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Race: Elf

Age: 160ish

Ellowin was an orphan who was raised by Beln, a dwarf, in Deglos. After leaving his care with her then friend and future husband, Hert Snyder, she joined the Elysian Auxiliary Volunteers (EAV) and fought in the Fairy war, the Drotid conflict, and in the final few battles along the southern front in the war between T’Nanshi and M’Chek. She fell in love with the forest and its creatures, becoming a devout follower of Dru’El and a ranger in His service. After years of study with a bow she became a powerful arcane archer and helped found the le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi archery school in Quithraanos, T'Nanshi where she is still an instructor.

Her marriage with Hert ended after 15 years, though they remain very close and still share their home in T'Nanshi, along with a few others who claim it as a sanctuary for various reasons.

She's gone on to fall in love with Thorfinn Kiff, and the two were married some 40 years ago in a quiet ceremony officiated by Manuel the White. They have an adopted half-elven son, Kylen, who is now grown and married to Avivia. Both Kylen and Avivia are Avengers and gave Ell and Finn twin grandchildren 10+ years ago.

She spends her time spreading Dru'El's teachings, teaching archery, and guarding the Spirit Land.