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Map over the City of Mikona

General Information

The City of Mikona is the capital and largest city in the human nation of M'Chek. The predominant race in the city is human and it is thus named after the god Mikon, who with the help and advice of the god Ptah created the human race on Avlis. The city is located on the southernmost coast of M'Chek, and has therefore a hot climate. The law in the city is enforced by the Mikona City Guard, with assistance from the elite unit: The M'Chekian Guards-Iron Fist Division.

Mikona Districts

The City of Mikona is divided into six major districts. They are: The garrison/gate district, the temple grounds, the market, the noble district, the residential area, and the docks district. Each of these districts interrelates with all the others in some way. Additionally, there is a long-abandoned underground area which is undergoing resettlement.

Although dated in some details, "A Guide to Mikona by Twilight" remains a popular guidebook describing the city's districts.

Garrison/Gate District

This district holds the only public way in or out of the city without coming in by ship. Thus, it acts as a flow control for traffic to any other part of the city. A sign at the entrance directs people with various business to the correct place. It is in front of the gates, in a large rock near the road, that several adventures can be seen gathering for a little chat or getting ready for another crazy adventure.

Notable businesses in the area include Mikona's Finest Playhouse.

The Temple Grounds

All business within and between churches takes place here. The Temple Grounds has about eight major temples in it. The most influential of these eight are the temples of Mikon (the largest), Dagath, and Valok. Near these temples are shrines to a large number of other gods worshipped in the area. Usually these shrines have only one or two clerics tending to them. All gods and religions are accepted in Mikona, so the range of deities found there goes from Gorethar, the goodly god of the dwarves, to Maleki, the evil malevolent god of giant-kin and murder.

This district is also the location for the Avlis Tower University, whose scholars are looked to as some of the best researchers in the south.

The Shelter of Hope and the Shelter's Hospital is also found here, sponsored by the Churches of Gorethar, Mikon and Dagath, where the destitute can find a warm meal and perhaps a place to sleep out of the rain for the night. The Shelter's Hospital was built in collaboration of the Mikon's Council of Balance and the Healers of Cha'reth, to provide healing and care for the indigent of the city.

Government District

The center of government for the city and the entire nation rests here. It holds the two major meeting halls for both houses of government, the Noble House and the Common House, and the Joint Session Meeting Hall, which also acts as the executive base. Some of the traffic to this place comes from the Temple Grounds to the east, where the clerical representatives in government go back and forth to solicit their cases and agendas.

The majority of the temples do not play a very active role in the government. They simply vote their conscience when needed. However, the Temple of Valok seems to take a keen interest in city and national affairs. This religion has taken off in the city sometime within the last hundred years. Its charismatic leaders instill a lot of self-confidence in the common public, as well as the rich and powerful. Its precepts of maximizing your individual potential through any lawful means, and some non-lawful means, readily appeal to many in the government arena.

The Great Library of Mikona is also found here, and guided by several Lorewardens of Vorin, it is a seat of learning and research in Southern Negaria.

The North and South Residential Areas

This is where many of the Common folk of Mikona live. Housing conditions are poor, and the crowding has incited a lot of gang activity in the area. Many residents are too afraid to go out even in the daytime, and often times the City Guards themselves neglect to walk their rounds there. Common folk refer to these areas as the Slums, because that's what they are. The Common House is continually concerned about this area, and now that the war is over, House Members are seeking various ways and ideas to to deal with the problems found there.

The Market

This is the center of commerce in the city. It is located almost midway between the entrance of the city and the docks for easy access. Merchants of all kinds peddle their wares here. Both Nobles and Commoners can be found shopping, for this is one of the only places where the two castes will be seen in the same place.

The Noble Districts

This is where the major nobles of the city and nation keep their homes. Some of them also have keeps outside the city as well. All in all there is not much activity here in the daytime, although lucky rogues sometimes press their luck in these areas at night.

The Docks

This is the secondary area of commerce for the city. Most of the merchants live here and collect their wares here to sell. Emigrants who leave for other areas of the continent depart from here as well.

The Dwarven Quarters

Long ago, these tunnels under the city were home to dwarves who helped build Mikona. After a conflict centuries ago, they were abandoned. Now with the help of the Church of Gorethar, Mikona's government has opened the quarters as a gateway to the newly created Underdark Farms.

The Church of Gorethar rebuilt and consecrated the ancient Dwarven Quarter Temple, which can be reached via an entrance in the Temple District.

Underdark Farms

The newest district of Mikona is its recently-colonized mushroom farm in the Underdark beneath the city. Only a few years old, this project remains a point of contention between different factions in Mikona.

Government in Mikona and M'Chek

The goverment of M'Chek is a noble democracy, and the two houses of government, The Noble House and the Common House, have their meeting halls within the city.

The two houses of government are presided over by a Minister who executes decisions and carries out the task of administration, although they are limited in their actions by the legislators. In addition to the Minister there is a Cabinet of eight leaders of the respective branches of government. The War Commissioner, who is the commander and chief of the standing army, is a hotly contested position that has been filled by either Nobles or reputable warrior generals.

Current Incumbents

The Noble House

The Noble House is made up of representatives from two places: the Noble families of M'Chek, and the various large Temples represented in Mikona, namely the temples of Mikon, Dagath, Toran, and Valok.

This house deals mainly with foreign policy issues and affairs. Although each individual Noble family has total control over their own estate, they are expected to represent a portion of their nation's interest. For instance, all of the major Noble families have personal armies and troops, but there is also a standing national army of M'Chek to which each noble is expected to contribute a certain percentage of its force.

At this time there are one hundred and nine representatives of the Noble House.

Current Noble Housepersons of Note

Also, these four churches have representatives in the Noble House of Government:

The Common House

The Common House picks its representatives from among the commoners of the nation, although rarely do any of these commoners come from outside the city. Thus most of the concerns of the Common House deal with city matters. Rarely do they interfere in matters of national action or policy, although they do have the power to do so.

Currently there are three hundred and one representatives of the Common House.

Current Common Housepersons of Note


See Mikona legal system and exerpts from the M'Chekian law.

In Game Developments

Technical Aspects

Server Information: This server entails all of the city of Mikona, its outlying farmlands, and the Hills of Tumult. For all intents and purposes, the entire server is treated as part of the city.