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Other Names: City of Champions
Nation/Territorial Area: Elysia (City State)
Population: 215,000
Languages: Common, Fairy Common, Sylvan, Sprite, Elven
Deities Worshipped: Angadar, Dre'Ana, Dru'El, Dra'Nar, Gorethar, O'Ma
General Alignment: Neutral Good
Head of City Government: High Champion Sarmon (Recently Deceased)
70% Fey Races (including half-fey), 25% Elf, 5% Other

Elysia Map (2011)
Composite image of areas in-game.

Elysia is a fortified city located along the shores of Lake Eridanus, along the western edge of T'Nanshi, south of the halfling nation of Ferrell.



  • Along the western edge of T'Nanshi, east of the halfling nation of Ferrell

Name Derivation

  • Elysia is named after the Neutral Good Outer Plane, Elysium.

Founding - 2006 to 2137 A.O.D.

In the early 21st century, soon after the events that led to the ascension of Andrinor and those described in Avlis Campaign 1 established the holy warrior order known as the Champions of O’Ma, land was granted to Vanoviel Niltaurwen by the elven Council of Nine to establish Champion's Keep. The fortress gradually grew over the course of several years into a castle, where artisans and merchants began to congregate at the location. This led to the formation of a small city that continued to grow throughout the years. In honor of O’Ma’s home plane of Elysium, Vanoviel chose to name her new city Elysia.

Despite its humble origins, Elysia soon became an unofficial haven of Half-Fey/Half-Elf hybrids as well as urban sprites. Vanoviel herself was the daughter of an elven woman and a male O’Man nymph. As the city continued to grow, Vanoviel created the positions of mayor and the City Council of Elysia. This helped diversify the city's cultural and social background, and followers of the other goodly gods began to congregate in the city soon afterward. Elysia continued to grow steadily over the next half century, reaching a peak in the population at three hundred thousand towards the end of the 21st century. This meant that even though it was still officially part of T'Nanshi, Elysia had gained a degree of autonomy. Features of this independence included Elysia’s neutrality in the M’Chek-T’Nanshi War, as well as its own independent trade relations and deals with the various nations of Southern Negaria.

Second Fairy War and Aftermath - 2138 to 2151 A.O.D.

The fortunes of the city altered dramatically in the mid-22nd century as the Titanian Court was passed from the Seelie Fey to the Unseelie Fey. This destroyed the fragile peace between the fey races that had existed since the end of the Fairy War. Allying with the Shaahesk of Drotid and the Humans of M'Chek, the Titanian fey struck quickly in 2138 A.O.D., laying siege to the city as the focus of their aggression against O'Ma and his fairy races.

Despite the massive number of forces arrayed against it, however, the city held due to both Vanoviel's skilled leadership and a great many fortifications that had been erected as part of the preparations for the new war. The tide of the battle slowly shifted when the expeditionary forces sent by Grantir were able to come to the aid of Elysia and lift the siege and drive the Titanian forces back. However, at the moment when Elysia seemed to be spared from destruction, tragedy struck in 2150 A.O.D. The champion detachment led by Vanoviel was ambushed by a large group of Titanian fey and Shaahesk. Vanoviel lost her life in that battle from special magics used to trap her soul on the Abyss. Reeling from the loss, the champions spent several weeks reinforcing their ranks with volunteer forces and regrouping under Vanoviel's right-hand advisor and second in command, Sarmon. They then launched a campaign to drive their tormentors out of T’Nanshi.

The resultant campaign was successful, but the new forces also suffered large losses. Many champions succumbed to the climate and disease in Drotid and sheer attrition. The end of the war in 2151 A.O.D. was brought about by the surrender of Drotid, the exhaustion of M'Chek and T'Nanshi, and the reconciliation of O'Ma and Titania brought the city some relief.

Independence and Invasion - 2152 to 2231 A.O.D.

In its hasty recovery from The Second Fairy War, Elysia warded off a number of other mishaps, such as plague and attacks from various cults. Seven and a half years after the end of the war, in 2158 A.O.D. T'Nanshi awarded Elysia independence as a sovereign nation. This was seen as a relief for T'Nanshi to be rid of its entanglements with the warring fey races.

