M'Chek-T'Nanshi War

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The M'Chek-T'Nanshi War was the conflict between the nations of M'Chek and T'Nanshi over their border lands.


The war began as a conflict regarding the need for more lands for farming for the starving of M'Chek, and the reluctance of the T'Nanshi nation to cut down their forests. M'Chek tried to expand northward, as that was the only direction for them to seize fertile lands. They were met with strong resistance from the nation of T'Nanshi.

Allies were sought by M'Chek, and included the Titanian Fey, and the shaahesk of Drotid. The war eventually involved all of southern Avlis as the conflict spread, including the city-state of Elysia as T'Nanshi's ally. Ferrell struggled to remain neutral, as did Deglos.

As more allies became involved, this war and the Second Fairy War were almost inseperable.


M'Chek and Allies

In rough chronological order of participation:

  • M'Chek. Started the war by cutting northern forests to use as farmlands.
  • Drotid allies with M'Chek, intending to gain territory along its border with T'Nanshi.
  • Titanian Fairies, already at war with O'Man Fairies, join the alliance by sharing supplies with M'Chek.
  • Fire Giants

T'Nanshi and Allies

In rough chronological order of participation:

  • T'Nanshi. Entered the war by resisting M'Chekian colonization.
  • Sereg'wethrin
  • O'Ma Fairies
  • Elysia
  • Angadar
  • Grantir

Neutral Neighbors

  • Deglos
  • Ferrell
  • Toran Sharda


The Drotid Armistice officially took the Nation of Drotid out of the war as M'Chek's ally.

The war officially ended with the signing of M'Chek-T'Nanshi peace treaty, creating the Protectorate of Blandenberg as a buffer state.

Timeline of Major Events

Beginnings: Late 1800's to 2095 A.O.D.

  • Late 1800's The war begins as isolated skirmishes along the border lands, and escalates gradually over the next two centuries.
  • Nov 2073 The first recorded attack of the Sereg'wethrin on humans in M'Chek. The brutality of their anti-human conditioning was not anticipated by T'Nanshi high command. Soon they are recalled, leading to their severance from T'Nanshi and migration to the Underdark.
  • 2095 The Fairy Garden Assault. A public relations disaster for M'Chek, in which they are accused of attacking civilians. This increased Elysian cooperation with T'Nanshi, contributing to their later entry into the war.

Early War: 2095 to 2131 A.O.D.

  • ca. 2100 The First Battle of Nelthrope Keep. A victory for T'Nanshi over M'Chek.
  • May 2119 Drotid allies with M'Chek.
  • Jul 2021 The church of Titania allies with M'Chek.
  • Jul 2130 Elysia declares war on Drotid.
  • Jan 2132 T'Nanshi and Elysia enter into a defensive alliance.

World War: 2133 to 2144 A.O.D.

  • Feb 2133 M'Chek and Elysia formally declare war.
  • Jun 2138 The Battle of the Fairy Gardens. An Elysian victory over the Titanian Fey.
  • Dec 2139 The Second Battle of Nelthrope Keep. A victory for T'Nanshi against M'Chek. The entrance to the area's crucial mine is collapsed and the storehouse and all supplies, including food supplies, are destroyed.
  • May 2140 The Battle of Elysia. A Titanian victory over Elysia, in which the city's founder Vanoviel Niltaurwen is slain.
  • Feb 2144 The Battle of Blandenberg. An M'Chek victory over T'Nanshi.

Plague and Aftermath: 2144 to 2148 A.O.D.

  • Jul 2144 A terrible plague breaks out in Elysia.
  • Nov 2144 The plague reaches M'Chek, where 1 in 6 citizens die of it.
  • Jan 2147 The Second Battle of Fishaven. An M'Chek victory against T'Nanshi.

More info

Detailed timeline information can be found in Mikona's war-related events and Elysia's recent events.