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Lycanthropes are commonly referred to as "were-" animals. They are limited shapeshifters in that they have animal, humanoid, and hybrid forms. There are three categories of lycanthropes:

  • Afflicted Lycanthropes:Those who receive the curse/gift (depending upon your viewpoint) and are unable to control their changes or what they do when in lycan form. These lycans can be any alignment. These lycans can be found in game as either player characters or NPCs. This form of lycanthropy can also be cured at any time.
  • Converted Lycanthropes: Afflicted lycans who elect not to be cured and who fully accept the curse/gift and convert to Xenon become Converted Lycantrhopes. Upon conversion, they become able to fully control their change. These lycans become evil during the conversion process, must worship Xenon, and must stay of Evil alignment in order to stay 'blessed' by Xenon. These lycans can be found in game as either player characters or NPCs. This form of lycanthropy cannot be easily cured or reversed.
  • True Lycanthropes: True lycans are also known as "hereditary" lycans. These are creatures who have been born as lycans. True lycans can be any alignment and can worship any deity, but they mostly worship Xenon and/or Stephanus. In NWN game terms, true lycans have the Shapechanger race/class and thus can be affected by "silver" weapons (that do more damage against Shapeshifters). Players cannot be True Lycans (not even via remort). These types of lycans can only be found in game as NPCs. They cannot be cured.

All lycanthropes are governed by the demigod Xenon. Xenon also accepts non-lycan PC followers of any alignment.

Current Implementation: In terms of game mechanics, any player character (PC) of any alignment may become an afflicted lycanthrope. On conversion, the PC will become Evil.

Previous Implementations: The conversion used to also require the PC to become Chaotic; this is no longer the case. Contrary to how things were in the past, Converted Lycanthropes can be LE, NE, or CE (so long as the PC also worships Xenon.)

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