Fortunately, fairy entanglements receded into the background and Elysia enjoyed tolerable relations between the two fey races going forward. However, the environment at large provided no such comfort. A small invasion force of Underdark demons passed nearby the city in a quest for a false artifact and nearly proved fatal. Then in the late 2220's, attacks from Drotid ramped up all across the southern portion of Negaria reaching from Drotid's border with T'Nanshi and into M'Chek and Blandenberg_Protectorate. An advanced force of Shaahesk from Drotid soon succeeded in infiltrating the Temple of Angadar below the city and desecrating it in the name of their god, Aarilax. That was followed by a full scale invasion and occupation of the city by Drotid in the year 2231 A.O.D.

Drotid Occupation - 2232 to 2235 A.O.D.

The stunning takeover of Elysia by Warlord Kalinak from Drotid led almost immediately to the formation of several underground resistances. As the Shaahesk oppressed the people of Elysia and encroached the worship of their evil god Aarilax, they met with many small attacks and acts of defiance. Over time, Warlord Kalinak and High Priest Draliss'liss of Aarilax began to disagree on how to administer the city and what levels of resistance to tolerate. Their tension was compounded by the influence of an immortal woman named Trael (the daughter of Toran and sister of Senath) who played both of them against each other and Elysia from long before the invasion as a means of trying to vent her anger at her father for bestowing godhood on his son and not her. The tension soon opened them up to weakness and the resistance was able to kill these individuals and retake the city while Thrael lived to try again somewhere else.



While most of the citizens think of Elysia as only their home, the Champions of O'ma considered it both their home and if need be a highly defensible bastion. This thought played a huge role in the design of the city. Vanoviel chose the location of Champions Castle carefully. It is situated on a hillock nearly a half mile from the shores of Lake Eridanus, the highest land mass for five miles in any direction. The city grew in concentric near circles around the completed castle. It is easiest to imagine Elysia as a bull's eye with Champions Castle as the center. The only difference is that the bull's eye is shifted right of center if facing north and looking down from above. There are eleven districts in Elysia and they form four concentric rings around Champions Castle.

Parks District

The first ring is formed by the Parks District. This district was created in deference to Tupaia Dagroth, a druidess of O'ma and an adventuring companion of Vanoviel, so that the city would be less of a smudge on nature. It is located primarily on the slopes of the hill on which Champions Castle sits. Tupaia makes her home outside the city, but often visits the Parks District, and when she is at neither place, she is usually tending to affairs in her estate in Mikona, which she inadvertently inherited from the late Lord Dagroth nearly fifty years ago.

Temple District

The broken temple of Dru'El

The second ring is formed by the Temple District. The district contains temples to many of the major gods of good and in times of siege would be the primary fallback position of the citizens of Elysia. This walled area was the first completed after the castle. The High Priests of all of the major temples select one of their members each year to be the voting member of the City Council from this district. While it is not always true the chosen high priest is usually rotated through all the temples.

Nobles District

The third ring is formed by the Nobles District. This walled and gated area of the city is misnamed since Elysia, being a true democracy, has no nobles. It is simply called the Nobles District because the wealthiest citizens of Elysia live here. The wall surrounding the Nobles District is actually the first city wall that was built nearly twenty-five years ago. It remains a defensible structure even after Elysia continued to grow around it. The four gates leading into the Nobles District are named for the four cardinal points. The North gate connects the Nobles District to the Northern Residences. East Gate connects to the Eastern Residences. West Gate connects to the Artisans district. South Gate connects to the Market. The citizens of the Nobles District elect their City Council member yearly by popular vote.

The fourth ring is formed by the remaining districts of the city: Northern Residences, Eastern Residences, Artisans District, Market District, Warehouse District, Forge District, and the Wharves. The entire fourth ring is surrounded by the city wall, which has four gates named for the principal race found on the roads exiting each gate. Elf Gate, on the city's eastern edge, leads to the nation of T'Nanshi. Man Gate, on the south side, leads to the nation of M'Chek. Dwarf Gate, on the northwestern edge, heads towards the nation of Deglos. Dracon Gate, on the west edge of the city just south of the lake, leads to Toran Shaarda.

Wharves District

Departing from the docks

The Wharves District is obviously located on the lake and contains most of Elysia's inns. The port is a major source of income for the city as Elysia is nearly the halfway point between the ocean at Mikona and the mountains of the dwarves in Deglos. The wharves always have a strong military presence, as the Champions are constantly vigilant against attacks that may come from the lake. The voting member of the City Council from the Wharves District is always the Harbormaster. The position is currently filled by Angathon Galenlom, a crusty old elf and rumored reformed pirate. The Wharves are connected to the Northern Residences, the Forge District and through that the Artisans District.

