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  • Age: 75
  • Race: Dwergen
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Nutz

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Growing Up

The only daughter and youngest child of Grum and Molly Rockhands, Losin grew up in a home full of discipline, hard work and love. Born and raised in the city of Nutz Losin always dreamed of seeing the outside of Deglos when she grew up.

Losin being the only daughter and youngest was the apple of her parents eyes especially her fathers. Losin would spend hours watching him teaching her brothers how to work the metal they mined, from these lessons Losin learned how to smelt and make most metals before most dwergen could take their first drink. Not seeing this as a healthy way for a female dwergen to earn a living Losins mother would drag her away from these forge and anvil sessions and teach her how to make bandages for the miners and guards around Nutz and in other parts of Deglos. Losin hated when she was pulled away from watching her father’s lessons, most times she was kicking a screaming while her mother was dragging her off. On one occasion while Losin was being dragged off by her mother her brothers started picking on her, telling her to go do woman’s work and leave the smelting to the men. Losin tore away from her mothers grip and ran towards her older brother Glimlo. When Losin was close enough Glimlo threw a punch towards Losins head, only problem was Losin wasn’t there she had side-stepped his punch and landed a kick on her older brothers head and had knocked him out. Everyone who saw this could not believe what they had seen, a dwergen female not much taller than her fathers waist knock out a dwergen male 7 years her senior. Losin stood over her brother for a moment looking at him not realizing herself what had just happened. From that moment on Losins family saw her differently, her parents knew she was something special, her brothers knew that she was force to reckon with.

The day finally came when Losin felt it was time to leave her home and family and venture out of Deglos and into the lands of humans, elves and other surface dwelling creatures. Losin’s family went with her to Nanshi Urbaz to see her off, give her some supplies and wish her well. Losin walked out of the mountain and into the wilderness of the elven lands, she asked around about the city in the trees as she had heard talk of the elvish city in the trees. Losin took her time getting to the canopies soaking up every sight, sound and smell she encountered on the surface. Once she arrived in Le’Or she immediately started looking for work, finding some work as a messenger she learned the capitol city very well and knew most of its merchants and citizens. Not seeing anything coming of her choice to visit the surface Losin returned to Deglos and back to Nutz.

When Losin arrived at her parent’s house they were shocked to see her back as soon as she had only been gone a few weeks. Losin fell back into the routine she had before she left for the surface. She helped her mother in the house and with bandage making and this time she was able to participate in her fathers’ forge and anvil sessions, which she took to like fish to water. During one of these sessions Losins brothers were out in the mine and it was just her and her father. He told her to stop working for a moment and sit down. She laid her hammer down and took her apron off and sat down next to her father. He asked one question and one question only “Why did you come back?‿. Losin looked at her father and started crying, disappointing him was not something she wanted to do. She looked back at her father through tears and said she was scared and didn’t know what to do or where to go. Grum stood up, stroked his red/grey beard walked over to his daughter gave her a hug and said “Ye told me de truth, dats all I wanted t’ hear.‿ Grum and Losin talked a lot over the next few days about the past, present and the future.

One morning Grum woke Losin before the other family members and took her deep in Deglos. They talked along they way, Losin having full trust in her father did not worry about where they were going. They suddenly walked into a large cavern lit by torches and fires spread throughout. Standing in the middle of the cavern was a human man standing perfectly still unmoving. Grum walked up to him, bowed and spoke with him in tones Losin couldn’t hear. After a few moments Grum walked back over to Losin and pulled her to the side where a few boulders lay and told her to sit down. Losin sat and looked at her father with a puzzled look on her face. Grum explained that this man would be her teacher until he saw fit to release her from her studies. Losin looked back at the human then to her father. Grum said “Dis is fer de best, ye wantin t’ leave Deglos den dis man can teach ya wut you need to survive in and out o’ Deglos.‿ Grum gave his daughter a hug told her to believe in herself, and always remember that Gorethar is always with you no matter what you do. With that Grum turned and left the cavern, unbeknownst to Losin Grum shed a few tears when he left the cavern and prayed to Gorethar as soon as he left the cavern. And so began Losins training…

The Outside World

After her many years of training and life with the one she called Teacher Losin felt she was ready to leave Deglos, this time for good. Her teacher sat and spoke with her making sure this is what she needed and not something she wanted. Losin pack up what few belongings she had bowed to her teacher, turn on her heels and disappeared into the caverns of Deglos. Losin once again made her way to Le'Or T'Nanshi this time determined to succeed no matter what hardships lay ahead of her. She took up the mantle of a messenger again picking up right where she left off the first time she arrived on the surface. During one of her errands one day she over heard someone speaking about Elysia and about how beautiful the city was to new comers. Losin not being afraid of strangers or conversation asked them if they could show her where this Elysia was.

