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Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
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Symbol: A field of pikes

Colors: Blue and white

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: LN

Area of Control: Dracon, Soldiers, Discipline

Clerical Domains: Evil, Good, Protection, Strength, War

Holy Warrior: Justicar

Religious Orders: The Sword of Toran

Center of Worship: Kuras

More information on Toran

War, evil, or even peace, and goodness do not really concern the creator of the Dracon. His message is one of order. If everyone can go about their business in an orderly way, things will run much smoothly, whether they are wars, or good deeds. Absolute discipline is the key. Non-conformity is a sin in Toran's eyes. Law and order rule above all, and to disobey that order is to become chaotic in their eyes.

Discipline. Strict, unflagging, unfailing discipline, this is the path to enlightenment in the eyes of Toran. There is no other way. The only way to bring about the stillness that comes when one's thoughts and actions are controlled is to enforce discipline on oneself and on the outside world. The chaos of the world can "leak" into a person. If one is in a quiet environment, it is much easier to become quiet along with it. However, if the environment is full of chaos, then that chaos will seep into the person causing them to lose control of their discipline. Even another person's random thoughts can seep into nearby people and cause them to think chaotically.

Toran is the ultimate Lawful Neutral warrior. His plan is simple: complete and total order, regardless of who prospers and who gets hurt. Toran does not care about people's feelings or aspirations. He only cares that everything fits properly into everything else. Battles are fought by the followers of Toran in all wars on the face of Avlis. They are highly prized as mercenaries because they will fight for almost anyone, and they do so in an extremely well disciplined and organized shock troop manner.

If there's a war that Toran's clerics cannot stop, then they will do their best to make sure it's fought in an orderly fashion as opposed to having chaotic assemblies of ragtag troops going at it. Toran does not much care whose side you're on, or even why you are fighting as long as the cause requires an orderly military solution. This also applied to the human/elf war. Toran does not care. Toran's troops are often found on BOTH sides of any conflict, especially when both societies see some merit in keeping order at times, which is true of both humans and elves.

They are not so prevalent in this war, though the clerics of Toran are VERY common in the Kurathene Empire where they often work for nobles' armies. Toran has a number of his own monk orders, and yes, he does respect monks for their discipline. Everyone fits into Toran's plan, according to him, and yes, the clerics do preach this. The clerics are seen as troops in Toran's grand army of order, and they act as such. They even have military ranks within their clergy.

Clergy ranks: (i.e. enlisted)

Acolyte Cadet Grade 3
Special Initiate Grade 2
Holy Sergeant Grade 1

Priestly ranks: (i.e. officer)

Divine Initiate Tier 4
Captain of Hundreds Tier 3
Captain of Thousands Tier 2
Holy General Tier 1
Out Of Character Information

Grades 3, 2, 1 and Tier 4 are player ranks. You get one every 5 levels. So a 1st level cleric of Toran is Grade 3 and becomes Grade 2 at 6th level, and so on. Attaining rank greater than Tier 1 will be through DM interaction on the boards and in the game.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, Toran, as one of the Nine, has a Holy Warrior Caste called the Justicar.

Toran has temples in Kuras, Servator, Osannia, Trenium, Medec, Pylatea, Cytheria, Julaspium and Mikona, and shrines in Elysia and Valorian.