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Age: 200+
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Northeastern T'Nanshi
Current Residence: Visimontium, Zvidureth, Le'Or T'Nanshi
Titles, Occupations:

About Nam: Nam was born in Northeastern T'Nanshi, south of Drotid Pass some ways, to two elven mages. His father a great wizard, his mother a natural sorceress. At a very young age, his parents tried to pressure the ways of the arcane on Nam, but he found more intrest in nature, the wildlife and making plants move at his will. He overlooked his studies, which disappointed his parents, he left home at a very young age and set out to live his life in the forest. He often spent his time alone, mostly with the animals of the forest, occassionally meeting up with other rangers and druids. He did find company for a short time with one druidess of Dre'Ana, Marisa, who after a short time returned to her homelands of Jechran, and Nam decided to seek a more civilized lifestyle, heading to Elysia.

Nam became accustomed to life around people again, though struggled often with his decission to leave home, abandoning his family, he also suffered several misfortunes in his early days, but managed help through his friends, namely one Lillith Du'Coin, who took Nam under her wing and adopted him as a son of her own. Also with his struggles of his decission to leave home, he took to his studies in the arcane, so that one day he could return home to his parents and show them that he could become a greater mage than them. He studied with and learned from several mages, some more noteable being Sand, prior to when Sand was Archmage of the Ebony Order of the Moon, and Elrendar who eventually showed Nam the value and benifits of joining a mage order, noteably, the Green Order of the Forest. Nam went on to become the Senior Mage for Deglos, and then Elysia prior to becoming Archmage of the Green.

Nam also spent much time working his way through the Avlis Arms and Armor Association, showing his dedication to the Association during a crisis of ores mysteriously disappearing from a number of the mines around Southern Avlis.

Nam also married after some time, a young human paladin of the Order Of Gorethar, named Ayslynne. Their relationship was strong prior to their marriage, though a few troubles at the start of their relationship, and their marriage started out strong, though at a very unpleasent time, as their wedding reception was cut short by attacks from Shaahesk. Shortly after the begining of their marriage, Nam fell into a very dark period in his life, the deaths, disappearences and kidnappings of several friends weighing heavy on him, eventually suffering a mental breakdown. For the safety of himself and others, the Green Order and the Church of Dru'El, felt it best to keep him contained until his condition could be determined and he could be cured. The containment and his condition put a strain on his marriage, and after being released they divorced. After this he was left in a state of depression as well as still being uncertain of his mental condition. It was around this time that him and a close friend went deep into the T'Nanshi forest, investigating some unusual activity. They found themselves heading into a place, in which Nam had been told before that death there was permenant, there was no return. The both of them fell, and found themselves in Arborea, and Nam having this memory of what he had been told, started making himself at home.

While there, Nam heard a voice, one that he had heard before when he had found himself there. Then a figure appeared before him, one that he had not seen, but only paintings. The figure before him was Cha'reth. Cha'reth knew of the troubled times that Nam had been going through, and offered his wisdom to Nam to allow him to see and understand all that had happened to him. Cha'reth also granted Nam and his friend return to Avlis as neither of their lifes work was complete, and Nam made a promise to Cha'reth, to help the Healers of Cha'reth in any way that he could and watch over them, though at the time Nam still retained his faith in Dru'El. Nam returned to Avlis and set out on a journey of understanding, as suggested by Cha'reth, Nam headed north, into the lands of Jechran.

While on his journey, he once again ran into Marisa, his former companion in the T'Nanshi forests during his younger days. It was then that he learned that he was a father. He eventually returned to Southern Avlis, quite changed from what he once was. Retaining his faith in Dru'El he wore the colors of Cha'reth, in appriciation for what had been done for him, his hair had also gone white, from the strain that he went through in his understanding of the events that took place during his mental breakdown, and many say that he had became much wiser, at least on certain subjects. After his return, he found some things once again difficult and spent much time alone in thought, though he managed to put his life back together and move on, eventually becoming Archmage of the Green, as well as taking the positions in the AAAA.

Today, Nam's life reflects many aspects of his younger days, filled with joy and happiness. He lives with his love, Rika of Cha'reth. Also after realizing his beliefs in life had drifed away from that of Dru'El and more in line with those of Cha'reth he converted in faith, furthering to fulfil his promise to Cha'reth many years ago.