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Do you ever log onto a relatively full server, only to wander around for 10 minutes wondering where the hell everyone is? Well, here is the complete guide for each server on where the hotspots are. You may not find other players here 100% of the time, but these will certainly be your best bet. There are also many popular public watering holes to visit.


Slopy Elf Tavern -- in Nanshi Urbaz.

Nutzdagezehesple Marketplace -- the forge.

Minur-Khuzad -- the forge.


"'Headache' would be an understatement. 'Bud Burrows' approaches an accurate description."

Krator Blackfist on Elf Gate

Elf Gate -- Just outside of the Eastern Residential district in Elysia. A lot of people tend to gather there, because it's the major entrance to the city and the way out to the wilderness.

Fanos' Shop -- In the Artisans District. This is a major hangout for crafters and there's almost always a couple people there.

Mr. SorBen's Fine Threads -- Southeast corner of Artisan's District.

H.E.A.L Basement -- Most of the people who previously were in Fanos and SorBen, now craft here. H.E.A.L is located in the Eastern Residences, just inside of Elf Gate. If you walk strait ahead after entering the city from Elf Gate, you will run right into its front door.


The Port Hole Inn -- Outside.

Port Eridanus -- With the AKN, ROTE, Humphrey the local merchant and the Porthole this is probably the best you will do. It's also the first area you will encounter if you take the road from Elysia to Ferrell or the boat from Mikona.

Le'Or T'Nanshi

Le'Etzeth'Levena, The Moon Tree -- (open-air bar in the Lower Nobles Residences) has been a hotbed of activity recently.

Faav Cornath Etzev, Tree Haven Inn -- (tavern in the Marketplace) is also a good place to check, as is the Marketplace itself.

Summerleaf/Silverfall Crafting Center -- This region has lots to do and the Silverfall crafting center, in particular, tends to be busy. To get to Summerleaf, go north of the Le'Or main city entrance (with the visitor's center and all). To get to Silverfall from Summerleaf, go east. (I think it's east - bottom right exit in the Summerleaf canopies anyway.


Zvidureth -- traditionally one of the better meeting spots in T'Nanshi, since it's fairly centrally located and near a major crossroads. The three zones North of Zvidureth (crossroads, Dwarf Trade, Entrance to Deglos) are also pretty popular.

Blandenberg Protectorate

Blandenberg town square -- Blandenberg is a busy travellers' hub.

Le'Etzeth'Levena, The Moon Tree -- the Blandenberg incarnation of the famous Le'Or bar attracts many a thirsty soul.


Blandenberg Ferry -- The area just south of it also is sometimes good.

Derrington Keep/Bachwood Junction -- Whilst Bachwood and Westshore themselves lost a lot of traffic following the death of Coriah Nefzen, the junction on the main road which leads West to Bachwood and East to Derrington Keep and the Bugbear Warrens is an easy place to meet people. It is close to Blandenberg Ferry( a little South), and this stretch is a good place to meet.

The Order of the Way -- also gets a bit of traffic.


The Rock -- Just outside the city gates there is a large stone. Just stand right there and people will come, as it tends to be a high-traffic area. If you hear Fort Karr mentioned by old-timers, then they mean the rock.

Privateer Enterprises -- Located in the Docks district; a crafting centre as well as major buyer/seller of player goods.

The Market District -- The presence of the server spawn point, two inns, a popular quest, two good bio-merchants, crafting placeables and an item recharger makes this a popular location in Mikona. People are not always incredibly chatty here, unless you make the first move, but if you do, they'll answer. Newbie:Oldbie ratio is high, so it is good for meeting fellow newcomers.


Verloghokbol, Gate District -- Hosting a portal terminal, a gateway from and into the Corkscrew and a junction of the East and West Worm Roads, as well as Shaahesk caravan drivers, one of the most exotic brothels on Avlis and the cheapest inn around - it's where things happen.

Verloghokbol, Market District -- Located between the Temple District and Lake District, the Market District is the commercial hub of Verloghokbol and the best place to purchase supplies before venturing out of the city.

T'Nanshi-Underdark Mines. -- Surfacers come there to mine gems. Underdarkians come there to kill surfacers and retrieve gems. If there's a paladin on the server, they're probably there.


The Plough and Scythe -- Located between Lake Crescetoria and the Garrison District, the P&S is in the southern end of the Visimontium farmer's market and is overlooked by the Temple of Hurine.

Nine Towers Brewery Beer Garden -- A good place for catching traffic between the alchemy academy & temples and the main town. Also useful for keeping up with the comings and goings at the mage orders towers

The High Temple of Andrinor -- A universal gathering place for the faithful of Andrinor and their allies among the nine Mage Orders. Home of the High Priestess Rayna Na'Tanlynn, one of the most influential and powerful figures of Andrinor's Trust.