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PC Statistics

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sereg'wethrin are no longer available as a playable race. This page will be left up for current players and archival reasons.

ECL: 1

Ability Score Modifiers: +6 Dex, -2 Wis, -4 Cha


Favored Class: Wizard


  • Sereg'wethrin can only be created in the Underdark server
  • All Sereg'wethrin have black skin and hair through the character creation process
  • Sereg'wethrin can take the Arcane Archer class
  • All Sereg'wethrin MUST be male, it is not possible to create a female Sereg'wethrin and playing a female Sereg'wethrin is considered cheesing.


Long ago, the elven nation of T'Nanshi created a secret elite black ops fighting force to fight against the Orcs in the Great War. Much later, in the not too recent past, the name for this race became synonymous with the Drangonari word for "assassin", i.e. Sereg'wethrin. The different specializations within this force were also given Drangonari designations during this time period.

Unfortunately, before they were deployed, the Great War ended with the explosive destruction of all Orc mages. Without a purpose, the Sereg'wethrin force was relegated to training and minor operations with limited scope.

Initially, the Sereg'wethrin were normal elven soldiers. The soldiers participated in voluntary magical conditioning that enhanced their abilities. This low to mid level conditioning proved to be effective in allowing the Sereg'wethrin force to gain an edge in tactical combat missions. As time passed, the Sereg'wethrin began to experiment with increased levels and different forms of magical enhancement. Their experimentation proved to be incredibly fruitful, however, the effects of this conditioning began to make genetic changes within their bodies. A few of the more significant changes are:

  • Camouflage: The Sereg'wethrin skin and hair is permanently dark... almost black.
  • Stealth: They received enhanced hiding and stealth abilities.
  • Speed: Sereg'wethrin have an un-natural quickness.

A price for this experimentation and enhancement was also paid. The mind of a Sereg'wethrin is extremely chaotic. In fact, most of them only have a loose grasp on sanity. This can be useful in combat, but makes them extremely volatile in daily situations.

Part of their conditioning has always been military obedience to the chain of command. This may seem to fly against their chaotic nature, but it is an artificially and magically-induced behavioral trait. Without this conditioning, the Sereg'wethrin would cease to be an organized military force.


Most Sereg'wethrin have a volatile demeanor. They have little patience and explode early on in a confrontation. Loyalty to their own is one of the few virtues they maintain as a culture. Because of their instability, Sereg'wethrin rarely form meaningful relationships outside of their military units, and this fact causes them no personal hardship at all because their entire lives are devoted to army affairs.

More recent iterations of these conditioned soldiers were given anti-human conditioning, as part of the conflict between the elven nation of T'Nanshi and the human nation of M'Chek. The anti-human conditioning was brutally effective. Sereg'wethrin slaughtered humans with a gleeful passion. In fact, it worked too well. The Sereg'wethrin now made no distinction between human soldiers and human civilians (including women and children). This behavior shocked and appalled Nanshi High Command and forced them to recall and analyze of the Sereg'wethrin force. But at this point, it was too late.

The Sereg'wethrin leadership perceived the recall as an attack on their existence, and they immediately took action. They withdrew all Sereg'wethrin troops from their surface bases, and secured their underground bases, including their primary fortress deep in the underdark. This action confirmed their rogue status and explicitly defined their sovereignty from the nation of T'Nanshi and from the race of Avlissian Elves.

The Sereg'wethrin have two natural drives: protection and enhancement of their existence. These natural drives are further reinforced by a number of artificially-induced drives (through conditioning): overriding concern for the collective of Sereg'wethrin interests, and overriding hatred for humankind.

Sereg'wethrin Superconditioning

The whole race was not super-conditioned during the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War. Only the Sereg'wethrin who fought in that war were superconditioned. When the Sereg'wethrin split completely from T'Nanshi and went on their own into the Underdark, the superconditioning ceased to be renewed, and all Sereg'wethrin coming of age right now are NOT superconditioned.

About half of all Sereg'wethrin NPC's encountered right now have the superconditioning, and that number is dwindling fast.

Superconditioning does not seem to cause the Sereg'wethrin to hate adomkuro.

Physical Description

Sereg'wethrin look much like Avlissian Elves in terms of size and build. All of them possess the same light frame, almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears and chiseled features. The main differences are their jet-black eye, skin, and hair color. They usually have strange scars through much of their body as a result of the magical conditioning they all go through.

Almost all Sereg'wethrin are male. Females have only recently been produced through a specialized version of the magical conditioning which was invented to insure the survival of the species after their falling out with the High Command of T'Nanshi. Females are a subjugated caste who exist for breeding purposes only, and are rarely given any status in society. They possess the same dark features as males, but are a little shorter, reaching a maximum of 4 and a half feet tall.

Clothing is uniform and varies by rank and occupation. Those who primarily function as spellcasters in battle will wear loose-fitting clothing that contains numerous pouches and secret compartments for storing spell components and weapons. Warriors will wear armor over comfortably tight-fitting fabric.


Sereg'wethrin maintain a strong hatred of humans that is nearly unrestrainable. They see humans as a viral culture that is a threat to all other cultures near them. Unless there are predefined arrangements, they will attack any human on sight.

Sereg'wethrin maintain, by default, a non-aggressive (even friendly) relationship with most other races, especially elves. However, this relationship is one-sided, because all Avlissian and ghost elves, as well as other races, shun them as malignant traitors who have taken their hatred too far. Evil races, such as the goblin-kind fear them and will go to great lengths to avoid them, let alone making any alliances with them. To the Sereg'wethrin, this is just as well, for their dislike of these races rivals that of their elven kin.

Sereg'wethrin maintain, by default, a non-aggressive (even friendly) relationship with most other races.


