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Symbol: A woman riding a canoe into the sun

Colors: Yellow and Orange

Alignment: Neutral Good

Worshippers' Alignment: Any Good

Area of Control: The Sun

Clerical Domains: Good, Strength, Sun

Center of Worship: Tyedu

Ti'si'faan was one of the original nature spirits of Negaria, from the time of the Supreme. When the tanar'ri were slaughtering her race she used every ounce of power she could muster to "jump" to safety. Ti'si'faan was unable to return after the jump, because she did not have the power to leave where she ended up.

Many centuries ago a shaman of the Klitikuk tribe in Tyedu learned of Ti'si'faan during a spirit walk, and convinced his tribe to worship her. Ti'si'faan gained the powers of a demigoddess through this worship.

Ti'si'faan got the idea of "jumping" to safety after one of her friends, another of the ancient nature spirits, fled to a bear cave and entered a dark portal that momentarily appeared there. According to the Klitikuk tribe, these are the only two indigenous spirits to have survived the tanar'ri massacre during the Age of the Gods. It was later learned that the other spirit was In-Nabbah Ser, also known as The Gentleman.

Ti'si'faan was briefly summoned to Negaria to help defeat and destroy The Gentleman. After that, she began to communicate more openly with her worshippers in Tyedu. It is now known that while The Gentleman fled the tanar'ri to a demiplane known as The Hole, Ti'si'fan hid inside the sun.

In AOD 2259 In-Nabbah Ser returned to threaten Negaria for a third and final time. Many heroes and adventurers opposed him. They found the Klitikuk tribe and had them summon an avatar of Ti'si'faan, who was able to weaken In-Nabbah Ser enough to allow the adventurers to defeat him. To prevent In-Nabbah Ser from ever returning to Negaria, Ti'si'faan absorbed his soul, consuming it with the fire of the sun. She absorbed the divine power he had in the process - power originally stolen from Dagath - which elevated her to a lesser goddess.

The Klitikuk tribe mainly beseech Ti'si'faan to provide warmer days in the short Tyeduan summer, and to provide sunny days for the few crops they planted. Shamans of Ti'si'faan in the tribe tend to the sick and bless crops. Since the defeat of In-Nabbah Ser, she has also been touted as a force against evil undead. It is expected that this aspect of her worship will be promoted as her influence extends south.

When she was still a spirit-goddess the Klitikuk tribe claimed that Ti'si'faan lived in the sun. Now that she is a lesser goddess this seems unlikely, since current understanding is that the sun is located in the prime material plane, and therefore Mikon would not allow her to live there. There is some debate on this, however, as there are some mages and scholars who postulate that the sun is its own demiplane tied to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and that she could therefore live within it without raising Mikon's ire. Others claim that the sun is a massive portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and that Ti'si'faan has moved to that plane. And yet others think that she has simply moved to live with other good-aligned deities in Elysium.

Since until now Ti'si'faan had only been worshipped by the Klitikuk tribe, she has no organized church. At the time of this writing, her first shrine has been consecrated in Ferrell and her clergy is spreading through the Avlissian South.