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Justicar (Toran, LN)

Justicars originated in the lands of Toran Shaarda, where the centauroid race of dracon is dominant. The dracon live in a very hive-minded society, where all is done for the greater order of things. Non-conformity is a sin in Toran's eyes. Law and order rules above all, and to disobey that order is to become chaotic in their eyes.

The chaos of The Fairy War sparked the creation of the Justicars. The war began in T'Nanshi and quickly became in danger of spreading everywhere. In order to keep the fairies within their own country from fighting, the Dracon clerics of Toran decided it was time to employ some muscle. First, they made laws against participating in the fairy struggle within their borders. Next, they created the Justicars to enforce those laws... heavily.

The first Justices were Dracon warriors loyal to Toran who were charged with the task of quelling any struggle between the fairies in their nation. Once the war was finished, and the Great War started, their task expanded. They were told to keep the entire war away. Securing their lands against an onrush of Orc refugees was tough, and they almost did not manage. Many lives were lost on both sides, but in the end, the justicars prevailed and Toran Shaarda was saved.

After the war, the Justicars were employed as a regular police force, at which point they began to expand. The first outside nation to realize their use was The Kurathene Empire. The Emperor, Kuras, took them in and allowed them to set up many churches to Toran on his lands. He knew that they would be excellent tools at enforcing whatever laws he made in his dominion, and he was correct. Until the end, Imperial law was enforced by the justicars, without question. Since then, many of them have taken up to serving the local lords, and the rest have started to spread to other nations. In this time period, non-dracon races have joined the organization. In Mikona, the Church of Toran is one of the largest in the city, and the justicars are welcome there.

Justicars like heavy armor, the heavier the better. Dracon are very strong creatures, and more than able to bear the weight, and this has carried over to the other races. The main weapon of the order is considered to be the longsword, though dracon have often employed greatswords as well.

The justicars have a definite hierarchy, which is the same as the hierarchy for the clerical church, though separate.

Hit Die: d10


Base Attack Bonus: +7

Feats: Armor Proficiency: Heavy, Weapon Focus: Long Sword, Cleave

Skills: Discipline (8 Ranks)

Alignment: LN

Deity: Toran

Class Skills

Concentration, Discipline, Heal, Intimidate, Listen, Lore, Parry, Persuade, Search, Spot

Justicars get (2+Int) skill points per level.

Class Proficiencies

Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Armor Proficiency: Medium, Shield Proficiency

Class Abilities by Level

  • 1st: Protection vs. Chaos
  • 2nd: Soldier's Resolve (Intellect Fortress)
  • 3rd: Divine Grace (as per Paladin ability - Charisma bonus to all saves)
  • 4th: Aura of Courage (as per Paladin ability - immune to fear)
  • 5th: Remove Blindness/Deafness
  • 6th: Smite Chaos
  • 7th: Lay on Harm
  • 8th: Shatter Doubt (Suppress Fear)
  • 9th: Battletide
  • 10th: Inspire Confidence

Epic Level Progression

  • 12th: Soldier's Resolve 2x/day
  • 15th: Remove Blindness/Deafness, Inspire Confidence 2x/day
  • 18th: Battletide 2x/day
  • 21st: Inspire Confidence 2x/day

Additional Epic Bonus Feats: Epic Weapon Focus (longsword), Epic Reputation, Toran's Insight (Danger Sense), Inspire Greatness, Aura vs. Chaos, Unshakeable Will (Tower of Iron Will).

Spellcasting Progression

  • Justicars progress in the divine spellcasting class they previously had (if any) at a rate of 1/2 per level.