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Colors: Rusty Red, Brown

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshippers Alignment: Any Chaotic

Area of Control: Natural Destruction

Clerical Domains: Destruction, Air, Earth, Fire

Verossa is the evil goddess of natural destruction. Like the other minor gods and goddesses, she controls a smaller aspect of the world, rather than being a proponent of a large philosophy.

Wherever there is natural destruction of any kind, be it lightning, floods, storms, decay, fire, rain, snow, sleet, hail, there is the power of Verossa. It is this raw destructive power that she wields which attracts many evil power-hungry priests to her fold.

Verossa can make both clerics and druids. Clerics and druids of Verossa must be chaotic evil, but all chaotic characters can appreciate the awesome destructive power of nature. Those that do will often acknowledge Verossa in a prayer before travel, mainly for the purpose of warding her off. Some primitive commoners will even sacrifice small animals to "appease" her before a journey. Travel is very important on Avlis since it is largely done on foot. So the common folk take the dangers of weather on a journey very seriously.

Verossa is not exactly the goddess of weather because she doesn't have the ability to do NICE things with it. She only has limited control over the negative effects of it, in addition to any other kinds of non-weather related natural destructive effects. However, most of her abilities all lead back to bad weather.

The concept of "natural destruction" is up for semantic debate. Verossa seems to have a strict code followed by her "official" church. Un-natural destruction, i.e. murder and senseless harm is forbidden "officially", but like in any religion there are extremists who take the law a bit far. Oddly enough these extremists, often druids, still get spells granted to them even when they take their definition of "natural destruction" a bit too far. Rangers who follow Verossa are sometimes known as the Hand of Verossa.

Verossa is the mother to the god Evrak, who was sired by Maleki, and the daughter to Dru'El.

A temple to Verossa is said to exist somewhere in the wilds of T'Nanshi.