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Vanoviel Niltaurwen (born ca. early 1900's, died 2152 A.O.D.) was a beautiful and famous half-elf half-nymph.

As a young woman, she was trained to be a cleric in the Templars of O'Ma, and travelled with Andrinor during his mortal life. In these days, she helped stop Valok's plot to enter the Prime Material Plane. O'Ma rewarded her dedication by making her his first Champion.

Vanoviel trained and led other Champions from a small fort near Lake Eridanus. Over time, that keep expanded into a large castle. The city that grew around that castle became Elysia, a haven for fey hybrids.

She led the Champions and Elysia for many decades, into the Second Fairy War and the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War. Near the end of these conflicts, she was killed by the lizard man warlord Rhissaerk Jalesh and a horde of demons sent by O'Ma's enemies, the Titanian fey.

Vanoviel was later on brought back to life and in 2271 took O'Ma's mantles, after the god willingly accepted his death by Titania's hand. Vanoviel and Titania proclaimed an end to the feud between the Fey.