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Symbol: Two Roses with intertwined thorny stems.

Colors: Red and black with silver or gold trim.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Lost Love, Revenge, Star Crossed Lovers, Lost Causes

Clerical Domains: Protection, Healing

Kelvos has few clerics, and almost no formal temples. There are shrines to him almost everywhere. Recently, shrines to Lesa have been incorporated into many of his shrines, making them joint shrines to the Lovers.

He is said to most often take the form of a human dressed in the finest of clothing.

He is not revered as much as feared. It is customary for lovers to make an offering to him. The custom of making an offering to Kelvos to keep his attention away from the couple has been retained largely unchanged, but the intent and certain details have changed.

The proper offering is brought to an altar or shrine by both lovers at night. The offering consists of:

  • a flower, representing the feminine influence of Lesa
  • a bottle of wine, beer, or base liquor, representing the masculine influence of Kelvos
  • a suit of fine clothing from each lover
  • a small gem or gems, valued at about 30 to 50 gp

The lovers approach the shrine together, place the items on the altar, then kneel together in prayer. First: a prayer to Lesa, that their love abides any travails that life might throw at them. Second: a prayer to Kelvos, that he protect the lovers from betrayal, adultery, or abuse.

Before Kelvos became a Demigod, he was a wizard of immense power. After many trials and adventures he became an Immortal. All his life he was a calculating man who did little not to his benefit, at least until he met Lesa. She was like a spring day after a long winter and thawed out his cold heart. She was a kind person, and encouraged Kelvos to perform many kind and selfless acts. Alas, her father did not approve of the relationship. When he found that, due to Kelvos' powerful magics, he could not keep the two apart, he sent an assassin to kill him. The assassin came upon the two, walking in the woods holding hands, and took the opportunity to slay Kelvos. Alas, the poisoned crossbow bolt was turned aside by Kelvos' magics, and struck Lesa instead. She died instantly, and there was nothing that Kelvos could do, aside from tracking the assassin, capturing him, and torturing the truth out of him. He then traveled to the house of Lesa's father and told him what had happened. Kelvos then cursed Lesa's father to wander forever as a doomed spirit and slew him with a single word.

For many years Kelvos sought to gain enough power to bring his beloved back. As time went by, he began to amass followers, and eventually became a Demigod. After all that time, Kelvos still missed his beloved, and sought to do things that would have pleased her. But her long absence created too much bitterness, and he lost sight of what Lesa wanted.

Since that time, a small cult had grown around Lesa, both within and without the community of Kelvos' followers. It wasn't long before Lesa had begun to grow powerful with the belief of her followers as a god does, but because she was still being hidden, she was not able to answer prayers or fully come into her power. It wasn't until a faction among his followers revealed evidence that Lesa wasn't completely gone that it became impossible to ignore any longer.

A huntress of Kelvos (now of Lesa) acquired evidence of Lesa's existence and helped convince the gods to step aside. But this alone was not enough, for Lesa was still fearful. It was reasoned the best way to bring Lesa out into the light was to enable Kelvos and Lesa to speak to one another through mortal vessels. The huntress, together with the High Priestess of Mikon & the Equalizer of Mikon's Will, and the huntress' spouses, two Annihilators of Aarilax, they devised a ritual to channel the divinities into two priests of the respective gods. It was through this ritual and the intervention of one of the Annihilators that the mantle of Lust passed from Kelvos to Aarilax.

The details of this conversation are recorded here by the aide to Sage da Medican.

As a result of the Reconciliation, Kelvos' outlook and values have changed. Having loved and lost and loved again, Kelvos is particularly sensitive to those that take love generally and their partners specifically for granted.

Both Lesa and Kelvos share certain duties between them, often working together. Notably they will grant prayers for couples in jeopardy, tip the balance in favor of someone who has no hope of success, and steer a person to meet their potential lover.

Kelvos personally punishes and enables his followers to punish those that abuse or cheat on or betray their partners, or otherwise take their love and the love of their partners for granted.

It is common practice that, when a relationship that was orchestrated by Lesan followers fails due to abuse, adultery, or betrayal, it is then referred to the faithful of Kelvos to decide appropriate consequences.

Kelvos has a grand temple at the outskirts of Mikona as well as a shrine that he shares with Lesa, the Temple of The Lovers. There are many small shrines about the land, and some have caretakers, some do not. Clerics are often female, but not as a rule.

The duties of the clerics are simple... Gather more followers, punish abusers, as well as help anyone who seems to be in a hopeless situation.