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A more detailed version of the city map can be found here

Visimontium is a city in the northern part of the nation of Deglos, although it is politically independent of Deglos; It is relatively near the Deglos borders with Galdos and Servator. The city is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Avlis and sits on the southern shore of Lake Crescetoria. It is home to many temples, academic institutions, and Andrinor's Trust. Visimontium is often mentioned as the Holy City of Andrinor.

The city is described in great detail in Miriel's Guide to Visimontium.

In Game Developments

Technical Aspects

Server Information: This server entails the city of Visimontium and the mountainous areas that directly surround it. For all intents and purposes, all areas on this server are considered part of the in-game city-state of Visimontium.