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Kharak Hammerstar
Race: Dwarf (dubgaldokin)

Kharak Hammerstar was born and raised in Deglos. While growing up there, he came into conflict with..well....just about everyone. He was entirely devoted to the dwarven nation and somewhat distrustful of other races, including the gnomes that made their home there. What made his situation worse was that he has vicious temper and virtually no sense of humour. A combination that didn't endear him too well with everyone else, dwarves included.

Many said that he belonged with the northern dwarves, the Galdokin. Finally, after preaching one too many times about the fact that Dwarves should stop trading weapons and armour to outside races, lest they be used against their creators, Kharak was 'encouraged' to travel the outside world. After many months of wandering, the only thing he has learned was that some non-dwarves aren't so bad.

For many months Kharak lived only by his axe, realising that fighting without a cause is empty and futile, he has since devoted himself to the Battle Lord, Gorethar, and his teachings.

Kharak has been accepted into the Order of Gorethar lead by Vian Valorian. Though he has come a long way since his mercenary days, he is still cursed with an extremely violent temper and a tendency to say and do things without thinking his actions through. ((Source))

Kharak Hammerstar 'The Hammer of Gorethar'

Kharak was born to the small clan Hammerstar in Deglos. At an early age, Kharak was convinced that Deglos' cosmopolitan ways was a weakness rather than a strength. He would argue day and night with his friends and family that the clan should trade only with other dwarves. Coupled with his total lack of a sense of humour, Kharak was eventually encouraged to travel other lands and see the cities of other races. So hefting his greataxe and with a prayer to the Dwarf father Gorethar, Kharak set forth. He decided to travel first to the southernmost tip and work his way up north. This was how he began his adventuring days in the human city of Mikona.

Arriving in Mikona, Kharak met with a number of other young adventurers, including Timo and Kima, Vian and a young boy named Sammy. However, although he was pleased to meet with a Paladin of Gorethar, he was largely unimpressed with the people of Mikona and continued to adventure alone.

While Kharak was mining ore he came upon a man who called himself Sigmar Heldenhammer. While he was only human and not even a fellow follower of Gorethar, Sigmar gave Kharak an intriguing offer. Join with him and others to form a band of brothers, the Fist of Sigmar. Since Kharak was a battlepriest of Gorethar, he would naturally act as the Fist's High Priest of sorts. Kharak readily agreed, hoping to eventually lead the group into the light of Gorethar.

Unfortunately, Sigmar was not all he claimed to be, accused of a number of crimes which he did not deny. Eventually he was found murdering Equalisers in their own keep and became a hunted man in M'Chek. The Fist of Sigmar was disbanded and Kharak's view on humans had worsened.

Soon after the disbanding of the Fist, a call came out to all followers of Gorethar. The Paladin Kharak had earlier met, Vian, was founding the Order of Gorethar and was calling for others to join him. Kharak guardedly met with this group of mere humans and so was introduced to Kaelyn MacCaddor, Jorio Alerian, Hargas Steelhead, Durenunde de Fey and Kern of Gort. The group met and discussed the formation as well as policies for the Order.

Eventually, Kharak's talent for strategy and tactics had been noticed and he was named the first Battlemaster for the Order of Gorethar. Shortly after, the Order of Gorethar was named protectors of the city of Mikona and quickly set about bringing Order and Justice to the streets.

Kharak's deeds within the Order of Gorethar serving the Battle Lord quickly became gained him some respect as well as a notoriety for having short patience for those who walk the darker paths.

In defense of Mikona, the Hammer of Gorethar has defeated Sereg, invading giants, Vampyres, who were an ancient form of the more common vampire, Balors, aided in the defeat of the lich Sorvanok who resided under Mikona and countless other foes. Having shed blood countless times over the years, Kharak Hammerstar calls Mikona, more than any other place, home.

'Honour, valour, duty. Ta some o' ye these are just words ta be used in yer punchlines. Fer me, they be words thet oi live me life by.'

-Kharak Hammerstar, The Hammer of Gorethar Source