The Negerai Prime

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The Negerai Prime

The Negerai Prime was a particularly powerful member of the Negerai race, specifically of the Bogul variety. Overall, the Negerai are an extremely devious brand of denizen from the Abyss which have not taken as active a role in the Blood War as the Tanar'ri. Though the Negerai are fewer in number, they tend to be much more powerful than Tanar'ri on an individual basis. Their chaotic nature generally keeps them from uniting into any kind of powerful force.

The Negerai Prime had several key differences from most members of his race. He was more intelligent than most of his kind, and he saw fit to do something with his existence other than claw his way through the Abyss hoping to achieve power through brute struggling with other demons. He reasoned that any kingdom he could set up on one of the 666 levels of the Abyss would ultimately be destroyed by some Tanar'ri or Negerai who was more powerful, or worse, it could become a casualty of the endless Blood War. For this reason, he devoted many eons of his lifespan to finding ways to get to the Prime Material Plane and seal his existence there.

Ultimately, he succeeded at this. Quickly upon reaching a desolate planet in an unknown Crystal Sphere, he mastered the finer points of Spelljamming as a way to travel from sphere to sphere. Along the way, he encountered (and destroyed) many lesser beings, and slowly began to realize that there could be an advantage in making some of these creatures work for him. Combined with the right kind of mindless slaves from the Abyss, the more powerful residents of the Prime Material Plane could be crafted into a force that could take and hold practically any kingdom he chose on his current Plane.

Nine prisoners he encountered particularly captured his interest. Each was an extremely powerful warrior in his own right, probably capable of single-handedly defeating all but the most powerful demons or devils given the right equipment, but each was also perplexingly different in the way he viewed life. He found that some of them could easily be made to serve him, but others would never do it willingly, for various reasons. In order for him to carve out a major kingdom someplace, he would need to know the in's and out's of how these creatures thought so he could unerringly subdue and enslave their kind. Moreover, he thought that any one of these warriors could make a prized commander, if they could be made to serve him.

Thus began his experiments.

The Negerai Prime Discovers Avlis

Eventually, the Negerai found a relatively out-of-the-way Crystal Sphere with only a few habitable planets, Daggerspace. He chose the planet known as Avlis to set up his grand project, and was immediately intrigued by other aspects of the planet.

Immediately after arriving, the Negerai Prime met the local inhabitants of the world. They were weak by his standards, nothing more than physical spirits. Most of them were attached to some form of nature, like a forest, river, or mountain range. A few fancied wider attachments, like the sky, air, oceans, weather, or even the sun. Largely, they were easy to stamp out, and he began clearing them from areas he wished to use as prisons for his experiments. He did this by summoning dretches and other Tanar'ri to the world from the Abyss, ordering them to kill any spirits they found.

However, these spirits were valuable to him (at first). They had intriguing properties. For one thing, they spoke, like most other intelligent beings, but their speech was different. Their very words were magical. The Negerai Prime, by this point, had killed and captured many elves from many worlds, and they all claimed to be magical, which made him laugh. When elves spoke, it was just plain speech, perhaps sounding pretty to members of their own race, but not to him. It had little other effect. When a spirit said a word, that word often affected the physical representation of that word. For instance, when a spirit would say his word for "fire", a fire would often erupt either from the spirit or from some other intended place. Spirits could fly simply by saying "fly" or "lift". They needed no other spell components or gestures. They just needed their language.

After some more research and testing, the Negerai Prime figured out that there was a source of power controlling the spirits' magical emanations. The source seemed to be a swirling Super Vortex of some form of magical energy. It contained more magical energy than anything he had ever encountered, and he reasoned that its point source was somewhere in the Outer Planes, and that it emanated out of that point to pass through all other planes, including the Prime. Its existence, however, was extremely subtle and difficult to detect, let alone visualize on the Prime.

When the Negerai learned this, he was able to begin trying to tap into it, though he never succeeded quite as well as the spirits did. This failure left him annoyed, and he pondered more ways to control and use this vortex. Eventually, he decided he would never be able to control the whole thing, but he could perhaps take a piece of it. Like running a finger through a whirlpool, the Negerai Prime reasoned that the Super Vortex could be cut, and a smaller piece taken from it could be harnessed and used quiet effectively to boost magical power.

All of this research was kept in his personal Tome, including methods for harnessing a lesser Vortex after splitting it off. When the day finally came for him to try his grand experiment and split off a piece of the Super Vortex, the Negerai Prime took out his tome and set up the ritual. As it progressed, however, the Negerai was distracted by word from one of his demon generals detailing a disturbance at one of the prisons where the human warriors were kept.

Unfortunately, that distraction nearly cost the Negerai Prime his life. Instead of cutting a small, and easily obtainable, piece of the Super Vortex, he mispronounced a word and wound up splitting it into five pieces! Three of the pieces immediately changed form and spun out to different planes where he could not track their whereabouts....too much was going on at once. The remaining two pieces kept their Vortex form... one was slightly smaller and weaker, but not by much. He would take control of that one later....after he dealt with the disturbance at the prison.

As history relates, that prison disturbance spread to the other eight prisons, and ultimately meant the escape of The Nine Warriors. That event gave way to the war between the Negerai Prime and The Nine. After becoming a deity, the Negerai Prime was unable to obtain his Tome easily, and it was lost. Soon after that, he met his fate via The Black Dagger.... never having time to complete his experiment on the Vortex of Mortal Magic. Someone else would do that years later, a young tiefling wizard by the name of Andrinor.