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Note: This information refers to the Third Imperium Age. As of the 2200s, Valorian is part of the Pylatean League. See: Fourth Imperium Age


Following the laws of ones nation is better served when those laws benefit all the citizens within the nation. Valorian strives to join the shattered nation of the Kurathene into a single entity that serves the battle lord for the righteous beliefs for which he stands.


Valorian is split up into 3 regions: Rytolnios to the North, Palavon to the West, Archeous to the South.


Western Valorian, is mainly grassy plains land where most of the fiefdom’s agriculture is produced. Palavon is cut into 3 sections by Galdoranex River which stems from the Galdosian borders marked by the great falls of Order. With a the largest amount of crops coming from the SE Corner, where Lord Willian Patson, Patrician of Palavon controls production with the town, Messis.


This region contains grassy or forested hills on it’s western borders, and larger mountainous terrain on it’s eastern border. The Great Falls of Order are located on the eastern border of Rytolnios and is cut in half by the Galdoranex River. Silk Production in the NE corner of Rytolnios requires extra care where Lady Talia Adiuvo, Patrician of Rytolnios, Knight of the Silver Hammer lords over the production and keeps the spider population in check from her town of Amarium.


Archeous is much like Rytolnios with the exception of Lake Valorian on it’s western border and some small mountain creeks on it’s eastern border. As well the Mithorian Mine is located in it’s NW corner. Mithorian Mine is coveted for it’s rich Mithril Veins. This valuable resource is guarded by Knight-Templar Thror Stormhammer, Patrician of Archeous from his keep of Mitsbelkargh


When the Drotid invasion first struck, the va'Loriens were one of the first families to respond, and they headed up the erection of forts and garrisoning of troops in the Rift, to defend against Drotid raiders. Regan va’Lorien, the head of the house va’Lorien was the patriarch of the family during this time. Regan and his family earned their prestige, during this time they had much contact with the dwarves in the area due to the need for building materials and artisans..

The va'Loriens, Regan in particular, found that the just ways of the dwarves were far better at keeping order than what was the norm in his lands. The values the dwarves held met his own and while Regan had been a follower of Toran he felt his heart question why the greater good for all shouldn’t be preserved as much as law and order. This became even more apparent when the va’Loriens had heavy confrontations with the Drotid slavers. The atrocities witnessed at the hands of the slavers were sickening and house va’Lorien formed a heavy dislike for the values of drotid society and those who supported it.

Ultimately Regan took the va’Loriens to the high temple of Gorethar and converted. As the years went by, the va'Lorien name became, va’Lorian and eventually just turned into Valorian. The change came particularly apparent when the va'Loriens were travelling between Galdos and their homeland. The dwarves were the ones that ultimately started calling the va’Lorian’s, Valorian. Dwarves did not use or understand the need for the traditional va' and de' prefixes to the names of Kurathene nobles. They also choose names based on underlying meaning, and they thought the va'Loriens' name was fitting to convert to Valorian, as they always showed valor in battle and faith, and the dwarves respected them deeply.

It was in the early 16th century when Horian Valorian was named a patrician of house Valorian. It was the first full recognition of House Valorian by Kuras and from this date all first born males and rightful heirs to the throne are named in accordance to Horian’s name. It must have the ending ian in order to sound as if unified with the name Valorian. It symbolized the great honor Horian was bestowed and the loyalty of the family to one another, a unification of name and house.

House Valorian – Present

Situated on the border of Galdos Fief Valorian is a major house of trade with the dwarves, while the dwarves have had many icy relations with the people of the Kurathene, the Valorian household has continued to forge the relationship Regan va’Lorien established long ago.

Vian's great great grandfather Falrarian Valorian, named according to the Horian tradition, was the first Valorian to take up the disciplines of Gorethar's fighting order and eventually became a full Paladin. He ruled the house with fair and just practices where virtue, diligeance, and righteous battle where his manifests.

