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Gorethar Holy Symbol
Order of Gorethar

The Order of Gorethar is a religious order. As such, those seeking membership MUST be Lawful Good and worshipers of Gorethar.

Guild Officers:

Cinder Fireblaze, Arch Paladin

Olisa Ellendar, High Paladin

Rodrick Goodman, Head Cleric

Easley Moor, Seneshal

Nel'Cial, Battlemasters
DM Sponsors: Ambrosia at this time

General Information:

Base of operations: Fortress of Light in Deglos and Tower of Light in Ferrell. We also have a Hostel in Elysia, a Chaplet in Mikona, a Chaplet in Le'Or and a Chaplet in Visimontium.

How to contact us: Speak to any member, and you will be pointed in the right direction. The Ordained wear silver and gold armor with blue capes, with either silver or gold edging. Initiates wear distinctive blue and gold armor with star-marked shoulder plates. Feel free to either send a letter or post a notice in the taverns in one of the above cities (though our most active bases are still Mikona and Elysia). ((Private messages via the forums is one of the best ways to set up a meeting--click on links above)).

What we do: The Order is dedicated to following Gorethar's teachings, upholding the law, and stamping out evil and chaos where ever it is found.

What to expect: The Order of Gorethar is noted for excellent battle training, training in crafting, and leadership. The Order often organizes expeditions to destroy undead, participates in city defense, law enforcement, rescues, and other quests.

OOC Info: The Order of Gorethar is one of the oldest player run groups in Avlis. The Order is one of the closest knit groups in the game, and though one of the hardest to get to full membership, there is a lot of great RP along the way with a super bunch of players and interesting characters. Any class of character is welcome, as long as the character is lawful good, and worships Gorethar.

History and Origins of the Order

Lord Vian Valorian, heir to the Valorian fief in the Kurathene Empire, is a paladin of Gorethar, and as such, under the divine guidance of that God. Gorethar sent Lord Vian to southern Avlis on a mission, though he was unsure of what exactly his God wished—unsure, until he came to the city of Mikona in M'Chek. He found that the city was in need of order, and crime was rampant. After prayer, Gorethar directed Vian’s path to the creation of the Order of Gorethar, with Lord Vian at its head as Arch Paladin. Gorethar brought together the people who would become the founding members of the Order, including the man who Vian chose to be the first High Paladin, Kaelyn McCaddor—perhaps one of the most well-known of the Order’s leaders. Others in this select group included the dwarf Kharak Hammerstar, the Order’s first BattleMaster; Jorio Alerian, cleric in residence of Mikona, who went on to become the first Blessed High Cleric of the Order. There was also Lady Elyn, Kern of Gort, Durenunde, the bard Hargas Steelhead, Drakken Talby, and Gloknall Heartcrusher.

At first this group of Gorethar’s followers merely had similar goals—but as they came to know each other, those goals solidified, and the group began to work together to follow Gorethar’s path, under the capable leadership of McCaddor and Valorian. The Order really came into full being on January the 19th in the Winter of 2072, when the Council of the Faithful in Galdos recognized the Order, and gave its blessing and its charter to the Order of Gorethar. In May of 2073, the majority of the Order’s rankings and policies were set forth by the Arch Paladin, although the ranks of adherent and aspirant came much later, as the Order grew. Under the watchful stare of Lord Vian and the guidance of Kaelyn MacCaddor, the Order prospered, and the BattleMaster began to create many of our formation tactics, which are still used in the present day. At this time The Order was technically headquartered in Elysia, though many of the Order chose to live in Mikona (as opposed to the current location in the Fortress of Light, in Deglos, but this was because Elysia had the only fully dedicated temple to the BattleLord in southern Avlis at the time. Gorethar’s only representation in M'Chek was Brother Garlack, who had a small shrine in the Temple District in Mikona. Today, however, a full Temple to Gorethar stands there). At this early period in the Order’s history, the responsibility of law enforcement in Mikona was granted to the Order of Gorethar by the Noble and Common Houses of M'Chek government. However, some say that the Order’s enforcement of the law was too aggressive, and eventually the duties of law enforcement was given over to the Sword of Toran in January of 2084. The formal proclamation cited that the Sword was more in keeping of the ideals of the City’s government, and the teachings of Mikon.

The Order of Gorethar is noted in history for its participation in the defeat of many foes of law and the greater good, including The Legion of Darkness, Nastassiou, The Mistress, The Coven of Seven, the Vortex of Chaos, the vampyre Lanessa, the lich Sorvanok, and the evil being known only as the Gentleman. Many of the Order of Gorethar’s members have distinguished themselves in the destruction of evil across the face of Avlis, in its long and noble history, including defending Mikona against dragons and Sereg', defense of the City of Elysia during the Second Fairy War, restoration of the Dwarven Quarters in Mikona, guarding the people during the Great Migration from M'Chek to Visimontium, and the closing of the Rift in Ferrell. The Order has also helped in other endeavors, including working at and donations to the Shelter of Hope in Mikona, providing scrolls and healing supplies during the plague that struck southern Avlis, and guarding shipments of food and other supplies to areas devastated during the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war.

After the war, the Order of Gorethar took active role in various world threatening events. They been key actors in the ending of the vampire Dranhul, the banishment of the Angelkiller blade and took active defence of the land when the invasion from Drotid arrived. The Order is currently fighting against a dark alliance between the Giants, the Sereg and Drows from another sphere. Since recently, the Order is now a part of the inter-sphere organization known as the Company of the Chalice, and some members of the Order form a squad on the prime in duty for the Celestial Army of Gorethar.

