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The first thieves’ guild of note on Avlis was The Grey Dirk guild which exists up in the city of Andarr.

Andarr is one of The Seven Cities located on the western coast of the main continent. Geographically, The Seven Cities are located below Brekon and above Dubunat. That puts them way northwest of Mikona and Elysia.

Legend has it there was once a thief in the Grey Dirk named Orianna Raven. She met up with an adventuring party and became involved in a large amount of adventures. Once things settled down, Orianna found herself in Mikona with nothing to do except start the next phase of her career.

The amount of power and wealth she acquired on her adventures put the idea in her head that she could effectively own the city in a matter of years. Orianna made some changes in the way the city’s underground and alleys were run, often in a bloody and violent manner but always secretive. When she settled in the city, she called in a few favors from her friends in The Grey Dirk guild in Andarr. For a part of the cut, they gladly sent a few operatives to help out Orianna in Mikona. This is the start of the notorious Raven's guild. The very first members were transplants from Andarr, but they quickly recruited well deserving locals.

After a few years, Orianna’s new group had successfully taken control of Mikona’s seedier side, and to this day, her guild remains the seldom seen but always present force in the city. They are rumored to be involved in nearly every aspect of life in Mikona.

Resourceful adventurers and thieves may find themselves face to face with the notorious guild when they venture into the city’s underground. How one reacts to such a meeting will often seal their fate and color all future business in the city.

To contact Raven, leave a message with one of the girls in the tunnels below the city. PM the board account: Raven