Forge District

The Forge District is a small area of the city containing many of the skilled professionals in the creation of both martial and everyday materials. The name comes from a visiting dwarf that claimed the district smelled like his home. Rumor has it may have even brought a tear to his eye. This is the area to find all manner of high-quality weapons and armor. The member of the City Council from the district is elected by the shop owners and residents. The current councilperson is Ollom Hammersong, a well-respected dwarven transplant from Deglos. This district also has a small private mooring area for vessels not using the main wharves. The Forge District is located directly adjacent to the Artisans and wharves districts.

Warehouse District

The Warehouse District contains all of the city's storage areas for the goods that are entering and leaving the bustling port. Unbeknownst to the City Council and the Elysial Guards, this area also houses one of the few areas of crime in the city. A small thieves' guild, an offshoot of the Grey Dirk in Andarr, is alleged to operate out of one of the district's many warehouses. There is even scuttlebutt that Vanoviel Niltaurwen knew of the guild's existence and allowed it to remain, provided it didn't grow too large. It is speculated that she did this for all of the help that Raven, a former adventuring companion, gave her over the years. It is also whispered that the guild also occasionally does some work for the Champions of O'ma, and still has close ties to the guild run by Raven in Mikona today. The City Council member from this district is selected by the owners of the warehouses. The councilman from this district is Nimir Eowondil, a lesser warehouse owner. This district is nestled between the Eastern and Northern residences.

Artisans District

The Artisans District contains the city's primary mercantile areas. In this district, you can get everything from a magical ring to a pair of trousers and everything in between. The heads of the various guilds select one of their numbers to be the district's council members each year. The Artisans District is represented by two members of the City Council. The council members are generally the heads of the guilds that were most profitable in the previous year. The current council members are Legilia Ibiralian, half-elf/half-dryad head of the weavers' guild, and Simon Wren, human head of the carpenters' guild. This district connects to the Market district, the inner Nobles district, and through the adjoining Forge district the Wharves. It also contains Dracon Gate and the west gate to the nobles district.

Market District

The Market District contains most of the city's access to foodstuffs, ranging from wheat grown on the farms outside the city walls to fine elven wine imported from T'Nanshi. The owners of the shops and services in the district vote for one City Council Member and the farmers in the surrounding area also vote for one City Council Member. This gives the Market District, as a whole, two voting members on the City Council. The current Council members are Bieb Galie, an elven farmer and one of the citizens that have been in Elysia the longest, and Seveliwyn Kohajan, a half-elf/half-nymph grocer. This District connects to the Artisans District and the Eastern Residences. It also contains Man Gate and the southern gate to the Nobles district.

Northern Residences

The Northern Residences contain just that, the residences of most of the citizens of Elysia. This area contains the homes of the lower class of citizens. The house are in good repair, but not large. This district has one City Council member that is elected yearly by popular vote. The current member is Sevywia Qaurwen, a half-elven refugee from Mikona, who arrived in Elysia with nothing and has learned the skills needed to survive. She is a child of war, whose human father raped her elven mother. This district connects to the Warehouse District and the Eastern Residences. It also contains both Dwarf Gate and North Gate.

Eastern Residences

The Eastern Residences contain just that, the residences of the citizens of Elysia. This area contains the homes of middle-class citizens. The houses are in good repair and larger than the homes in the Northern Residences, but not as opulent as the homes in the Nobles District. A reading room free for the use of residents and visitors is located here. This district has one City Council member that is elected yearly by popular vote. The current member is Eterra Miryldan, a former elven noble from T'Nanshi who grew disillusioned with the levity of the government there. This district connects to the Market District and the Warehouse District. It also contains Elf gate as well as the west gate to the nobles district. Several prominent merchants such as HEAL, the Warrior Maidens shop and the Paradise Boutique and Emporium are located here.

Champions Castle

Champions Castle is the headquarters of the Champions of O'ma and as such is the largest single structure in the city. With the exterior castle walls are the exterior bailey and the keep proper with the walled inner bailey. During festival times, the outer bailey is filled with vendors and performers to entertain all the citizens of Elysia. The keep and inner bailey are the nerve center of the Champions of O'ma. The everyday running of the Champions of O'ma are seen to at the local level by the sub-commanders, but the large grand exploits of the Champions of O'ma are planned here. All early training for the Champions of O'ma takes place here.

