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General Information

Map of Brekon
Other Names: The Orclands
Capital: City of Brekon
Region: Western Negaria
Population: 27,719,000
Orcs 70%, Giant-kin 20%, Other 10%
Languages: Orcish, Common, Goblin, Hill Giant
Deities Worshipped: Valok (Primary), Maleki, The'ton
Head of State: High Cleric Sayyid Kakheti
Government: Theocracy
Military: Holy Army of Brekon
Imports: Manufactured goods, slaves, luxury items, livestock
Exports: Raw metals (iron and copper), lumber, grain, ships
Trading Partners/Alliances: The Seven Cities (major trading partner), The Kurathene Empire (major trading partner), Dubunat (major trading partner), M'Chek (minor trading partner)

Brekon is the major stronghold and home of the Orcish race, located on the western coast of the main continent. Long ago, orcs were created by the god Valok on the eastern coast of Avlis, but during the Great War, their nation, "Dobrekan", was attacked from all sides and the orcs were forced to flee. Throughout the war, a running chase took place in which the entire bulk of the race was pushed across the continent in blind retreat. At a pivotal point, it looked as if the orcs would be pushed into the sea, but in time they pulled together and managed to assemble a stronghold that later became the city of Brekon.

This city grew in size and scope until it controlled much of the land around it. Aside from the other orcish nation of Dubunat, this place became a haven for not only the orcs, but also many other races such as giant-kin and goblins. By the end of the Great War, the nations surrounding Brekon were unable to destroy it and so they resigned themselves to tense economic relations, which grew over the years into a bustling trade.

As a society, Brekon is a theocracy, giving all homage to Valok. Valok and his Church rule the city. They control all military and daily aspects of life and trade, as well as diplomacy. The clerics in the city are mainly concerned with getting an upper hand on their political rivals and jockeying for an ever so slightly higher position. For this, they are not considered dangerous by the other nations; however, sometimes the Church as a whole will have confrontations with those around it.

Secondarily, there is a strong following of Maleki within the city of Brekon, and this is mainly a staple of the giant-kin and goblins who live there. Here, these folk are often considered second class citizens; however, they are always awarded full rights under the law, as are any outsiders. "The Law" is usually loose enough for the Church to handle any matter it needs to.

Because of the huge conglomerate of races living in Brekon, there are many different scales represented. Most buildings are slightly larger than normal medium size. They are made to cater to those of orc size, but also ogre and slightly larger sized creatures. Other buildings even have smaller accommodations for goblins. Every detail is multi-scaled, right down to the concentric doorways in buildings made to accommodate more than one size.

Current Events

The traditional seat of the Patriarch of the Church of Valok and the theocratic state ruling over much of the Golden Scythe, Brekon is still a power to be reckoned with. It possesses a large standing naval force, and a powerful contingent of mercenaries at its disposal, but the complex politics of its ruling clergy have made it less capable of responding to the shifting centers of power. Many in Brekon still see Crullath as a client state, and often treat it as such, demanding tithes and gifts from visiting Crullathian nobility.

Factionalism divides much of the church as individual bishops wield more power independently of the Holy City. Most have acquired this power only recently, as the infirmary of the Patriarch, combined with uncertainty in certain types of doctrine have opened the door for more overt political maneuvering. Brekon currently remains divided between the hardline church supremacists and more secular leaders, who cannot agree on the best course forward. They remain aloof of Crullath’s machinations, but they are aware they may be facing a reversal of the traditional client/patron relationship.

In AOD 2263-4 Brekon waged a brief but costly war with M'Chek. It was learned that this war was engineered by an Evrakian cult trying to increase suffering and strife in Negaria. This cult also tried to draw the High Mage Council into the conflict between Brekon and orc magi. When the war ended Valok appeared and decreed that orc magi be reintegrated back into orc society, and that Brekon's theocracy be served by both psions such as the Sailors of the Mind Wind and magi such as the Gold Order of the Sand.