Due to the flourishing iron trade with Galdos and rich iron mines in the Valorian land, Valorian has become the largest producer of iron goods in trade with Kuras. The subsequent leaders of house Valorian were treated royally with the dwarven lords of the dwarven nations (including the trade lords from Deglos). This relationship was solidified when Rian Valorian saved the Galdosian Lords son from a group of Orcish assassins wanting to cause in-fighting amongst the dwarves for their own benefit. For his service Rian was given a great helm of power, which has since passed on to Rian’s Son, Vian the current leader of the Valorian Fief. This relic is the Houses heirloom and symbol of House Valorian. It is made to look like the head of a golden dragon symbolizing the ferocity of faith in gorethar and righteous battle.

Rian Valorian’s reign was marked with new levels of prosperity for his people as trade was his dream, as well as an astounding level of peace came over the region. Rian was a very merciful leader, showing his mercy many times such as: Raising the elven born Tyrius Rune who's parents were killed by orcish bandits while travelling to the Valorian Fief for trade. Rian raised Tyrius along side his own son, Tyrius grew to believe in Gorethar, he now trains the mages of Valorian for battle readiness after serving a long service with the Order of Gorethar in Southern Avlis.

However, Rian was a man very devout to the point of some detriment to the fairness of his rule. Rian was quick to anger when the word of Gorethar was broken. Punishment was swift and harsh for those that broke Gorethar’s word, banishment being the most common punishment, however, execution was not above those of the most unscrupulous of nature. An example of this would be: When Rian captured some Drotid slavers ambushed some of his dwarven citizens and were rouding them up for their caravans. These slavers were executed mercifully and swiftly.

The peace during this time was maintained mainly because the bordering fiefs feared the power and wealth that had accumulated by Valorian being the middle men between Galdos and Kuras.

Deanna was the son of Antonius Fenn a renowned grandfather thief who was operating within Valorian siphoning off the riches coming into Valorian from Kuras and Galdos. So good was Antonius at his craft that he was never caught or even suspected. Much to his dismay Rian Valorian caught the eye of his daughter Deanna. What ensued was a long and elaborate courtship unbeknownst by Rian he was being setup by the craftiest folk to set foot in Kurathene.

Rian fell in love with Deanna, not only for her beauty but her uncanny ability to always be where he needed her most. She was enigmatic to him not a fake noble woman that were being presented to him for political reasons. Nor was she, by his account anyone of any heritage, yet this women held herself with such pride and self-confidence he could not love anyone else.

With the union Deanna Fenn, and Rian Valorian, Anotnius ceased his operations within Valorian and took his role as the father to a noble woman with full embracement. He had changed but was still the cunning man he had always been. Antonius soon became the advisor of intelligence to Rian, training many troops in anti-espionage abilities.

Rian and Deanna lived many happy years together and eventually bore a son and heir to the throne. Named Vian in accordance with Horian Tradition, he was trained in the newly requisitioned Valorian Fighting Order Academy. With the school’s opening the Valorian Army was now named: Crusaders of Righteous Battle.

The family prospered in the 20 years in which Vian lived within the house. However, with wealth and power come enemies. Rian was killed by assassins in his sleep. Unknown where they came from. Their were 3 of them. One orcish, one elvish, and one human. While they had meant to kill the entire family Vian's Mother Deanna Valorian, awoken by her husbands murderers slew 2 of the assassins before they could kill Vian or herself while the orcish assassin escaped her wrath.

In fear of Vian's life, Deanna sent Vian away, urging him to complete his training as a Paladin in a place that most needed it. In Mikona. Reluctantly, Vian set off to Mikona to spread his word and test the strength of his devotion, while appeasing his mother in order to prevent the kurathene assassins from knowing where the heir had gone. Vian was to return when he was ready to take the seat his father left. Valorian has suffered without the lead of a Valorian Male to take the proper seat within the house.

With the return of Vian his heroic deeds and fame preceeding his return a new found prosperity has come to the house Valorian. A prosperity of Celebrity and seduction of power of the famed One percenter Group, as well as the riches Vian brings with him from his many adventures in southern avlis has given house Valorian a renewed boost in economy which was dwindling in recent years.


