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A painting of Rika Vandor, reclining at Cha'reth's Temple in Zvidureth
Game Avatar

Rika Vandor
Current Age: Approximately 50 years

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Fishing village, M'Chek
Current Residence: Visimontium, Zvidureth
Titles, Occupations:


Rika was born in a fishing village on the west coast of M'Chek. Because of the superstitions among the sailors, regarding Ingoren, she never learned to swim. Along with the other children, Rika learned to fish, haul nets, clean fish, and cook a variety of fish dishes. Her family was an extended one, though not large for her village, with her grandparents, parents, and sister living in the same household. Rika's sister was older, and betrothed to one of the handsomest boys in town. Rika's grandmother often praised her sister Nina, but told Rika she'd never be able to be as good as her sister.... and this lead to a tragic series of events. Jealous of her sister, Rika decided to take what was most precious from Nina.. her sister's boyfriend, Khasim.

Over a period of weeks, Rika did her best to inflame Khasim, teasing him. Finally she was able to get Khasim so bothered that he started making demands upon Rika. Rika refused, unless Khasim got her a rare night-blooming lotus that grew in the small lake behind the village. Khasim agreed, and the two went out into the lake one night. While Khasim was reaching for the flower, he fell in, and drowned.

Rika's family ostracized her, and sent her off to the local temple of Ingoren, where a shrine to Mislekh was also placed. There, Rika shaved her head, for the guilt she felt ove Khasim's death. Studying there, under Master Brianat, Rika began to learn the rudiments of healing, and learn some self-discipline, and feeling a need to help others. Her dreams were often troubled, though... and while the incident that brought her to the temple became forgotten to others, it continued to haunt Rika.

She heard about a new God of peace and healing, in the north. Something about dedicating her life to such purposes appealed to her, especially with the war moving ever closer to her home. Rika saved up a little coin, and hopped a ride on a farmer's wagon, heading to Ferrell. When the caravan stopped in Elysia, Rika stayed. The first day she was there, she met Eldraea, one of the very first priestesses of Cha'reth, and the leader of a new group of those who followed Cha'reth, called the Healers.

Rika joined the new group, and became one of the original four, along with Eldraea, Divinia, and Resthal.

Meeting a God

Rika settled into life in Elysia, and began to learn more about her chosen path, and herbalism and alchemy. She often drew looks as she wandered about, her freshly shaven head gleaming in the sunlight or glistening int he rain. However, Rika began to dream more, and suffer from symptoms that her sister Resthal, and her friends, Tralil, Snow and Quintillion, could do nothing to heal. Finally Snow and Quint were able to draw from her a tale about Khasim's death, and why she shaved her head.

Filled with self-loathing, Rika tried to hide herself away, no longer wishing to live, but Snow and Quint prevailed upon her to make amends, and work to help others. Still, Rika felt unclean, and went to pray at the shrine to Cha'reth near Zvidureth (there was no temple to Cha'reth, at the time). There, Rika began to pray... and was lifted bodily into Arborea, and before Cha'reth himself.

This meeting not only gave Rika strength, renewed purpose, but restored her to herself, and gave her direction for the rest of her life.

(More details on Rika's early history and some later prayers and sermons can be read in her journal, Rika's Writings).

Events of Note in Rika's Life

The Fairy War

The Drotid Armistice

The Peace Treaty

The Academy of Natural Resources and Agriculture

The Plague

The Avariel

Leading The Healers

People in Rika's Life

Work in Progress

Rika Vandor, with the Healers, in Elysia soon after she arrives
Rika in the present day
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Cha'reth's Healers model new formal gowns