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Character Listing

This will be a section for writing about your PCs. This is somewhat redundant with the boards, since those have journals and biography sections already, but the major benefit is that as the wiki grows, these entries can be hyperlinked into various articles that are written. So if Samwir causes trouble in Elysia, you can just click his name to read about him. Links to these bios will be added as the history section is fleshed out, so put your PC in here when you get a chance.

Remember, all info here can be taken as IC information. Don't post anything about your PC you wouldn't want others knowing. Even more importantly, if you post something about another's PC, make sure it's 100% verifiable from the public boards, or else you stand a good chance of being accused of griefing.

It's impossible to enforce guidelines on a Wiki, but if I had to suggest some, I'd go with:

  1. If you think it might be contraversial, it is. Only post contraversial things about your own PC.
  2. Only post about other PCs what can be found on the public boards, or better yet, don't post anything about them.