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Seven Cities: Andarr | Bullwark | Crosstreams | Dormiria | Malekia | Red Gate | Stalwart

Other Names: Center of the World
Nation/Territorial Area: The Seven Cities
Population: 2,678,300
Languages: Common, Romini, Elven
Deities Worshipped: The Nine, and other minor deities
General Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Good)
Head of City Government: High Commander Regina Terlan
20% Human, 20% Dwarf, 10% Orc, 10% Elf, 40% Other

Map of the Seven Cities

As it flows from east to west, the Divalok River splits. One portion continues off towards the city of Andarr and the ocean beyond. The other portion flows southwest towards another city called Malekia. Crosstreams sits right on top of that split, and is the largest city on the continent of Negaria.

While the cities of Andarr and Red Gate act as hubs coming in and out of the the Seven Cities, the city of Crosstreams acts as the hub within the region, and by default a center of commerce in the wider western part of the continent. This central location makes it a cosmopolitan and openminded haven of ideas which give rise to many centers of learning, music, and art within the city walls.

Some say that entering Crosstreams is like entering another reality, for the pace of life has a whole other purpose unakin to the outside world. Traders abound here, conducting both pleasure and business. They attend the theaters and pubs that are plentiful within most city districts to exchange news and the latest gossip. Both freelancing bards and the followers of The Harpinger, who has his largest temple here, are freely encouraged to make their living entertaining the travelers and residents as they mix together. In Crosstreams, there's a festival almost every week, depicting some event that happened in the past, or commemorating one of the gods. Though the population is made up of all the major races, and most of the minor ones, tolerance is dominant as a social attitude, and religious expression is appreciated.

For times when religions just can't help but conflict, Crosstreams possesses one of the most skillful city guard units in the world, and though the people question everything here, for the most part they are happy with the government and nobles of the city.

Nearly all deities have representation within the city. The Harpinger's temple is among the largest, but there are also temples to The'ton, O'Ma, Mikon, Hurine, and a few others. Shrines of other gods abound in the Religious district as well. Crosstreams is laid out in three major sections connected by bridges. The city is shaped like a "V" laid on its side with the point of the "V" pointing east. The splitting river creates the "V".

The northern side of the "V" is mostly a residential area, though there are quite a few good taverns there. The southern side of the "V" contains mostly merchant housing, and a small district known as the Instrument Quarter, where the finest crafters of musical instruments base their trade. In the middle section, between the two rivers, there is the Capitol District right at the pinnacle of the "V". Beyond that lies the Theatre District, which is fairly small. To the west of the Theatre District lies the Religious District. At the far western end, the city is capped off by an area of Parks, and then another residential district.