Ranks and Advancement

Ordained and Initiates guarding Zevlan Dur
An Ordination Ceremony

There are a number of ranks in the Order of Gorethar. Those seeking membership must be accepted as probationers, and from there they can advance through a series of ranks until they reach junior membership, and then full membership. Advancement is NOT fast, though often it is steady, if one is an active participant in the Order.

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Rank Names, in ascending order:

Petitionner (probationer)
Aspirant (novice member)
Inititate (junior member)
Ordained (full member)
High Ordained (required for senior positions)
  • Blessed
    (accompany a title, rarely given)
  • Holy
    (accompany a title, rarely given)
High Paladin (Leader of the Order)
Arch Paladin (Head of the Order)

Virtues of Gorethar, as adhered to by the Order

  • Justice: The law is to be upheld, but it is a tool to create conditions that allow everyone to live together without harm. Gorethar’s followers are expected to understand the spirit of the law, and apply it. Where the law is clear, and harms none, or even where it does not necessarily benefit all, those who follow Gorethar will uphold the law, and strive to make sure that punishment is given to those who break it. Justice is to be administered with mercy, and law applied with compassion. If a law is obviously unjust, then followers of Gorethar strive to change it from within. “First there is Justice, then reconciliation, then restitution, and finally, retribution."
  • Vigilance: Those that follow Gorethar must ever be on the watch for evil, and fight to eradicate evil from the face of the earth. Undead and demon-kind are especially repugnant to Gorethar. Evil can also take the form of compelling others to do someone else’s will; slavery is something no one who follows Gorethar would condone. One also has the obligation to be watchful, and protect and succor those that cannot defend themselves. We strive to stand between those that are in danger and the evil that threatens them.
  • Diligence: Planning, and the ability to follow through on plans and decisions is a prized trait. Worshippers of Gorethar strive for attentiveness in their work, steady and consistent effort, and being heedful of directions or orders.
  • Fidelity: The unfailing fulfillment of one’s duties, obligations and strict adherence to vows and oaths is part of Gorethar’s tenets. Oath-breaking is taken extremely seriously, and punished harshly.
  • Industriousness: Gorethar created the dwarves for a reason, and is one of the Gods of crafting. By crafting, one honors Gorethar by avoiding idleness and sloth, and creation is revered, for it brings order out of chaos.
  • Temperance: Moderation and self-restraint helps one to be diligent and faithful. Overindulgence is to be avoided, as it tends to lead to chaotic behavior. This also applies to justice-- we must be leary of hurting innocents in our pursuit of evil, and exercise restaint in our efforts to smite evil, so that we do not inadvertantly kill those we are expected to protect.
  • Prowess: Gorethar is the BattleLord for a reason. Effort is made to learn weapon work, strategy and tactics. The more weapons one can wield well, the greater one’s skill in battle, the greater one shows their devotion to Him. One should always strive to be able to defend others, and oneself, and fight against evil.
  • Leadership: Followers of Gorethar, and especially in His Orders, are expected to be able to inspire others, guide them in the proper course and behaviors, and command in battle. This requires discipline, charisma, training, knowledge of formations, tactics, and strategy. Those who can also model proper behaviors (such as being orderly, courteous, diligent, faithful, just, etc.), be inspirational in word and deed are looked upon highly.

Ordained Members 2021

Active Members of the Order

High Ordained
Cinder Fireblaze Arch Paladin
Rodrick Goodman, Head Cleric
Olisa Ellendar, High Paladin
Brian De Ville, Battlemaster
Kale Allonar

Vanar Anhaldren
Easley Moor , Senechal
Lula Woodlane
Neliel Cialeth
Snuggle Tooth

Gone but never forgotten
Durenunde, Blessed, deceased
Vichan Lyonsen, Former High Paladin, retired - Advisor to the Order, Blessed -- deceased
Thror Stormhammer,(NPC) Former ArchPaladin - Lord Marshall of south Negaria area- deceased
Tanmar Stronghammer, Blessed Head Cleric - Order Armorer, deceased
Aspen Stormcat, Former High Paladin- Deceased
Yanyu Choym, Ordained - deceased
Sophia Maidenheart-Fireblaze, High Ordained - deceased


Vian Valorian, Founder, First Arch Paladin of the Order, Lord of Valorian
Kaelyn MacCaddor, Former High Paladin - retired
Kharak Hammerstar, "Hammer of Gorethar",former Battlemaster, retired
Jorio Alerian, retired
Allana Kalene, retired
Loranna Anduriel, retired
Aradan Kir, Advisor to the Order, retired
Carek Smith, Former High Paladin, retired
Vastan Thenald, Head Cleric, retired
Zahn Reyer - Former Quartermaster, retired
Tyrius Rune - Archmage of the Order, retired
Hert Snyder
Aerie Angeltear, former High Paladin
Losin Rockhands
Edge Dravenmore,Former High Paladin
Toadyx Aurelianus
Trenton Renil, Former Battle Master, retired
Kili Paltik
Feeb Ironfist, retired
Grano Goodman - Cleric in Residence - Elysia, retired
Kern of Gort, retired
Hargas Steelhead, Poet of the Order, retired
Aramil Fynn, first Archmage of the Order, retired
Gloknall Heartcrusher, MIA
Lelik Hollyden, Recruiter, retired
Halia Stonefire, Director of Alchemical Supplies - Cleric in Residence Ferrell, retired
Herich Swift, retired
Terra Earthkin, battlemage, retired
Willian Patson, Recruiter, retired
Sapphire Moon~Yana, Recruiter. Mage of the White Order of the Light
Sylux Raynes, Lord Provost Marshall-M'Chek Guards, Great Magus of Arms-White Order of the Light, retired
Hyacinth Pike
Jenny Hallendon
Rosaline Lightforger, retired