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Sea Elves are a subrace of elves that live in the oceans of Avlis.

During the Time of the Dawning the elf god Corellon Larethian, who had offered his counsel to Dru'El, saw that Aarilax's creations the sahuagin were proliferating in the seas. In order to counter them Corellon created the sea elves. Decades later tritons came to the seas of Avlis from the Elemental Plane of Water, and since that time the three undersea races have been vying for control of the ocean.

Sea elves resemble their land cousins, but have light blue skin and gills on their necks. Hair and eye color vary greatly but blues and greens are most common. There is no record of sea elves interbreeding with other elf races or the fey, but it is likely possible; there is at least one known "half sea elf," the pirate known only as Bluebard, whose mother was human and whose father was a sea elf. Sea elves can live for a short time outside of water but must return to it after a few hours.

Sea elves are rarely encountered outside of the ocean, so little is known about them among the "land races" of Negaria. They have only visited T'Nanshi a handful of times in known history. Even many "land elves" thought they were nothing more than a legend until 2261 O.D., when sea elves attacked M'Chek in search of relics to use in the undersea conflict with the sahuagin and tritons. They eventually came away empty-handed and went back under the waves.

The sea elf language shares the same root as Nanshilae - sea elves can understand about 10% of spoken Nanshilae and vice versa. It is difficult for non-aquatic races to communicate fluently in the sea elf language as it incorporates gill movements and even bubbles emitted from their gills. Sea elves also speak Underseacommon, a trade language used by undersea races.

Little is known of sea elf society. From what few interactions have been had with them it seems that they are ruled by a monarch. They claim that their empire is much larger than Negaria much less T'Nanshi (which is possible considering the size of the ocean). As such they consider themselves superior to the land races, even their fellow elves. The sea elf soldiers encountered in 2261 were all female, but there is no confirmation that their society is matriarchal. Soldiers wielded crossbows designed to work underwater as well as tridents. They eschewed armor in favor of light clothing, perhaps for better maneuverability underwater. Many of them used magic; sea elf wizards engrave spells onto large, flat abalone shells, their version of a spellbook which they call an orglara.