Valorian is run as a monarchy with the head of the house being the ruler of the land. There are 3 nobles in control of the 3 regions held by Valorian. Each Noble is responsible for the defense of the regions resources with backing from Valoria with troops. Each noble is also required to defend their respective border and to assist the other nobles defend their border as well, then report back to Valoria on a weekly basis.

Currently, House Valorian is a peaceful non-aggressive house seeking to unite the empire under a new banner of Gorethar. The goal is to prove that following the laws of ones nation is better served when those laws benefit all the citizens within the nation. Valorian strives to make this Ethos part of the Kurathene beliefs thus joining the shattered nation into a single entity that serves the battle lord for the righteous beliefs for which he stands.

Lawlessness or evil acts are not tolerated in Valorian and result generally in banishment or jail time. Execution while rare can occur when the offense warrants such an act. The laws of Valorian are very similar to those of Kuras. However, Valorian also has an ethical/moral codex based on the teachings of Gorethar which are strictly enforced as well (please refer to religion for that codex)

Dwarves and Gnomes – Galdos/Deglos

Valorian is on extremely favourable terms with the Dubgaldokin and especially the Galdokin. Due to the shared belief in Gorethar, heavy trade and love of metalworking, blacksmithing and mining there are several dwarves and gnomes at work in Valorian. Most Dwarves and Gnomes in Valorian specialize in metalworking or mining, however, there are several gnomes that have taken up research and battlemage roles working in the Spellspire.


There is a large population of Wemics in Valorian. The population is split between 2 distinct prides the Epillycian pride, and the Issliusian pride. While the prides themselves see them more as a whole unit, they tend to act slightly differently based on their climate differences and differences in food preferences as well as hunting techniques. The higher than normal population is due to the beliefs and codex of the Valorian Fief. Many wemics view the unification of the Kurathene as a cause worthy of their time. The Valorian fief and Gorethar’s beliefs most reflect the Wemic’s natural tendency towards causes that focus on the unit rather than the individual.


The Church of Gorethar plays a major role in the ideas and principles of Valorian. Hard work are the cornerstones of Valorian, making the land very prosperous.

Goodness and order take work! Gluttony and laziness are the bane of Gorethar and anyone who follows him. The forces that are constantly pulling at the world must be constantly countered.

People must focus outside of themselves and realize that the world is bound togethor as one. When you help someone, you are helping yourself, and when someone is wronged, everyone is wronged. That is the way of things, and it is for this reason why Gorethar is working to make things better one person at a time. Each person who gains an understanding of how the world works will begin to act in accordance with it, thereby bringing order. They may even spread their understanding over time. This is the hope of all who worship Gorethar: that each person who is helped and enlightened may help an enlighten two others to bring about peace and tranquility for all.

Crafting is one method by which order may be brought, and this is why Gorethar made the dwarves and gave them the love of crafting. Dwarves are always hard-working, and they constantly move about to beautify the surroundings of their homeland. At the deep root of it, Gorethar watches over crafting and preaches it because it teaches discipline, and it shows how to make something out of nothing. This is a representation of bringing order from chaos, and is thus sacred.

Gorethar and to a much lesser extent Toran are the only gods who are openly worshipped in Valorian by humans. O'ma is a tolerable god within Valorian but rare. All good gods are respected in Valorian but not allowed to be worshipped openly. All Chaotic gods are illegal to be openly worshipped, however Chaotic good gods are legal in mostly private (i.e. they could have an out of the way church or shrine in the wilds) and only by certain groups. Valorian tends to be very polarized, it is extremely rare to find neutral god believers in Valorian i.e. there are no known worshippers of Mikon in Valorian.

The Wemic population of Valorian hold the beliefs of “The Son�?, Balgar, and “The Mother�? Ayreh Gidol, however, many of taken up secondary beliefs with Gorethar. Most Wemics find the cause of the kurthene unification under the banner of Gorethar a just and worthy cause. A unified Kurathene would more benefit the unit increasing their own as well as the humans and dracons prosperity within the region. All Evil gods are illegal within Valorian, including Valok. As well Forian is completely banned in Valorian.

