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Religious Orders
The Nine

Gorethar - O'Ma - Dru'el

Toran - Mikon - Forian

Valok - Aarilax - Maleki


Angadar - Dagath


Dra'Nar - Dre'Ana


Cha'reth - Ra-Ghul - The'ton

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Religious Orders

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The Hands of Dru'El

Alignment: Chaotic and Neutral Good

Base of operations: Everywhere evil lives

How to contact us: Only one member is publicly known - The Speaker.

What we do: The Hands of Dru'El are a religious order, founded in secrecy, who serve the common good of all. We are secret because our methods require it - in order to fight evil at times it is necessary to be able to have the element of surprise.

What to expect: The Hands of Dru'El follow the precepts of Dru'El, and chief among these is this: you must follow your own heart and your own path, but must do so in service to others. Laws and rules are important, and they help people to live together in peace and safety, but it is also important to be able to make exceptions in order to see that compassion prevails. Thus, though we do not disrespect such things, they are of less import to us by and large than the greater good.

How, then, do we serve the greater good? We do so by acts of charity and compassion, by protecting and defending those in need, and by fighting evil where we find it. There are those who hunt in the darkness, bringing pain and suffering, and we use the very shadows in which they try to hide to bring swift justice.

Notice in Le'Or regarding the Hands of Dru'El