Inner Bailey

The inner Bailey contains the Drill Grounds, Archery Range, the Champions Smithy, the Champions Bowyer, the Champions Stables, the Champions Hospital, and the Champions Temple of O'ma. While these buildings are primarily for use by Champions of O'ma it is not uncommon to see people from all walks of life within the inner bailey.

Champions Keep

The Champions Keep contains the formal audience chamber, the Champions Mess, Elysia's library, various meeting and planning rooms, housing for many of the higher-level officials in the Champions of O'ma, and Maria Torin's personal laboratory. The Champions Keep is also used for all City Council Meetings but is usually closed to the general public.


The city of Elysia is governed by a Mayor and a City Council. The mayor is elected bi-annually by a popular vote of all citizens of Elysia and its surrounding farm areas that submit to the city's rule. The current mayor is Ainthradion Rinthon, a well-respected elf who has lived in Elysia for many years and a relative of Aratelda Rinthon, a former adventuring companion of Vanoviel.

The City Council members are elected or selected, depending on their sending district, to a one-year term. Each of the city's districts has an equal vote in the council. In addition to the elected members, there are four permanent members of the council. One permanent council member position is always held by the head of the Champions of O'Ma, but this council position does not vote. The remaining three permanent council members are the Masterwizard of the Champions of O'Ma, the High Cleric of the Champions of O'ma, and the Head of the Elysial Guards, the city's militia. Each of those three members has full voting rights. The positions are currently held by Maria Torin, Masterwizardess of the Champions of O'Ma, Laucin Ulyn, High Cleric of the Champions of O'Ma, and Derrik Ogresbane, Captain of the Elysial Guards. The remaining eleven members of the council represent each of the city's districts. The mayor is afforded a vote only to break a tie among the council.


Prior to the existence of Elysia, the worship of O'Ma took place primarily in forests and rural areas. Small temples exist in other cities, but the bulk of O'Ma worship was constituted by fey in their natural environments. The founding of Elysia created an epicenter of O'Ma worship first among the hybrid races who congregated there. Not long after that, some of the pure-blooded fey joined in the activities. Presently, Elysia still possesses the largest temple of O'Ma in the world and the largest concentration of O'Ma's faithful anywhere on the continent.

The formation of a center of O'Ma worship in turn attracted the other deities within his "orbit". Temples to these deities within the city soon followed. For example, O'Ma's children, Dra'Nar and Dre'Ana, who are both deities, both attracted and created a large base of followers there. Certain other deities, like Angadar who are allied with O'Ma against the forces of Titania also found solace in the city and created temples there. Overall, the religions that are prominent in Elysia are ones that are compatible politically or naturally with the worship of O'Ma. Exceptions to this occurred during the occupation by Drotid, of course, and there are some remnants of that left in the city.


Avlis Carpentry Enterprise (ACE)

ACE has two objectives -- to train new bowyers and carpenters to the finest possible standard, and to supply quality goods to the discerning public. It is a loosely structured guild focused on carpentry, but with capabilities in other crafts as well. In 2110 A.O.D., the organization was established in Elysia by a group of carpenters led by Jillanae Maleficarium. At various points in its history, it has been instrumental in helping the city recover from war and atrocity by supplying materials and laborers for rebuilding.

Elysia's Diligent Guides and Explorers (EDGE)

With the frequency of war and tumultuous events in Elysia, the city attracts many adventurers. EDGE is the closest thing that Elysia has to an "Adventurer's Guild". It's mission is to provide services for outsiders and natives who wish to independently work for the good of the city. These services can include tours, materials, and even organized outings to achieve certain city-related goals.

Hazardous Environment, Alchemical Laboratory (HEAL)

HEAL is both a guild and a physical shop where alchemists and herbalists ply their trade in the city. It is a well-known gathering place for the exchange of knowledge in these fields as well as the production of large quantities of chemical and medicinal products for the city's needs.

Le'Megen T'Elysia (The Shield of Elysia)

As the successor to the Elysian Defense Force, Le'Megen T'Elysia assures the safety of the city in accordance with the official government and the established city guards. It is a civilian volunteer force with some members being contributed from other organizations around Elysia.

