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Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshipped by: Any lycanthrope

Domain: Lycanthropes

Colors: Black, Platinum

Clerical Domains: Evil, Animal

Early legends hold that Xenon was the first lycanthrope on Avlis. His arrival on the planet may have even pre-dated the creation of many of the major Avlissian races, although it is assumed that he was not a deity at that time. The only thing that is known for sure is that lycanthropy has been around since anyone can remember. Human legends surrounding the curse are as old as the race itself, and even the elves can remember fearing it in their early days. It was presumably one of the first evils to plague the planet after the war between the gods and the Negerai concluded.

From other sources in the literature, it is known that there are "True" lycanthropes and "Afflicted" lycanthropes. True lycanthropes are born with the ability to convert between an animal and hybrid animal form, along with a humanoid form in many cases. They can do this at will and are not dependent on any triggering factors. Afflicted lycanthropes are pretty much the same, except that they were not born with this ability but rather obtained it through being bitten or scratched by another lycanthrope. It is a disease, essentially. These lycanthropes most often do not have full control over their form changes, and can be forced to change sometimes through triggers.

Xenon is the originator of both the curse and all breeds of true lycanthropes. It is said that he is a mixture of all known lycanthropic races at once, and that as the humanoid races of Avlis were created, he inflicted them one by one through interbreeding and cursing in the usual way.

Most true lycanthropes worship Xenon, just as many members of the major races worship the god who created them. Afflicted lycanthropes do not always worship him, especially if they do not agree with what he does. Like most selfish deities, Xenon wants to spread his race and his afflictions everywhere in the hopes that these new subjects will become his worshippers. Unfortunately, he has not been too successful at it in a large scale. At one point in history, he managed to achieve lesser deity status, but through significant losses and battles, he was demoted again.

Xenon's clergy are always lycanthropes of some sort, though they need not always be true lycanthropes. His church is dedicated to the management and proliferation of its kind. Clerics of Xenon are often seen wearing black and platinum-colored vestments. They are closely in league with the Church of Wilsash because of the moon being a trigger for many lycanthrope types.

Major temples to Xenon are known to exist in Grantir and Malekia. A shrine can be found in Deglos.

  • A Player Character can become a Converted Lycanthrope on Avlis. See page for requirements and list of types.