operations: Three smaller ports: Cythras, Outside Fort Nikolas, Island off of Western Coast of Cytheria (name not popularly known)
Famous Ships: The Hammer of the North (The old Royal Ship renamed); The Git 'n' Go (unique small draft troop lander)

With most naval responsibilities lying with Imperial Navy, the Cytherian CSD focuses mainly on transporting and supporting Marine amphibious manuevers and anit-pirate activities. With this in mind, the CSD's ships comprises mostly of small, fast moving vessels, rather then the Heavy fighting ships of the Imperial Fleet.

To maintain flexibility, there is not one main port, but several smaller ports that the CSD uses. One is based in the Capital City of Cythras, off the island that hosts the Royal Palace. Another of the bases co-exists at Fort Nikolas, home of the Cytherian Marines. Lastly, there is a forward CSD base on an island off the western coast which moves around alot to help keep it's anonimity, mostly for trade ship/anti-pirate warefare.

Current Status of the Cytherian Military

Current Status of the Marines

With the current military build-up in Cytheria, the Marines have been provided with alot of extra funding by the council in recent times. This is mainly due to the current leader of the Marines and of the Order of the Wolf, Kalgar Darthvord and his strong influence within the political structure of Cytheria. With the extra funding, Kalgar has made sure that his troops have the best equipment and best instructors along with improved facilities and defences at Fort Nikolas, even going as far as relocateing The Order of The Wolf to within Fort Nikolas's walls.

From a military point of view the Marines are looking their best, the troops (and their commander) grow eager for a war and they know that one is on the way. This has resulted in a large stockpileing of resources in preperation for the offensive. Another aspect that has increased the Marines effectiveness is the continual improvement of the War Mages HQ and the attraction of mages to fight within the ranks, the effectiveness of this combination has yet to be see in a large scale military opperation though.

The morale of the troops is high with the prospects of a military campaign fast approaching and increased training exercises keeping the troops prepared and busy.

Also, there are rumors of the famed Recon Unit (The Night Stalkers) not being around camp for some time now, ever since the Inner Council's War Declaration. There whereabouts are greatly speculated, but no one will confirm or deny what they know or suspect.


All out war against the Tyedu occupiers of Halstead has broken out.

After several probing attacks by Tyedu forces against Fort Bross and all along the Cytherian/Halstead border, the Cytherian forces launched counterattacks, looking to secure the eastern approaches to Fort Bross and other key positions along the boarder. After what seemed like an easy series of victories, the Cytherian forces secured a roughly fifty mile deep cushion between the barbarian forces and Cytherian soil.

This victory did not last long. The Tyedu forces launched many attacks along the boarder, mostly concentrated on the northeast section of the boarder, around the Shrine in Halstead and the Cytherian village of White Deer. To date, this area has seen much bloodshed from both sides of the conflict and has been occupied numerous times by both Tyeduian and Cytherian forces. The quickness of the counterattacks and the seemingly endless supplies the Tyedu forces have indicate to many that Tyedu was about to launch an offensive against Cytheria and possibly Pylatea to the south. Fortunately for Pylatea, the series of attacks against their border has subsided as the Tyedu leaders have found a worthy opponent in the Cytherian Military.

Of note: along with the great loss of life, there have been many attrocities credited to the Tyeduian forces, including the launching of cut of heads from dead (hopefully) Cytherian soldiers, and the use of animals against Cytheria. Drum beats can be constantly heard in the Percivian Hills of Halstaed, where the main Tyedu camp is.

Military Ranks

Unlisted Men



Officer Ranks





Proconsul of the Legion/Guard; Commander of the Marines

Field Marshall of Cytheria, Mitrik Stigers

CDF Ranks

Admiral of the

Captain of the Ship

Captain's Mate

Boarding Officer

Artillary Officer