Epillycian Pride Mother Merrrim:

“A unified pride is better served when Gorethar is the root of religious belief of the ruling human lord, benefiting us all as a unit and not as individuals.�?


Valorian demographics relate to the region in which people are from, each region having it's distinct personality.

Rytolnios, Northern Valorian

The magic and textile region of Valorian. The population of Rytolnios is mainly comprised of Humans, farmers: silk and agricultural and magi folk. The Spellspire located in SE Rytolnios, serves as a basin of research, enlightenment in the arcane, and as a training grounds for the Mages of Spellspire. Thus, there are some gnomish population within this region. There are several roaming prides of Wemics in the Rytolnios region, many revere the Epillycian spiders for their meat in North East Valorian. Excellent hunting grounds for both Wemics and Humans are found within Rytolnios. A steady balance is kept within the region with Lady Talia Adiuvo, Patrician of Rytolnios, Knight of the Silver Sword to keep the ideals of Valorian in check.

Palavon, Western Valorian

The agricultural region of Valorian. The population of Palavon is mainly comprised of human agricultural farmers. The Epillycian pride and Issliusian pride come together in the Palavon region. Often times Wemic prides form pride gatherings in this region to exchange hunting and regional knowledge. As well, politics of Eastern Kurathene are discussed and consensus formed by the Wemics during these gatherings. “Pride Rocks�? as they are called by the local farmers as the speakers at the time use large rocks as platforms for speaking. The South East contains the <<Town NOBLE NAME>> plantation. Lord Willian Patson, Patrician of Palavon, rigorously acts to maintain the high yield of agricultural products from the Palavon region, while maintaining a game rich region for the Wemic population. Often times the farmers have deals with the Wemic prides, trading cattle for silk and other rare resources.

Archeous, Southern Valorian

The mithril and war heavy region of Valorian. Archeous is a well protected and heavily military oriented region. Such notable armaments as Tri’as Ju’eir’s Archery school, and the Military heavy settlement Argenkargh. Most ore and approximately 33% of all weapon and armor production comes out of the Archeous region of Valorian. As well, all archers are trained at Tri’as’ school and many fighters train along the southern border for field experience. The Issiliusian Wemic pride roams this region and helps to defend it against all invaders. The Issiliusian pride are expert fishermen able to sustain their existence exclusively on the fish found in Lake Valoria. Knight-Templar Thror Stormhammer, Patrician of Archeous was given lordship over the Archeous region fitting the role best overseeing the quality craftsmanship and mining operations.

Background of Archeous

The region started to become more abundantly populated in the late 15th through the 16th Century. This population rise coincided with the opening of the Mithorian Mine, which was rich mithril, iron, and silver and many men and dwarves moved to the area with their clans and families to mine and work their forges. Horian Valorian saw a need to protect this valuable resource, and so contracted an army of dwarven artisans to create a vast gate of the precious mithril to guard the mine against would be usurpers. As another precaution, he requisitioned the building of a large settlement near the mine for the workers to live, as well as for an armed force to keep watch over the mine and the rest of the region. He placed the va'Alastor family in charge of this settlement and the region of Archeous, naming their patriarch the first Lord of Archeous. During this time, the Issilusian Wemic Pride also started to take up residence in the area, where they were befriended by the populace and the Valorians.

Many a year later, the lord Azrael va'Alastor took his family on a trip to inspect the SE areas of Archeous. The entire family fell victim to a raid on their camp by drotid slavers. All of them were found dead when the Valorian Lord of the time and his forces retaliated and attacked the raiding party at their camp before they left the region.

This occurence left the region of Archeous leaderless and in mourning for the loss of Azrael and his family. The Valorian Lord instated one of his old friends, a dwarf by the name of Uric Irondelver, as the new Lord of Archeous. His reputation as a devout Gorethite and a master craftsman left the populace pleased with the appointment.

