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Mikon's Holy Symbol
Mikon's Holy Symbol

The Council of Balance

What We Do

The Council of Balance is a holy order made of worshipers of Mikon. We seek to bring balance over Avlis by achieving Mikon's will. We are a family towards each other, often needing to act alone in our tasks to achieve greater balance, but we quickly gather when one of us is in need. As a council, each members' voice carries the same weight when a decision as to be made.

What We Expect

We expect everyone who wants to join our ranks to be trustworthy, capable of controlling his temper when needed, respectful of what has to be accomplished by the council, open minded to be able to react properly to any situation that might arise, and mostly to work to achieve Mikon's will. Finally to be available to meet with your brothers and sisters in faith on a regular basis to exchange your thoughts and to bring to others any news you might have learned over your expeditions and travels.

What to Expect

In return, you will be supported when needed by your family, you'll take part in Avlis history, sometimes behind the curtains, sometimes in the spotlight. By serving Mikon you will always be rewarded based on how you follow his will. Last but not least, your character will have the feeling of fully focusing their life toward a greater goal.

Alignment/Class Restrictions

Any alignment to start is acceptable, but leaning toward neutrality is preferable. Clerics or Fighters wishing to train to be Equalizers, should be True Neutral or within a close step from it. All classes are welcome for council members.

Base of Operations

Our base Hall is located in Mikona, southwest of the temple of Mikon. The second location is the Mikon Temple in Visimontium, the Council quarters are right above it. The third location where we can be sought is in Blandenberg, the temple there is open to anyone who seek guidance either about the faith of Mikon or the path an equalizer have to follow. The presence of the Council and his followers is active there as we are one of the Orders responsible to look after the safety of this city that seen so much destruction.

Council Structure

Adherent: The Council employs an evaluation period when a prospective member, or adherent, is made known to us. Current Council members will overtly, and sometimes covertly, monitor prospective members' actions and temperament to ascertain whether they truly are ready for walking the difficult path of Balance. Once the Council is satisfied with an Adherent, they will then be invited to become an initiate of the Council.
Initiate: Once the Council members are satisfied that an Adherent is suitable to become an initiate member of the Council, the Adherent will be invited to attend an Initiation Ceremony, where they will be offered a place on the Council, and welcomed as part of our family. The new Initiate will then be assigned a mentor who will guide them in their faith and assist them with any tasks set before them. The Council will regularly assign Various tasks to an initiate during this time, including a major task or series of tasks that must be completed prior to being ordained.
Ordained: After the Initiation period is complete, in consultation with the Initiate's mentor, the Initiate will be Ordained as a full member of the Council during a special ceremony. Progression to become Ordained can take your PC many IG years to achieve.
Moderator: The Moderator position of the Council is a position usually held by an Ordained Cleric or Equalizer (although there have been exceptions in the past). Everyone in the Council, regardless of position is responsible for forwarding the Council's goals and serving Mikon and his Church's Ideals. The Moderator is the "Official" contact of the order for the outside world and also works to ensure we all remain in contact as many members are spread throughout the various lands of Avlis.

How to Contact Us

Leave a message at either Halls or temples for Recruiter Garek Blackstone, Moderator Dala Blake, or any of our other members, or seek any of our Council members in-game. We are easy to spot in our grey armor, and our players are spread across the time zones.

Please read more about Mikon's philosophy and his greater role on Avlis.

Council of Balance Meeting
Council of Balance Meeting