When Losin looked upon the walls of Elysia it reminded her of home the stone, the craftsmanship and the way everyone seemed to work together for the safety of Elysia. The first thing Losin did when she arrived in Elysia was to check and see if there was a Gorethar Chapel in the town. Losin made her way around the city exploring all the different districts and happened up the Gorethar Chapel in the temple district. Kneeling in prayer she thanked Gorethar for his protection during her journey and asked that her parents be looked after in her abscense. As she rose from her prayers she waved and bid good by to the clerics when Verk asked if she had heard of the Order of Gorethar. Losin never hearing of such an order took intrest in this. Verk told her to seek the recruiter for the order in Elysia one Hert Snyder. Losin etched this name into her memory and set foot out of the chapel with a purpose, find Hert Snyder. Losin searched, and asked and searched some more for Hert but with Elysia being under attack by Zaamon Losin knew that Hert was probably busy with the defense of the city. In the meantime though Losin got to meet some of the other members of the order, Nax Lazzar, Edge Dravenmore and Shard to name a few.

During one of Losins many trips around the city reading the announcement boards she saw and annoucement for all able bodied warriors to report for duty in defense of Elysia. She noticed that Hert would be leading one of the groups and she saw this has her chance to meet him and show her dedication. Losin reported as ordered to Elfgate protecting the city with little more than darts and a heart the size of a mountain. Losin fought with all others in defense of Elysia and felt she made an impression on Hert, but left it at that and did not press the subject.

Not long after the battle at Elfgate Losin was approached by an older half-elf by the name of Willian Patson. Not knowing who this person was Losin greeted him with her customary hello just like she did everyone else. Will stated that he was a recruiter for the order as well and thus began the process of joining the order. Talking with Will Losin found out he fought the same way she did, without weapons other than what Gorethar granted each with at birth. After the long process to join the order Losin became one of the first Adherants Willian named to the Order.

Many years have passed since that day near Alwins farm in Elysia. Losin now wearing the robes of the Ordained still looks up to those who guided her in her journey. Forever loyal to her family and friends Losin is quick to offer aid when needed and will not turn down anyone who asks for help.

Merging of the swords and a promise kept

Losin having reached the pinnacle of Blacksmith and Weaponsmithing sought challenges that would test her skill of the forge and anvil and her faith in Gorethar. That test came with an expedition to the old Gold Tower in Le’Or with a few friends. As the group was searching an area Hert Snyder spotted the hilt of a sword. He pulled the sword out and low and behold to his surprise and everyone else’s it was the remnants of a Gem Sword. Hert had seen the Gem Sword that Featherfingers had in its display case and always admired it. Losin had always known how much Hert admired the sword and sought to repair the broken one they had found, but she was not able too. She could not keep the electrical charge on the blade long enough to make it a viable weapon so she set out researching other methods of repair. She came across a book in her travels that talked about forging two swords into one and made notes on the process, once she was confident that her skills could perform the actions she asked Hert for his Great Acid sword he always carried with him. She assured Hert it would be returned to him intact and a little stronger.

Losin took both swords to her shop just outside Deglos and prepared for the challenge ahead. She got her forges hot and readied her anvil. She slowly began examining each sword looking for any imperfections no matter how minor. She swung each sword around to get the feel of its balance, not being a Great Sword wielder this was the most important aspect of her studies. Slowly she began heating the metals, testing the malleability of each one ever so often knowing that if the swords were too hot or too cold it would ruin both of them and she would not have been able to keep her promise to Hert, which is something she would not go back on. Slowly the metals began to reach the proper state of malleability, Losin sensing the swords were ready laid them on top of each other. Picking up her hammer she began to hammer them with everything she had, striking each blow at the exact right spot and with the proper force. Slowly the blades began to merge and their power fusing into one sword. Losin kept hammering and hammering and studying the work as she went, heating the blades back up if needed. She hammered for hours, her arms wearing out from the constant hammering, her ears ringing from the constant noise, but she continued through all the pain and kept hammering. Then it happened the swords finally merged into a single blade in a great magical explosion that knocked Losin to the ground.

Losin stood up, laid her hammer to the side and retrieved the sword from her anvil. She knew she had succeeded but did not know what exactly the merging of the two blades had accomplished. She took a careful look at the sword and noticed that the broken Gem Sword’s power added another rune to the blade on top of the two already present and had increased the amount of acid on the blade as well. Losin said a prayer to Gorethar for guiding her hand in the process and for letting her fulfill her promise to Hert. Losin stepped out of her shop and walked to Silver Leaf Cottage to deliver the sword and her promise to Hert.

The Ring

Losin was talking with some folks outside Zvidureth when it was mentioned that two of her best friends were renewing their wedding vows. Losin was ecstatic to know that she would finally get to see Thorfinn and Ellowin’s wedding as the first one had been a private affair between them, Manuel and Dru’el. Losin was tossing around ideas as what to get the two for a wedding present, she knew they wanted to purchase a boat and thought about a sizeable donation to this fund, so she settled her wedding gift dilemma. Then one day while Losin was hanging outside the Leaping Stag Thorfinn pulled her aside and asked her if she would make Ellowin's wedding ring. Losin not one to say no to a friend and not one to say no to crafting gladly took up the task of making Ellowin’s ring.

