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The Equalizer 1.jpg
Hit Die:
Base Attack Bonus: +1/level
Armor: Light, Medium, Heavy & Shield
Weapon: Martial & Simple
Skill Points:
2 + INT mod
Concentration, Discipline, Heal, Listen, Lore, Parry, Search, Spot, Taunt
Primary Saving Throw(s):
Alignment Restriction:
True Neutral only

Equalizer (Mikon, TN)


The Equalizers are the second newest holy warrior order to appear on Avlis. Their order was founded by a M'Chekian noble by the name of Nimonay Dunster, as a reward for his monumental contribution to keeping balance on the Prime Material Plane.

The Equalizers see it as their solemn duty to keep balance in the world. Any extreme is considered a problem, be it extreme good, extreme evil, extreme law, or extreme chaos. Even stereotypes are hated, because they are too perfect an example of something in their eyes.

Conflict is not necessarily a problem for them, and they have been known to use it as a tool for exterminating extremes. Equalizers also see conflict as a necessary part of the world. Without it, there can exist no peace, for the peace would not be realized. For this reason, the equalizers have been known to exacerbate some conflicts in the name of balance, i.e. to keep them going on indefinitely. Many people know this and do not trust them for this reason.

However, some are willing to take a gamble on it. Equalizers will almost always fight for the underdog. They do not like to see anyone get crushed in a fight, no matter what their persuasion. Whatever the argument, the equalizer will always take the side of the weaker, simply because.

Because of their frequent need to go to war, equalizers employ heavy armor for protection. However, they often use many different kinds of weapons. All of them answer to Lord Dunster, who trains most of them. Some smaller training orders have been founded to help Dunster manage his care as well.


To qualify as an Equalizer, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:

A half-orc Equalizer of Mikon.
  • Selectable General Feats:
    • Extra Smiting
    • Divine Might
    • Divine Shield
    • Greater Spell Focus
    • Improved Critical Whip

Equalizer Class Abilities:

  • 1st: Smite Good, Detect Alignment
  • 2st: Smite Evil
  • 3rd: Divine Grace (Cha bonus to saves)
  • 4th: Favoured Enemy Outsider (Bonus based on EQ Levels), Turn Undead
  • 5th: Lay on Hands
  • 6th: Lay on Harm
  • 7th: Intensity Attack ( +3 to Dex and Con )
  • 8th: Mikon's(Tymora's) smile (+2 to saving throws for 5 turns. 1/day)
  • 9th: Divine Wrath ( +3 to attack, damage and saves + DR 5/1 for rounds equal to Cha bonus)
  • 10th: Aura of Protection ( a lesser globe of invulnerability for the Equalizer and everyone around him)

Epic Bonus Feats:

  • Equalizers receive an epic bonus feat every 3 levels selectable from the list below:
    • Armor Skin
    • Devastating Critical
    • Epic Prowess
    • Epic Reputation
    • Epic Spell Focus
    • Epic Toughness
    • Epic Weapon Focus
    • Great Charisma
    • Great Smiting
    • Improved Combat Casting
    • Overwhelming Critical
    • Perfect Health
    • Planar Turning
    • Dragon Knight
    • Hellball
    • Epic Mage Armour
    • Greater Ruin
    • Epic Warding
    • Mummy Dust

Epic Equalizer Progression:

  • 12th: Intensity Attack 2/day
  • 15th: Improved Intensity Attack 1/day ( +6 to Dex and Con )
  • 18th: Improved Intensity Attack 2/day
  • 20th: Aura of Protection 2/day
  • 21st: Superior Intensity Attack 1/day ( +9 to Dex and Con )
  • 24th: Superior Intensity Attack 2/day

Spellcasting Progression:

  • Equalizers progress in the divine spellcasting class AND arcane spellcasting class they previously had (if any) at a rate of 1/2 per level.

The Equalizer Coat of Arms

The Equalizer's Shield
The Equalizer's Sword

The Sword

We pray, O Lord Mikon, see fit to bless with the hand of your majesty this sword with which your servant desires to be girt, to the end that he may be a defender of the Balance, your Church, and of all your servants, and that he may be the terror and dread of his enemies, ensuring the safekeeping of the Balance on the world of Avlis. Amen.

One edge to protect order, one edge to safekeep freedom and a scabbard to counsel mercy.

The Shield

These arms ensure that all might know the Equalizer from afar, and judge him fair or foul. It symbolizes the hardships and travail that an Equalizer will suffer foremost in battle and always placing his body between the Balance and her foes, just as the shield receives any blows before the armor and body of the Equalizer.

The Commitment

An Equalizer must be respectful of all religions, never offending the faith of another.

An Equalizer must respect all those who are part of this world, regardless of age, infirmity, poverty, or vow, allegiance or religion.

The word of an Equalizer must be dependable beyond doubt or question.

And, always and everywhere, he must be the champion of the Balance of Avlis and the Nine Laws of the Council of Balance.

" In remembrance of oaths given and received "
" In remembrance of your obligations "
" Be thou a valorous Equalizer "

PC Equalizers Currently Playing

Equalizer Garek Blackstone
Equalizer of Mikons Will, Eneki Blake
Garek Blackstone Eneki Blake

PC Equalizers Not Currently Active In Game

Finrod Melendur

Agatha Dane

Holandar Blackmane


Dale Marshall

William Dane