The Village of Blandenberg

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Blandenberg and surroundings

The Village of Blandenberg is the seat of the Blandenberg Protectorate. It is dominated by the Blandenberg Hospital, an O'Man temple which was converted to a neutral hospital during the T'Nanshi-M'Chek War. The destruction of the Hospital by terrorists laid the groundwork for a series of events which led to the creation of the Protectorate itself.

Presently, restoration efforts in the Protectorate are continuing. Several buildings and projects have been built, are in the planning stages, or are under construction:

  • Temples to Mikon, Dru'El and The Harpinger are found nearby.
  • The Blandenberg Orphanage is located along the path to the temple of Dru'El.
  • Webber Hall, a guildhall of the Avlis Arms and Armor Association is open.
  • The Headquarters of Academy of Natural Resources and Agriculture (ANRA) is open, and new students are always welcome. Crafting facilities are available.
  • The Blandenberg Hospital has been relocated from alongside the temple of O'Ma that housed the original hospital, and can be found one league north and two east of the Village.
  • A Mennallin School is being built in the family home of Sir Darent Webber, native son of Blandenberg, writer of the Blandenberg Settlement, and one of the M'Chek negotiators of the final peace treaty.
  • The Moon Tree Distillery has been approved for construction and is in the planning stages.
  • A portal, linking the village to the City of Visimontium, is found to the east of the Town Hall.
  • The road to Fort Taunton, home of the Unified Training Grounds and Patrol Headquarters, branches east from the main road, just south of the Temple to O'Ma.

Historical Signifigance


The Village of Blandenberg was once a M'Chekian settlement on the edge of the forests of T'Nanshi. When the war came, it was quickly turned into a battlefield, and the surviving residents were evacuated south. The village itself became a symbol to M'Chek that T'Nanshi's goal in the war was not simply to drive the M'Chekians from the forests, but to invade and destroy M'Chekian settlements. As such, it was hotly contested through most of the war, and was the site of many battles.

Late in the war, Alpha Corps command (at that time consisting of Cpt. Dala Wennen, Lt. Drake Devilin, Lt. Magnus Khan, and Lt. Spit, along with Frigate Cpt. Ayren Milen) judged that resettling the village with human settlers was symbolically more important for the war effort than continuing the useless bloodshed. In a well-coordinated operation, the Alpha Corps spearheaded the capture of the village before handing it over to Moira Celyn and the Church of Mikon to hold until deliberations would determine the future nature of the settlement. From this point, the settlement grew into its current role of the Blandenberg Protectorate.