Shadow Dirks

Whatever parts of the city there are that are farthest away from the brightly-lit public areas, those are the places the Shadow Dirks dwell. This mysterious group was founded in Elysia as an offshoot of the Grey Dirks rogue's guild from the city of Andarr. For a price, any free and willing soul can be smuggled in or out, given a new identity, instructions on how to stay hidden, and in some cases a completely new lease on Life. To supplement their income and training, the Shadow Dirks are known to also engage in some petty thievery, but they are generally not known to steal from the downtrodden and the innocent.

The Champions of O'Ma

The holy warriors of O'Ma are charged with guarding the city of Elysia and the Church of O'Ma. In these functions, their missions take them all over the city and the rest of the continent involving tasks ranging from bolstering the city guard to conducting diplomatic relations with other nations to fighting in far-off wars. Their existence is heavily tied to the hierarchy of Elysia's military and governmental functions as well as the Church of O'Ma. If these three organizations form a trinity of stability within the city, the Champions are what connect them together.

The Order of Gorethar

Part knightly order and part law-enforcement organization, the Order of Gorethar is made up of dedicated warriors who support the cause and philosophy of its patron namesake, the god Gorethar. Many of the Order of Gorethar’s members have distinguished themselves in the destruction of evil across Negaria, including defending Mikona against dragons and Sereg'wethrin, defense of the City of Elysia during the Second Fairy War, restoration of the Dwarven Quarters in Mikona, guarding the people during the Great Migration from M'Chek to Visimontium, and the closing of the Rift in Ferrell. The Order has also helped in other endeavors, including working at and donations to the Shelter of Hope in Mikona, providing scrolls and healing supplies during the plague that struck southern Avlis, and guarding shipments of food and other supplies to areas devastated during the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war.

The Maidens of Dre'Ana

The Maidens of Dre'Ana, also known as The Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana is an organization holy to its namesake, the goddess Dre'Ana. This organization is dedicated to helping all in need and training women in the teachings of Dre’Ana to become what they truly dream of. They aim to promote women as more than objects and the weaker sex, so they may stand up and be noticed as researchers, explorers, scholars, warriors and leaders. To be a Warrior Maiden is not to take an oath, but a life all its own.

The Order of O'Ma

The Order of O'Ma is an organization dedicated to the precepts of O'Ma with a threefold purpose. Firstly, to destroy evil by seeking out and destroying beings of inherent and unredeemable evil wherever they may be. Secondly, to protect those in need, the innocent and the defenseless. Finally, to find a path that best achieves the best for all. This organization often finds itself working behind the scenes with the Champions, the Maidens, and the Order of Gorethar to defend the city and bolster the leadership of the Church of O'Ma, in most cases.

Notable Officials & Personalities

Council of Elysia

Maria Torin, Master Wizard of the Champions of O'ma
Laucin Ulyn, High Cleric of the Champions of O'ma
Maj. Derrick Ogresbane, Le'Megen T'Elysia Duty Supervisor
Sevywia Quarwen, Northern Residences
Eterra Miryldan, Eastern Residences
Seveliwyn Kohajan, Marketplace
Bieb Galie, Marketplace (Usually found at his farm south of Dracon Gate)
Nimir Eowondil, Warehouse District
Legila Ibiralian, Artisan's District
Ridan Virewyr, Artisan's District
Angathon Galenlom, Elysia Wharves
Ollom Hammersong, Forge District
Legewiel Ste'te'lin, Nobles District
Drendolyn Steelheart, Temple District

Others of Note

Sarmon, head of the Champions at the Council Chambers (DECEASED)
Lady Tupaia Dagroth, Druid of Dagroth Woods
Thamior Amakiir, Seneschal of the Champions Keep
Alazmi Alxicus, Lt. General of Elysian Armed Forces
Amaelia Cys'siira, Elysian Lifestone Keeper


Champion's Castle

The heart of the city is the Champions of O'Ma Castle. It is situated on a hillock nearly a half mile from the shores of Lake Eridanus, the highest land mass for five miles in any direction. The city grew in concentric near circles around the completed castle. It is easiest to imagine Elysia as a bull's eye with Champions Castle as the center. The only difference is that the bull's eye is shifted right of center if facing north and looking down from above.

In Game Developments

Elysia Welcomes You!

Technical Aspects

Server information: The Elysian server entails all of the city of Elysia, its outlying farmlands, and a small section of the T'Nanshi forest, but for all intents and purposes, the entire server is treated as Elysian soil.