Thorfinn thought long and hard about the ring, its design what is meaning should be, he was truly nervous as he wanted it to be perfect, but Losin was just as nervous if not more than Thorfinn but she didn’t show it as she wanted Thorfinn to be calm through the whole process of choosing the design, materials and its meaning. When Thorfinn had decided on the ring design he came to Losin about the materials that the ring could be made out of. Losin went through the various alloys and their properties and which she thought would be best suited for a ring. She then explained to Thorfinn that like people each metal has its own personality and traits. She started asking questions like should the ring represent you, or her or both of you or your faith to help Thorfinn in his decision. Thorfinn through subtle prodding and a little leading by Losin decided on Adamantium to signify the strength of their marriage and faith, and Feysteel to signify the magic that existed in their marriage.

Once the materials and design were chosen Losin made the required alloys and gathered the required materials for the ring and told Thorfinn she was ready to make the ring when he was. As Losin was praying to Gorethar for guidance in making the ring a knock at her door brought her out of her meditative state. As she opened the door half expecting it to be Thorfinn imagine her surprise when Ellowin stepped through the doorway. The sat and talked for a while when Ellowin expressed a desire to go exercise so off they went to the spider caves. Once inside Ellowin took out her short swords and Losin her bow, a definite switch to tactics as it was usually Ellowin with the bow and Losin in the front with her fists. They hadn’t made it too far in when a familiar suit of charred armor appeared Thorfinn had shown up unexpectedly and with one of Ellowin’s students Sara. The group got situated and headed deeper into the caves.

The group fought to the lower levels when they came upon a Demon Spider and before the group knew what happened the floor collapsed under the weight of the spider and engulfed Thorfinn and spider. Losin took out her pick and started chipping away at the floor but to no avail, so Ellowin, Sara and Losin set out to the bottom hoping to find Thorfinn along the way, as Losin still had a ring to make. Down the three ladies fought through every imaginable spider in the caves till they reached the very bottom and still had not found Thorfinn. They prepared themselves and readied to fight the spiders in the last cave, once cleared though there was still no Thorfinn. Ellowin was starting to get visibly upset and so was Losin but she did not tell Ellowin this and tried to keep the mood light and determined that they would find Thorfinn. After searching the bottom cavern for a few hours Ellowin, Sara and Losin agreed that they had to have missed something on the way down so back up they started.

They had only gone a short distance when Thorfinn climbed out of a large opening in the cave wall. Ellowin, Sara and Losin were relieved and elated that they had found Thorfinn, Ellowin more than anyone was glad he was alive, Losin quietly said a prayer of thanks to Gorethar and sighed heavily with relief as she finished. Once more at full force the group made the long journey back to the surface which was rather uneventful of which all were grateful for. Once outside the spider caves the mood was much lighter and happier Sara went her way Ellowin said something about Ferrell and Losin told Thorfinn that they still had a date. Shocked at the joke but having traveled with Losin for so long Thorfinn and Ellowin got a good laugh out of it. So Ellowin sprinted off towards Ferrell, Sara went her own way and Thorfin and Losin headed to Losin’s house.

Losin showed Thorfinn where the crafting room was and told him to wait there while she gathered the necessary materials for the ring. Losin returned in her work clothes and made sure the ring design and materials were what Thorfinn wanted, once they agreed Losin prayed over her Jewelry table to Gorethar for guidance and wisdom in the challenge set before her, once finished with the prayer she rubbed her holy symbol and in an instant she seemed calmed and focused on the task. She took a deep breath and began working the Adamantium, first softening it with reliquifier then slowly and surely began twisting the Adamantium into the shape of a vine per the design they had discussed. Once finished she took another ingot of Adamantium and began making leaves and placing them at various points along the band, she finished off by making half of a gem setting with the Adamantium. She stopped and said another short prayer of thanks and for more guidance, rubbed her holy symbol once more and began the same process with the Feysteel. Losin knew the Adamantium would hold its shape once the reliquifier was dry and she used this knowledge so that she could shape the Feysteel vine around the Adamantium. Again she finished working the Feysteel by making it the other half of the gem setting. Thorfinn then handed Losin a Large Emerald he had found and wanted set into the ring. Losin placed the gem into the setting to see the size adjustments needed, once she saw the adjustments needed she started closing the setting ever so slightly, checking the fit of the gem to the setting until she was satisfied the gem would stay put on some of the “dates” Thorfinn and Ellowin went on. Once Losin was satisfied with the ring she removed it and handed it to Thorfinn. Thorfinn offered to pay Losin but Losin told him his gold was no good because making a ring that her best friend Thorfinn was going to use to signify his marriage to Ellowin one Losin’s best friends was payment enough. Losin and Thorfinn shared a laugh and Thorfinn ran off to Ferrell as Losin headed to bed and fell asleep with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart that Gorethar had guided her through the task she was so worried about failing.