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Cytheria Armed Forces: Table of Orgainizations

Below is the Table of Organization of the Cytherian Forces.

Cytherian National Guard

20th National Guard Division

"To the Last Warrior"

The 20th NG Division is usually stationed in and around Fort Bross
Fort Bross/HQ Brigade - "Frozen Wall"
- 210th NG Brigade
- 220th NG Brigade
- 230th NG Brigade
- 240th NG Brigade
- 250th NG Brigade

30th National Guard Division

The Capital Division

- 30th HQ Brigade
- 310th NG Brigade
- 320th NG Brigade
- 330th NG Brigade
- 340th NG Brigade
- 350th NG Brigade

40th National Guard Division

The Western Division

- 40th HQ Brigade
- 410th NG Brigade
- 420th NG Brigade
- 430th NG Brigade
- 440th NG Brigade
- 450th NG Brigade

50th National Guard Division

"The Eastern Divsion"

- 50th HQ Brigade
- 510th NG Brigade - "Black and Blue"
- 520th NG Brigade - "Warriors till the End"
- 530th NG Brigade
- 540th NG Brigade
- 550th NG Brigade

Cytherian Legion

Though each of the Legions Divisions have only 8,000 men (half the normal size) they are designed that way to allow expansion during war.)

Currently, the Legion is aligned into:
2 Divisions, split into 4 active Brigades each

2nd Legionaires

2nd HQ Brigade, includes the:
- 202th Support Battalion
- 206th Artillery Battalion
- 207th Hospital Battalion

Main Legionaire Forces of the 2nd Legionaire
- 22nd Legionaire Brigade
- 23rd Legionaire Brigade
- 24th Legionaire Brigade

4th Legionaires

4th HQ Brigade, includes
- 404th Support Battalion
- 408th Artillery Battalion
- 409th Hospital Battalion

Main Legionaire Forces of the 4th Legionaire
- 46th Legoinaire Brigade
- 47th Legionaire Brigade
- 48th Legionaire Brigade

Cytherian Marines

1st Marine Expeditionary Force

"The Black Watch"

2nd Marine Expeditionary Force

"The Devil's Own"

5th Marine Expeditionary Force

"Ice Wolves"

Force Recon (Battalion)

"Night Stalkers"
Seperate unit, commonly attached to other commands when deployed.

Artillary Battalions

"Fury of the Storm"
Seperate unit, commonly attached to other commands when deployed.

Head Quarters Battalion

Commonly located at Fort Nikolas.

- War Mages Detachment
- Hospital Unit
- CDF Coordination Unit

The 1st Marine Division
The Black Watch
Active: Yes
Country: Cytheria
Branch: Marines
Type: Foot Soldiers
Role: Special Campaigns
Size: roughly 2,000
Garrison/HQ: Fort Nikolas
Current Commander: Pending
Famous Leaders of the past: General Nikolas, (then) Captain Darthvord
Nickname: The Black Watch Division
Motto: Unknown
Notable Battles or Wars: Battle of Bane Iceburg; Battle of Silverwater