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Khanjar Kuro

Map of Khanjar Kuro
Khanjar Kuro
Capital: Kazani'e
Territorial Area: 700 miles x 250 miles at widest point
Region: Khanjar Kuro
Population: 8,300,000
Humans 35%, Spirit-kin 35%, Korrobokuro 20%, Other 10%
Languages: Khanjar Kuro Common, Onishin
Deities Worshipped: The Celestial Spirits
Head of State: Tenshin Kamura
Government: Theocratic Empire
Military: Imperial Army of Khanjar Kuro
Imports: None
Exports: None
Trading Partners/Alliances: None

The island of Khanjar Kuro lies roughly 700 miles southwest of the southern tip of Negaria, closer to the equator. The existence of this land is unknown to most inhabitants of Avlis’ main continent, but those that do know of it say that it is a mysterious land of clan warfare and an indescribably odd culture. It is thought that the major deities of Avlis do not extend their rule here, because they believe it is a sacred refuge of the spirits that once walked the planet before their arrival. Thus, this land has been allowed to grow and evolve according to a completely different set of rules, with a completely different set of entities in charge.

Scholars are not certain, but they believe that this landmass is smaller than the main continent of Avlis. Estimates say that it is only 700 miles across and 250 miles from north to south at its widest point. Because it lies close to the equator, Khanjar Kuro has a hot climate, with varying rainfall by location. This makes some resources precious and coveted by those who wish to assume power there.

Khanjar Kuro has a long and storied history.