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Kelvos small.jpg

Symbol: Two Roses with intertwined thorny stems.

Colors: Red and black with silver or gold trim.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Lost Love, Star Crossed Lovers, Envy, Lost Causes, Lust

Clerical Domains: Protection, Healing

Kelvos has few clerics, and almost no formal temples. There are shrines to him almost everywhere.

He is said to most often take the form of a human dressed in the finest of clothing.

He is not revered as much as feared, and it is customary for a lovers to make an offering to him. This offering is to appease him, and it is said that, if the offering pleases him, he will leave the couple alone.

The proper offering should be made by the woman, at night, and should consist of: a flower, a bottle of wine, a suit of fine clothing, and a small gem or gems (value to be about 30-50gp).

She enters the shrine alone, place the items in the bin, and then kneels, make a short prayer then backs out of the shrine.

Before Kelvos became a demigod, he was a wizard of immense power. After many trials and adventures he became an immortal. All his life he was a calculating man who did little that was not to his benefit, at least until he met Lesa. She was like a spring day after a long winter, and thawed out his cold heart. She was a kind person, and encouraged Kelvos to perform many kind and selfless acts to please her. Alas, her father did not approve of the relationship, and when he found that, due to Kelvos' powerful magics he could not keep the two apart, he sent an assassin to kill him. The assassin came upon the two, walking in the woods holding hands, and took the opportunity to slay Kelvos. Alas, the poisoned crossbow bolt was turned aside by Kelvos' magics, and struck Lesa instead. She died instantly, and there was nothing that Kelvos could do, aside from tracking the assassin, capturing him, and torturing the truth out of him. He then traveled to the house of Lesa's father, told him what had happened, then after cursing him to wander forever as a doomed spirit, slew him with a single word.

For many years Kelvos sought to gain enough power to bring his beloved back, but his quest was in vain. As time went by, he began to amass followers, and eventually became a demigod.

After all this time, Kelvos still misses his beloved, and seeks to do things that please her. He also seeks more power in the hope that if he became a true god he would be able to bring her back.

He will oft grant prayers for couples who circumstances place in jeopardy, and will sometimes tip the balance in favor of someone who seems to have no hope of success. He has been known in the past to steer a person to meet a potential lover.

There is one church of Kelvos near the city of Mikona. There are many small shrines about the land, and some have caretakers, some do not. For some reason it seems that most clerics are female.

The duties of the clerics are simple... Gather more followers, match make, as well as help anyone who seems to be in a hopeless situation.

Kelvos has a discrete shrine in southern M'Chek. Kelvos has a grand temple in the outskirts of Mikona.