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Lord Tobias Chasworth is M'Chek's latest War Commissioner and Commander in Chief of the M'Chekian Army. This is one of the most prestigious and coveted posts for a noble of M'Chek. Chasworth himself is an accomplished warrior and a devout follower of Toran.

Chasworth's ancestral lands were located in eastern M'Chek and encompassed the village of Greylake and the Lost River. In AOD 2263 he aided Lord Dunster in a massive attack on Nelthrope Keep. Chasworth committed most of his forces to the attack, leaving his keep only lightly defended; the dracolich Excenamentraxious - grandmaster of the Order of the Shadow and herald of Zhitaril - and his undead monks left their underground monastery in the Lost River Cavern and overtook the keep. They have since kept it, and the fort is now known as Shadow Keep. Lord Nelthrope was slain in the attack on his keep; since he had no heirs, the M'Chekian government decreed that Chasworth take over his lands; Nelthrope Keep and the mine below it are now known as Chasworth Keep and Chasworth Mine, respectively.