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Timeline Age of the Gods | Time of Dawning | Fairy War | Great War | Age of Immortals | Age of Darkness | Age of Strife | Age of Rebirth (Ongoing)

* The Age of the Gods

* Time of the Dawning

* The Fairy War

* The Great War

* The Age of Peace

* The Age of Darkness

* The Age of Strife

* The Age of Rebirth

* Mikona: Historic Events

* Mikona: Recent Events

* Elysia: Recent Events

* Ferrell: Recent Events

* Deglos: Recent Events

* History of Kurathene Empire

* History of the Underdark

* Historical Figures of Avlis

* Artifacts of Avlis

* Avlis PnP Campaign

Though Avlis as a world is only four thousand years old, it has a rich history. That history is detailed in the sections on the right. A brief overview can be gained from the timeline shown below:

The Age of the Gods Age of
Age of Strife
-4000 -3000 years -2000 years -1000 years Present Ongoing
1005 P.O.D. 1 P.O.D. 1950 A.O.D. ( Elysia -- Ferrell -- Mikona)
50 1900
(Great War)
(Fairy War)
Age of
Age of

The Epochs of History

The history of Avlis can be divided into 8 major epics as given below.

  • O.D. - Year of the Great Orcish Destruction
  • AoP - Synonymous. Indicates the beginning of the Age of Peace (Age of Immortals)

The Age of Spirits – 2000 P.O.D. – 1085 P.O.D.

Avlis is populated by nature spirits, who roam the world and create flora and fauna, living in peace. No mortal races are present, and the Supreme is worshipped in peace by the innocent nature spirits that he created.

The Age of the Gods – 1080 P.O.D. – 600 P.O.D.

The Great Nine and the Negerai-Prime are in a perpetual state of conflict, with their divine armies waging war across all of Negaria.

Time of the Dawning – 500 P.O.D. – 100 P.O.D.

The early history of mortal races on Avlis from after the Nine have left the world and repopulated it with their own races, to the opening stages of the Great War. Many of the first nations are formed in this era, as well as the creation of the Underdark demonlords. The Demonspawn War takes place between 300 P.O.D. to 200 P.O.D., while the First Fairy War takes place between 200 P.O.D. to 100 P.O.D.

The Great War – 100 P.O.D. – Y.O.D.

The Great War remains the greatest conflict fought between mortal races on Avlis, involving the great ancient orc empire of Dobrekan and the great alliance between T'Nanshi, Galdos and the fey races. Waging for nearly a century, the war eventually ends with the catastrophic Orcish Destruction which kills 1/5th of the world’s population and reduces much of the world into anarchy for several decades.

The Age of Peace – Y.O.D. – 1000 O.D.

Also known as the Age of Immortals, the immediate post war era saw the rise of new powers in Avlis, with the formation of the First Kurathene Empire and formation of the M'Chekian Union. T’Nanshi and Galdos gradually retreat into their home territories to lick their wounds from the war, while the orcs struggle to survive on the western coast of Negaria. Many of the lesser gods are conceived in this period, including the twins Dre'Ana and Dra'Nar, also Senath, Hurine and Berryn. This era was also dominated by the presence of two great immortal rulers: Joral Kuras of the Second Kurathene Empire and the great Bandit King The'ton of Dubunat. Most of the politics of this era involved the two immortal rulers, and both rulers made repeated attempts to hem in the other, leading to the creation of colonial city-states like the Seven Cities. However, despite the tension between the two immortals, the era was known for its relative prosperity and stability.

The Age of Darkness – 1000 O.D. – 1825 O.D.

Little is known of this period. Legend has it that the all powerful counterpart to the Eternal Spark, The Black Dagger, was found and a god was destroyed with it. This is rumored to have touched off a devastating war between the gods and their followers.

The Age of Strife – 1825 O.D. – 2250 O.D.

The era immediately after the death of Joral Kuras was one filled with strife and conflict. Some notable conflicts of this era include the centuries long M’Chek-T’Nanshi War, the three Tri-Fief Wars, the Drotid-T’Nanshi Conflict, and the Second Fairy War. Beneath the earth this period also recorded the Second and Third Demonspawn Wars, the first against M’Chek and the second against both Deglos and Galdos. The Age of Strife coincided with the rise of the Seven Cities Confederation as the greatest center of culture on Negaria, a position it would occupy for the next five hundred years. The end of the age is marked by the end of the Drotid War in 2237. This era saw the ascension to godhood of Angadar, Andrinor, and Cha'reth.

The Age of Rebirth – 2250 O.D. – Present

The Age of Rebirth has been a period of rebuilding from the ravages of the wars that had struck during the Age of Strife. It is a time of change and revival, with the rise of the Fourth Kurathene Empire, the alliance between the nations of M’Chek and Elysia, and the first great contact with the continent of Khanjar Kuro. Contact has also been established with three undersea races: the tritons, sahuagin, and sea elves. Change has occurred among the gods as well, with the rebirth of Dagath, the reemergence of Keros, the depowering of Aryeh Gidol and the ascension of Zhitaril, Ti'si'faan and Naren.

The Year of the Red Star - 2271 O.D

In the year 2271, a great crisis unfolded. In the The Year of the Red Star, a destroyer of worlds, the Red Star, assaulted Avlis. It was defeated through the efforts and sacrifice of numerous heroes, with far-reaching consequences for the world.

Ongoing Player Actions

Note: If you are using this article to calculate In Game time, please be aware that NWN Avlis has 28 days per month, 336 days per year.

2050 A.O.D. forward.

Since the Avlis servers are live games where the meaning of time and the flow of time have real impact on character actions and events, it is important to realize that there are two "times" to think about when it comes to the game: Real-life time, and In-game time.

In-game time passes more quickly than Real-life time. The rate at which In-game time passes on the Avlis servers has changed over the years a couple times.

1 June 2002 - The Avlis servers went live. The In-game year was approximately 2050 A.O.D (though likely more accurately it was 2066).

In-game time passed at a rate of 2 Real-life minutes = 1 Avlis In-game hour. Thus, 1 Real-life Year = 30 Avlis In-game Years.

13 June 2005 - The rate of time passage was slowed to 4 Real-life minutes = 1 Avlis In-game hour. Thus, 1 Real-life Year = 15 Avlis In-game Years. The server year was 2169 A.O.D. as of September 2006.

9 July 2010 - The rate of time passage was further slowed to 20 Real-life minutes = 1 Avlis In-game hour. Thus, 1 Real-life Year = 3 Avlis in-game Years. As of 03 June 2020, the year was 2263 A.O.D.

1 October, 2022 - The RL date of the Remaking (see: Year of the Red Star) which corresponds to July 16, 2271 A.O.D. Moving forward, Avlis adopted a new In Game time reference, Before & After the Remaking.

This was retroactively implemented on RL date 5 July, 2023, when the In Game year approached Year 3 After the Remaking (A.R.).

See also: Date Translation thread

See also: 2010 Time Change Announcement

See also: 2023 Avlis Date Change

Timeline Age of the Gods | Time of Dawning | Fairy War | Great War | Age of Immortals | Age of Darkness | Age of Strife | Age of Rebirth (Ongoing)