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The Negerai Prime, a Negerai of the Bogul variety

The Negerai Prime, an evil entity from the depths of the Abyss, flew into the crystal sphere on a spelljamming vessel with nine human prisoners. Now this Negerai was extremely intelligent and twisted, like most specimens of his kind, and oddly enough, this individual had a great love for humanoid (especially human) psychology. His greatest fascination was the study of good, evil, and neutrality in humans. Even though he was a vile creature in every way, he still had interest in the mechanism that made people behave in alignment with a certain philosophy. He felt that if he could study these attitudes more in depth, he would be more apt at controlling large numbers of the creatures to do his bidding.

For more lore on The Negerai Prime and his actions during the early part of The Age of the Gods, see The Negerai Prime.