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The first humans to appear on Avlis were the ancestors of the Romini, created directly by Mikon. When created, Mikon commanded them to spread over the planet and bring balance to the world. They were told to be free, yet fair, and to call no one place their home, but rather many places.

Mikon's greatest gift to his creation was the freedom to choose their life path. He did not restrict them to the ways of good or evil, nor law or chaos. He simply told them to be. He told them that they must do what the moment requires and not to worry about past or future, but rather to exist as needed for the immediate time period. Much to Mikon's pride, his creation took his words to heart and did exactly as he bade. Human beings spread all througout Avlis, differentiating into various cultures.

Some humans collected in the areas known today as the Kurathene Empire and The Seven Cities, or even as far north as snowy Tyedu. Some went to the other side of the continent and eventually became the warrior maidens of Jechran. The largest and most populous group stayed in the area of M'Chek which was supposedly the site of Mikon's prison when he was kept by the Negerai during the early days of creation. These various groups of humans developed widely different cultures ranging from the female dominated people of Jechran, to the imperialistic Kurathenes, to the pseudo-feudal M'Chekians, to the pseudo-democratic inhabitants of The Seven Cities.

Humans may interbreed to produce fertile hybrids with many other sentient races.

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