Sereg'wethrin epitomize the chaotic nature of their elven heritage. They tend towards evil, because they pursue their goals without thought to the wider effects.

Sereg'wethrin Lands

The Sereg'wethrin have taken up residence in the underdark of southern Negaria. The center of Sereg'wethrin society has its roots in the underdark beneath T'Nanshi, but has expanded to other parts of the cavernous complex of caves and tunnels below the surface. They build tight, military-style strongholds rather than cities, in highly defensible locations.


Sereg'wethrin are amoral and worship their own existance rather than any external deity. There are no Priests or Clerics in the command structure and any Sereg'wethrin found worshipping a god is deemed an abberation, hunted down, and killed on sight.


Sereg'wethrin speak Avlissian Elven. What's interesting is that they use Drangonari Elven to refer to themselves. This anomaly has its roots to when they were part of the T'Nanshi Military. They were so named by the T'Nanshi Military in order to maintain plausible deniability should they be caught during an operation. A few examples: Sereg'wethrin actually means "Assassin", Cuar="Archer", Shaalth="Captain".


Sereg'wethrin have kept to their elven roots when it comes to their personal names. Their family names have lost meaning over the millennia as their Avlissian elven clans have disowned them or disappeared through the ages. Those Sereg'wethrin that have strong personal identities will generally take a new last name derived from a past experience or a vanquished enemy.

Male Names

Alaran, Earar, Kohav, Maher, Lonovan, Solerion, Tri'as, Tre'lanin, Zeerestova, Zero


Sereg'wethrin are trained to stay with their cell unless ordered to do otherwise. This makes it unlikely to find a solitary specimen out on its own with no particular mission. On occasion, a Sereg'wethrin will break with its conditioning and go out on its own, but these members are hunted down by their cell and destroyed.


Sereg'wethrin primary MO for combat is ambush and trap. They lie in hiding and strike fiercely, then they disappear just as fast. When faced with a superior opponent, they are not opposed to taking out lesser opponents of his group and leaving him behind. Suicide mission are also not unheard of, especially when biological weaponry is involved.

Reproduction and The Nwal'maer

The Sereg'wethrin consisted of an all-male military force. When they broke away from Nanshi, this presented a survival problem. To solve this problem, the Sereg'wethrin began raiding Elven villages and capturing women and young male Elves. The women were imprisoned in a breeding sector of the primary Underdark fortress, their sole purpose is to produce Sereg'wethrin children. The Sereg'wethrin thought to train the young males and incorporate them into their collective, however, the Elves proved to be resistant and ultimately they would not willingly join.

These young elven males were eventually put through another experimental conditioning process. This process proved to be extremely powerful, and dangerous. 80% of the elves undergoing this special conditioning died, but those that survived were changed. Their minds completely surpressed of willful thought, enslaved in a "superhuman" body under the command of Sereg'wethrin leadership. They become deadly tools, an extension of Sereg'wethrin might, lacking a will of their own. They were dubbed, Nwal'maer, Drangonari for "The Tortured Ones".

Sereg'wethrin is a playable race on Avlis but must start on the Underdark server and be male.

IC information for new Underdark Sereg'wethrin PCs

Note: This information can only be common knowledge to Sereg'wethrin or other PCs native to the Underdark.

A lot of young Sereg'wethrin have taken up residence in and near the city of Verloghokbol.


Sereg'wethrin identify themselves as belonging to one of the three factions.

  • Akh'Velahr: This faction is about physical power and military discipline. They are the soldiers and the shock troops.

  • Akh'Wethril: This faction is about Stealth and Covert Ops. They are the original faction dating back from the Black Ops days. Members of this faction usually have a elevated view of their own importance with regard to members of other factions. Their arrogance, however, is matched by their deadly abilities and skill. They are not all talk.

  • Akh'Faer: This faction is about magic, and Arcane arts. They are extremely deadly, especially the upper ranks.

Factions are more role based than defined by class ranks.

(Based on the Background Info: Sereg'wethrin Culture thread from the Sereg'wethrin Coordination Thread (see below).)


Young Sereg'wethrin PCs deployed to Verloghokbol usually find themselves on Torori'Nevalor Cell's hunting ground. The cell's HQ is located in the Temple District of Verloghokbol, one step away from the bridge leading into the marketplace. Close to the surface, the cell of Torori'Nevalor is High Command's eyes and ears. The cell provides further training and support to the cell's recruits; rogue, unassigned Sereg'wethrin might be hunted down, being enlisted and pardoned on an exception basis only. A new Sereg'wethrin showing up in the town is not required to be part of Torori'Nevalor, however it is quite likely that he would have to either belong to "a" cell or work towards Torori'Nevalor recruit rank.

(Based on the OOC: Sereg'wethrin in general and cells in particular thread.)

Sereg'wethrin Hand Signals.

The Sereg'wethrin sometimes communicate with gestures, hand-signals expressing simple military commands. The Sereg'wethrin are a black-ops unit operating by stealth, the hand-signals being a way to convey commands to a unit silently.

Due to their high racial Dex bonus, the Verloghokbol-based Sereg'wethrin managed to convert the basic signals into a more complex sign language, where a given gesture represents a given command; at times entire words are being lettered. The base language for Sereg'wethrin sign language is Drangonari. The sign language is never taught to the non-Sereg'wethrin, who are not able to understand it merely by accompanying a Sereg'wethrin communicating that way as well. Moreover, any character with a Dex bonus less than 6 would not be able to even make all the signs.

(Based on the OOC: Cell signals thread.)


(A Torori'Nevalor Akh'Wethril'Ethir)


(A Torori'Nevalor Akh'Faer'Istarym)


(A Torori'Nevalor Akh'Velahr'Velahrym)

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