Uric had the settlement made even more heavily fortified than before and renovated it from a settlement into a true town. The fortifications and influx in the production of brilliant weapons and armors made Archeous into the military heavy region it is today. To protect the new town, Uric designed and facilitated the construction of a mighty keep. With the building of this keep, Uric renamed the city Argenkargh, meaning Silver Keep.

In the latter years of his life, Uric saw the death of Rian Valorian and the travel of Vian Valorian to the south, leaving Valorian leaderless. During this time Uric remained vigilant in his role as the lord of archeous and tended to his charges as he was able, though the kingdom suffered hardships in the absence of a ruling Valorian male. With the visits of Vian back north, Uric had his craftsmen build the Tri'as Ju'eir Archery School at the request of Vian, where Vians friend Tri'as would go to work training the archers and scouts of the Valorian.

Uric has recently passed away in his sleep, an old dwarf of near 500 years. With no surviving family, this again left the lordship of the archeous region vacant. After hearing of the intentions of Thror Stormhammer, his ex-High Paladin of the Order of Gorethar in the South, to return to the north nearer his clanhome, Vian Valorian offered him the Lordship of Archeous and Patrician status within Valorian. Thror has since accepted the offer, deciding Valorians cause was worth fighting for.


Crusaders of Righteous Battle

The Crusaders are the foremost frontline of the Valorian Forces. Comprised of people from all walks of life centered under the banner of Gorethar. All members of the Military go through religious training in the ways of the Battle Lord prior to being admitted into the army. As such, the army is sanctioned by the Church of Gorethar as a holy entity. Each member of the army has at the very least small blessings and divine prayers available to them for use in combat. Reaching the higher echelons of the army constitute More faith in Gorethar.

Shield of the Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon is a beast closely linked to the precepts of Gorethar. Our fief’s crest is fashioned after the Shield of the Golden Dragon. Within this great army, there are a number of factions explained below. Shield is representative of our drive to protect those in need, thwart chaos and evil.

The Silver Sword

The Silver Sword are paladins, fighters, and warriors of Gorethar who cleave their way through darkness and chaos. They set right and order to the world. They are the predominant offensive force within Valorian. They lead the Valorian armies in righteous battles. Each member of The Silver Sword have explicit training within the fighting order or with the church of Gorethar. The Silver Sword is currently lead by the Knight-Templar, Thror Stormhammer.

The Silver Sword Rankings:







The Silver Hammer

The Silver Hammer, protectors of our cities and homeland, bring law and order to the citizens everyday lives. They represent the judicial system and law enforcement within Valorian . In essence, The Silver Hammers are built steadfast to deflect the ravages of evil against Valorian and bring down the hammer of justice to those who break the law. They also represent the crafting and political section within Valorian. Being closely linked to a regimented army system, it is natural that the rest of society follow this orderly and law abiding way of life. This group varies in design, but predominantly is warriors and paladins. All members of The Silver Hammer are trained in either the fighting order or the church of Gorethar.

The Silver Hammer Rankings:







The Golden Breath

The Golden Breath are lore masters and practitioners of the arcane arts. Their ability lies within the arcane arts, while the members of the Golden Breath must pass the tests of Andrinor’s trust, their true devotion is to Gorethar. These mages are capable of summoning forth the good minions of the planes, mainly the archons of Gorethar to aid in righteous battle. The Mages of Spellspire’s purpose is be the keepers of knowledge, bring insight to the people, invent, and assist the Silver factions in defence or offence. The Golden Breath m They are the creators of siege weapons and tactitioners, as well as keepers of knowledge and secrets. They are also driven on learning and bending their magical talents to new capabilities for good. All members of the Golden breath are trained at Spellspire which is lead by Sammuel Valorian and Tyrius Rune.

Mages of Spellspire, The Golden Breath Rankings:



High Mage

Master Mage

Grand Master Mage


The Golden Tear

The Golden Tear are the preachers and healers of Valorian. The Golden Tear have extreme compassion seeking to heal those in need, in spirit and in health. Those who listen to their prayers gain strength to fight the forces of darkness. They are the keepers of the faith and enforcers of holy law. They are experts in combating the negative energies and demonic forces, due to their nature; they will draw weapon proficiently against enemies of Valorian. Golden Tear members are all trained in the church of Gorethar.

The Golden Tear Rankings:




Arch Bishop



The Golden Wings

The Golden Wings are the archers and scouts of Valorian. Their arrows fly far and strike down deadly upon foe or that which is hunted, being excellent trackers. Their speed and nimbleness are the supreme of all Valorian front line fighters. They are our hunters and provide hide and food for Valorian. All archers and scouts are trained at Tri’as Ju’eirs archery school located in Archeous, Southern Valorian.

The Golden Wings Rankings:




Master Bowman


The Golden Eyes

The Golden Eyes are the side of the army that is invisible. They are the eyes of the army, but hooded to the outside world. Golden Eye members are intelligence agents and stealth forces. Their main purpose is anti-espionage, specializing in counter-assassin measures. Their talents are in the efficient retrieval or gathering of information. Their skills are exceptionally keen in searching, detecting, and in uncovering deception.

The Golden Eyes Rankings:





Intelligence Officer


The Golden Claw

This special factions is dedicated to the wemic soldiers. Typically the Wemic soldiers are fierce fighters for cause of Valorian. The Golden Claw has many functions, from defending the territory, to acting as a special force specifically for taking out heavily armed targets. Made up of the Epillycian and Issiliusian prides they follow the laws of Valorian strictly, but are not entirely governed by the Valorian directly. Instead The Golden Claws are directed by Valorian ambassador and pride lord Krorrrm. Krorrrm overseas the training of the prides as elected by both prides to act as liason to Valorian. Some Wemics train in the temple of Gorethar, some train with Tri’as at his school being natural stalkers in the plains, while others fit in with Anotnius Fenn and Fenn’s Art School. The Golden Claw assist both the Silver Sword and Hammer in their respective duties,


Honourable Squire

Honourable Knight

High Knight


Note: Nobility are only ranks denoting status and land stewardship in the realm, they do not have military power, a secondary title in the military would need to be achieved in order for the noble to rank within the military. Noble are generally given by the Fief Lord of Valorian. All land in Valorian belongs to the Valorian Family, and Nobles are assigned to watch over certain sectors.

Notable People of Valorian

Lord Vian Valorian

Lord of Valorian - situated in Valoria, capital city of Valorian. (For personal history, see above.)

Archmage Tyrius Rune

Leader of The Golden Breath - controls all things magic in Valorian, was trained by gnomish spellcasters from a very young age.

Archmage Sammuel Valorian

Assists in the lead The Golden Breath with Tyrius and liason to the south. Is Vian's adoptive son. - situated in spellspire and has residency in mikona.

Hawk-eye Tri'as Ju'eir

Trains and leads The Golden Wings. - runs tri'as' archery school, liason to le'or. - situated in south valorian when training students, has residency in le'or as well.

Knight-Templar Thror Stormhammer

Patrician of Archeous - Runs the mining and smithing operations of southern Valorian, situated in Mitbelkargh. Head of the Silver Sword, commander of the offensive arm of Valorian's Crusaders of Righteous Battle.

Protectorate Trenton Renil

Runs the defensive arm of Valorian's Crusaders of Righteous Battle. The Silver Hammer are the police and homeland security people within the Fief. The Silver Hammer also help run the Fighting Order Training School as they are based right out of the School itself with many barrack across Valorian.

Lady Talia Adiuvo

Patrician of Rytolnios, Knight of the Silver Sword - Runs the silk production and trade from the nothern region of Valorian. Holds the rank of Knight within the Silver Sword.

Lord Willian Patson

Patrician of Palavon. Runs the agriculture of Valorian. Ambassador of HEAL and Valorians finest alchemist.

Deanna Valorian (NPC)

Vian's mother.

Pridelord Krorrrm (NPC)

Pridelord of the Wemics of Valorian.

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